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FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones Now in Stock


The new FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones have now hit the virtual shelves at AMP3.


FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones – £129.00

The new and improved VRX Wireless Sports Headphones feature a built-in 8GB waterproof MP3 Player and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

The VRX headphones are lightweight and comfortable, are sweat/rainproof and offer full waterproof usage with a silicon skin case (sold separately) meaning you can even take your headphones swimming.FXSPORTVRXE1L

The most intriguing feature of the VRX Smart Sports Headphones however, is that users can create and upload workouts and training sessions. Pre-prepared workouts are available from the free FX-Sport Workout Store – weight training, circuit training, marathon programmes, swimming sessions – the VRX can run you through all these exercises and more with professionally constructed training sessions.

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

Not only this, but you can also upload the voices and workouts from real world-class personal trainers and coaches, offering a ‘one-to-one’ experience. Now there’s no excuse for missing your workout.


The VRX Smart Sports Headphones are available at AMP3 for £129.00:

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones


Jaybird Bluebuds X rated ‘Best for Style’ by Gold Medal Olympian. See who it was here!

Jaybird Bluebuds X


The Jaybird Bluebuds X have worked their way into stylish men’s mag, GQ where their own stylish credentials were championed by non-other than Christine Ohuruogu.

How better to test a group of sports headphones than by charging an Olympic, World and Commonwealth Champion with the task. If there’s anyone who’s going to know about endurance running and sweat it’s 400m runner Christine Ohuruogu.

The Bluebuds X are the smallest Bluetooth buds on the market that hold an 8 hour charge. So if you’ve got a training schedule anything like Christine’s (or not!) you’ll have plenty of juice to keep you going. Music can boost performance by 20% so having the right earphones for exercise is crucial.

With a lifetime guarantee against sweat, a patented secure fit system and sublime sound, the Bluebuds X will give you that extra boost to help reach your new personal best.

What’s more, Christine Ohuruogu not only rated them as one of the very best sports headphones around but the best for style.



Denon sports headphones – AH-W150 – are set to revolutionise the way you exercise

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak Wireless Bluetooth Fitness In-Ear Headphone with Microphone and Remote Control for iPhone/iPad/iPod



The third set of headphones to be included in the Denon round-up this week are the AH-W150 sports earphones with Bluetooth.


These headphones will give you a full 7 hours of battery life so you can exercise until your heart’s content and not worry about recharging. The Bluetooth feature gives a freedom of movement that is totally unique to wireless headsets. No matter how you may organise your existing headphone’s cable there is always a chance of it getting in the way of your workout. With the Denon AH-W150 headphones you have complete freedom of movement making these the ultimate sports accessory.

Listening to music while you work out is proven to enhance performance which means that a reliable and high performing set of headphones are a must. These Denon AH-W150’s reproduce music to a high standard where bass is well controlled to deliver a punchy performance. Having been built to last these headphones will resist sweat and splashes making them less susceptible to the corrosive effects of moisture.


With on-ear controls these headphones are perfect for sport with a user experience that is easy and natural. Check out how these headphones will revolutionise your exercise experience.



Jaybird Sportsbands rated ‘Best for Audio Quality’ by The Scottish Sun

Jaybird Sportsbands



The Jaybird Sportsbands were deemed ‘Best for Sound Quality’ by The Scottish Sun! The retro design of the Sportsbands were described as ‘perfect if you don’t like the in-ear style’ and their Bluetooth capability as, ‘fantastic – the sound is clear and they maintain a connection a long way (10m or more) from music source.’


Jaybird are renowned for making high performing sports headphones and the Sportsbands are no exception. They boast a contemporary design that is fully functional as both a sports headset as well as for everyday use. Their secure fit makes for a completely unrestricted experience without the fear of the headphones falling off.


Their simplicity in design reflects their simplicity in function. Bluetooth pairing is effortless and once connected volume, track and call answering is controlled from the headset itself.




JayBird receive top marks from Men’s Fitness


JayBird Bluetooth headphones never fail to disappoint and now they’ve won the seal of approval from leading fitness magazine, Men’s Fitness. Rating the Sportsbands a respectable 4/5 and the Freedom full marks with 5/5 the JayBird brand continue to cement their quality reputation amongst the experts.

Both headphones are engineered to be the best exercise accessory available. However, JayBird’s combination of microphone and impressive audio output with usability make these headphones as ideal for the everyday user as they are for the athlete.


Totally wireless the headphones allow unrestricted movement even during the most rigorous of exercises. Their lifetime guarantee against sweat means they are built to last and, unlike many sports headphones, are not susceptible to water damage. With a simple touch of a button, both sets of headphones will answer and end calls without disruption.

JayBird have implemented simple yet innovative design principles to produce what are sophisticated top of the range sports headphones.

check it out


Deal of the Day: JayBird Sportsbands now only £69.99, SAVE £29.01!


JayBird Sportsbands

Was £99 ~ Now £69.99

SAVE £29.01!

These are the most stylish sports headphones you’ll find out on the market. However, their retro design does not suggest they are retro in performance.


Using a Bluetooth connection these headphones will wirelessly connect to your compatible phone or mp3 player – perfect for using at the gym. JayBird have long argued that if you don’t need wires, why have them? With these headphones you have a more enhanced freedom of movement to let you exercise without restriction.


With controls based on the headset you can change volume or track easily. The Sportsbands even come with an integrated mic to let you answer and end calls.


Save £29.01 today!





