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CRAZY Denon Savings

This week we’ve got some serious deals going on for our Denon range of headphones. Denon are one of the top brands in the headphone industry so grab up a bargain while you can!

Check out the Denon AH-C101 headphones reduced from £79.99 to £49.99 – that’s a saving of £30!

Or, pick up a set of AH-D600 ‘Music Maniac’ over-ear cans for £279.99 and make a saving of £220!

Only at Amp3 will you find this kind of savage price slashing. Check out the Denon range here!



Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ rated Best Headphones for Travel by The Independent.

Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’


The Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ headphones have been rated as the Best Headphones for Travelling by The Independent newspaper. In a round-up of the best headphones out available the Denon’s won out in the travel section.

‘This pair of on-ear headphones are deeply comfortable and offer great build quality.’ The Independent

These headphones will bring a touch of luxury to your travels boasting incredible noise cancellation and super soft memory foam fit. The Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ have dual functionality and will operate both wirelessly and plugged in for in-flight use. Enjoy the freedom of having high quality wireless headphones and on-ear controls for the ultimate in ease of use.

If it’s incredible comfort and optimum function you’re after look no further than the Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’.

Turn down the outside world with new Wolfson DS321D headphones. Pre order today!


WolfsonWolfson Digital Silence DS321D Noise Cancelling Headphone


If you’re one of these people that expect to hear your music and only your music when you plug in to your MP3 player you’ll be left bitterly disappointed by most headphones.

Enter the Wolfson DS321D. They use digital Ambient Noise Cancellation to reduce the background noise around you. Suddenly taking a flight becomes more appealing without the incessant drone of the engines to keep you company. Turn the outside world down and your own world up.

These headphones are also designed with an in-built microphone. Wolfson have made life even easier with the ability to control your music and your calls through the remote located on the headphone wires.

The headphones come with a carry case to make them portable and protected. The battery is rechargeable and you’ll not need to worry about the sound quality – it’s of a hifi standard!


Read more here and pre order today!


pre order

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Sony MDRNC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones now in stock! Enjoy blissfully isolated commutes for only £39.99


Sony MDR NC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones


When you’re investing in headphones as good as the Sony MDRNC7B model, you’ll expect to only hear the sound of your music and only the sound of your music.

With these noise-cancelling, over ear MDR NC7Bs you’ll enjoy up to 87.4% of ambient noise reduction.

With this kind of sound isolation, these headphones are ideal for commuting. They also fold up very easily allowing you to pack them away in to a bag or briefcase.

A flat headband and luxurious padding around the ears allows you to wear these for hours enjoying prolonged comfort.

So if you haven’t been persuaded yet, these headphones are also clear in sound offering a kind of clarity often found in higher end models.



With all the boxes ticked, what are you waiting for? Get yours today.


Buy it now


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The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones have arrived. Pre order to guarantee supreme sound.

DenonDenon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

The Denon DN-HP1000 headphones have arrived and are ready to pre-order.

Denon are a brand that take music production seriously. State of the art products are what Denon specialise in producing and for a real sonic adventure look no further than the Denon DN-HP1000 headphones.


With large 53mm drivers these headphones know how to bring you serious sound. That would be a massive 1700mWatts of pure power to each ear cup. Denon have managed to bring incredible volume to these headphones and the DN-HP1000s boast a flawless delivery. Expect zero distortion when bringing high fidelity to your listening experience.


Not only does Denon set the sonic bar for all other headphones but it recognises the necessity for functionality and comfort in quality headphones. These headphones have a swivel function at the ear cup to increase flexibility and decreases risk of breakage through use specifically by DJs.

The headband is generously padded as are the ear cups and will conform to all head sizes. It also folds up for ease of transportation.


To top it all off, the headphones are pretty stylish too. They incorporate real stainless steel that when coupled with the black create a neat yet stylish finish.

~Read the full product description here~




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FIVE STAR rating for SoundMagic E10 headphones from What HiFI

Blimey, what a treat these little in-ears are. For a start, they look like they’re worth way more than £35, thanks to a metal casing that looks snazzy in any of the three finishes. They punch well above their weight in terms of sound quality too.’ What HiFi.

SoundMagic have struck a chord with those of us who want good audio quality from our headphones but don’t want to re-mortgage in order to get it. The market is flooded with incredible headphones but often they come at an incredible price.