The perfect accessory to your New Year’s resolution to keep fit


JayBird Freedom Headphones

After a sluggish festive period of eating and drinking (often in excess) many of us develop an insatiable appetite for fitness with an aim to reverse the holiday season’s toll on our bodies. Many a New Year’s resolution has been to get fit and take on the coming year with a healthy body and healthy mind.


Those of us who have embarked on a new fitness regime will be well aware of the tedium an hour at the gym will bring or the need for a little extra motivation when running the last mile of your morning jog. The perfect headphones to accompany the perfect motivational playlist are the JayBird Freedom headphones.

The Freedom headphones are completely wireless and use Bluetooth technology to connect to your wireless enabled mp3 player or phone. They are made specifically for sport and are the official headphones of USA Triathlon. JayBird are well aware that when exercising to any degree the body will sweat. The Freedom headphones come with a lifetime guarantee against sweat where neither the sound nor fit of the Freedom headphones will be compromised by water damage.

Proprietary ear tips hold the Freedom headphones in place while the cushions provide a sweat-proof seal which means the Freedom headphones will sit securely in ear from the start of your work out to the finish. Their sound is well balanced with warm bass. The integrated microphone and on earbud controls mean you can take/end calls as well as adjust volume or track. The sound of calls is delivered clearly and crisply and can be accepted without even looking at your phone.


Their innovative and wireless design means these headphones are suitable for every day users as well as those dedicating them to exercise.

Accompany your New Years resolution with the perfect headphones for exercising. Innovative and high performing, the JayBird Freedom headphones are available for £99.


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Sony NWZ-W262: Finally the perfect MP3 player for sports?


Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB


The athlete who enjoys listening to their own music while exercising will be all too aware of the challenges in selecting the ‘right’ MP3 player and headphones. Before exercise even commences we fight a battle in trying to choose the perfect combination of MP3 player and headphones. The market is full of sports specific headphones and MP3 players but where you find one that is of quality standard the other might be significantly poorer in performance. For example, the iPod shuffle may be ideal in size and capacity but its headphones are distinctly lacking in the gym worthy stakes.

There is little else more frustrating than reaching the end of your run and inspired by good music and a rush of endorphins you push the last minute to a sprint, only to find you’ve tugged the headphones from your ears and attention is stolen from trying to beat your personal best to not tripping over the dangling wires.

So is there a shortcut to a perfect MP3 player and headphone combination? Sony seems to think so with their sports Walkman model the Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB.

This model keeps things simple. Wires get in the way, so the NWZ-W262 doesn’t have them. MP3 players are often too bulky, so Sony incorporated the player into the headphones. Sweat makes the earphones come out, so the NWZ-W262 is sweat proof and secure. This is a bold concept but is equally as intuitive; one of those “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.

The battery life is another winning feature. If you’re in a rush and have typically forgotten to charge the battery the NWZ-W262 will give you approximately half an hour of run time from only 3 minutes of charge. From 90 minutes you’ll get 8 hours. Sony also use the simple ‘drag and drop’ form of file transfer letting you put your music on the player with the ability to arrange it into playlists.

The headphones themselves boast a clear and powerful sound that even offer a comfortable fit. The innovative sweat proof design will also protect against rain and snow – you can even give them a wash under some running water after those particularly exertive training sessions.

So if you’re tired of searching the market for the perfect MP3 player and headphones for exercise, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W262.


For a full product description and list of specifications click here.


Buy now

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REVIEW: NU Dolphin Lite

NU Dolphin

NU Dolphin Lite 2GB Wearable Waterproof MP3 Player reviewed by The Scotsman.

The quick charge function gives you two hours of playback from a five-minute charge, with 18-20 hours from a full charge. In actual fact the player is more crocodile than dolphin, with the included belt clip allowing it to be used for exercising out of the pool too.’  Read full review here.


When presented with the NU Dolphin headset you might struggle to get your head round how it gets round your head.  The funny contraption is meant to be as streamline as possible when you wear it in the water.


Despite its odd appearance it does the job. There are no wires or bulky MP3 players to worry about. Perfect for underwater and also ideal for any other kind of sporting activity. There are three sensibly sized large buttons placed on the back of the headset to make changing tracks and adjusting volume easy.


For any of us who minutes before leaving for the gym suddenly realise we’ve forgotten to charge our MP3 player, there is the exercise saving quick charge function. Five minutes charge time will buy you two hours playback time with the NU Dolphin. Impressive.

Wire and hassle free use this product for any exercise.

NU Dolphin

~ Get yours here ~

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It is the Jaybird Freedom First Review!

This afternoon, Advanced MP3 Players team is delighted:

Tech Made Easy are the 1st to have published a review on the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones!

The world smallest Bluetooth headset is a tiny in ear headphones specially designed for athletes and active lifestyle. Sold out at Gadget Show Live, the “Freedom” continues to hit AMP3!

Tech Made Easy:

“This is the first pair of Bluetooth of headphones I’ve owned, but not the first I’ve tried.  That in itself tells you a lot.  This is the first pair of wireless headphones that I’ve felt were worth the money, and at £99 that’s saying something.

“The sound quality and volume are great, as is the independence of wires.  In my tests I’ve found that battery life is around 4-5 hours of constant, loud use which is more than enough for your average workout session or train journey.

“The noise isolation is another great feature, especially on a busy train or while out in the street running.  It allows you to enjoy your music at lower volume levels without having to put up with surrounding noise.  Great for battery life, those around you, but most importantly; your hearing.

Looks:   9 / 10

Usability: 9 / 10

Quality: 10 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

Overall:  9 / 10.” (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – £99

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