The SoundMagic E10s are a high quality set of headphones made for everyday use. They’ve got a metal housing to protect from being tossed about in a bag or from being stuffed into a pocket.

The headphones cope well with high trebles keeping the sound clean and crisp but it’s with the bass tones where the E10s really shine. They reproduce deep and weighty bass notes much in the way higher end headphones (should) do.

Another necessary feature with good in-ear headphones is an ability to isolate noise. The varying size of earbuds that come with the headphones will ensure you get the right ones and once the shoe fits you’ll benefit from the passive noise isolating function.

Often touted as earphones that perform beyond their price range, Soundmagic definitely deserve the FIVE STAR rating from What HiFi.


Read full product description here

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T3 Magazine recommends 7 Amp3 products in ‘The Guide’





In October’s issue of T3 Magazine, an impressive 7 Advanced MP3 Player products were recommended in ‘The Guide’ section.

The expert reviewers at T3 were wowed by our products ranking them amongst the best in their field. In over half the cases the products topped the chart!

Take a look at the products that were featured below. We’re telling you they’re the best, T3 is telling you they’re the best, now decide for yourself.



In-Ear Headphones Category

Sennheiser IE8

ie8RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Shure SE315

ShureRANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


On Ear Headphones Category

AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones


RATED: 4/5


BlackBox M10

M10RANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


JayBird Sportsband 2

Sportsband2RANK: 5

RATED: 4/5


Music Streamers Category


Sonos Play:5

Play:5RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


HiFi Systems Category


Denon Ceol

Denon CeolRANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Find full product descriptions here


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Audiophiles, ready yourselves. The Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones have arrived and they are packing serious punch.


Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones

Grado have a reputation for attention to detail that is extremely welcome in an industry that is so full of detail and specifics. In the world of headphones there is so much to get right. Often you hear people fussing over the great mid-tones but are let down by shoddy bass reproduction or the headphones are so comfortable but don’t look great.

With Grado, all the boxes are ticked. They look great and the angle of the ear piece is designed to fit securely in your ear making a seal. The seal works to isolate noise and it does so to great effect. No need to worry about a passing lorry or busy bus ruining your pristine listening experience.

Now for the techy stuff.  These have been made with Grado’s proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature driver design and an ear bud manufactured from two different kinds of silicone rubber material. Distortion is minimised through careful engineering and frequency response is extended at both ends of the audio spectrum.

So in case you’re not a tech-head, this translates as incredible performance capabilities that result in definition, clarity and sound replication that is quite simply astonishing.

The Grado GR10s are a set of headphones that provide a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.


Read the full product description here.



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FIVE STAR rating for Blackbox M10s

Blackbox M10 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones


With their large ear-cups, deep [bass] and crisp vocals, these phones block out up to 92 per cent of outside boise, and a single AAA battery will power them for more than 50 hours.Apps Magazine


Blackbox have been heaped with deserving praise from Apps Magazine who have given the noise cancelling headphones a five star rating.

The headphones that deliver all kinds of sonic pleasure specialise in making your listening experience pure. They employ Active Noise Rejection technology widely used in commercial aviation.

Not only that but they won the ‘Best for Public Transport’ award from T3!

There is seemingly nothing these headphones can’t achieve.


Read a full product description and place your order here!

In-ear headphones from Skullcandy have landed. Pre-order today.

The Fix

Skullcandy FIX IN EAR Earphones with Mic3 technology

The new Skullcandy earphones have landed. These everyday earphones will easily slot into any kind of lifestyle. Whether you challenge the hustle and bustle of a busy city by skateboard or enjoy peaceful walks along the beach – the Fix earphones won’t fail in complimenting your day with great sounding audio.

No matter what the activity, Skullcandy have engineered an in-ear design with a unique hook to provide a secure fit and stability. The earphones come with three silicone ear buds to provide comfort and isolate noise.

The Fix are built with contemporary in-line mic with mic 3 technology. This allows you to take calls as well as flip back and forth through the music on your MP3 player or phone.

Not only are these earphones on board with the fast moving multifunctional earphone trend, they provide excellent sound quality too. The friction free cable works to reduce distortion while treble and acoustic notes are well balanced and complimented by steady deep bass.


For £59.99 you experience a set of earphones that should really retail for much higher.


~ Get them here today ~

Black and white Fix