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The best internet tablets that the market today has to offer.


The Cowon A5 has landed at Amp3! Read about the portable PMP here!

Cowon A5



The Cowon A5 is here and offers some seriously incredible browsing speeds and entertainment features. The A5 provides all that you need and more for video, music and internet browsing.


The iAudio A5 is an Android enabled device that boasts an HDMI output to transfer all your favourite files to the big screen! The A5 is conveniently compact for travel but enjoys a large enough screen to deliver vibrant, high quality video on the move.


Like all Cowon models, the sound on the A5 is sublime. Supporting a wide variety of formats, get the very best from your music files and hear every nuance through the JetEffect 5.0 technology. Cowon offer the ability to personalise your sound with over 44 EQ presets and the option to create a further 4 tuned exactly to your own musical tastes.

Get yours today for £229.



Almost here, the latest Android 4.0 Storage Options Elite tablet!

ScrollStorage Options Scroll Elite 16GB




The Storage Options Scroll Elite is the latest uncatchily named but impressive in performance budget tablet from Storage Options. The tablet boasts Android Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0 – the cream of the crop in terms of Android operating systems – which gives endless possibilities for entertainment with access to the Android App store. Download all of your favourite social media apps including Facebook and Twitter or have video conversations with Skype using the high quality in-built camera.


The Scroll Elite is a multimedia powerhouse with advanced features including the ability to play music and video in super high quality. Even take your entire e-bookshelf with you to read on the already installed book reader app.


Browse the internet, answer emails, play games, watch YouTube and more with the Storage Options Scroll Elite available Friday 25 May.


For an in-depth review check back to the Amp3 Sleepover section of our blog for a detailed analysis by Amp3’s in-house reviewer, Elliot. Or check out this video review here.



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Holawin 7″ an excellent entry level product that exceeds its price point

Holawin 7"Holawin 7″


The Holawin 7” Android is an entry level tablet that does everything it says on the box. It’s pretty good for your standard tablet uses: browsing the internet, watching films, listening to music, etc. The Holawin 7” runs on 2.2 Android software meaning you’ll enjoy the extras like apps and YouTube videos thanks to built in Flash.
Priced at £89.99 the Holawin 7” is a very cheap entry level option for anyone after a tablet that ticks all the boxes and won’t break the bank. Its features and smooth running make it a tablet that exceed this price point and contend with some of the bigger names in the tablet market. However, to reach this point very obvious cut-backs were made to design and packaging.
Upon first handling the Holawin 7” it instantly appears cheap. From the box to the tablet itself it gives the impression the Holawin 7” will be a less than riveting experience. This is quite a gamble from Holawin given tablets are seen more as luxury items used for pleasure as opposed to, for example, the functional netbook used for business. The market is full of competitors that have superior design and aesthetic appeal and this is where the Holawin may suffer. Cheap it may be, but for those after a luxury product it could prove a significant turn-off.


Despite this, the Holawin 7” operates very well. Websites and YouTube videos load at a pleasingly fast rate leaving no time hanging around. Built in speakers, a camera, optional keyboard and optional memory expansion are testament to Holawin’s dedication to functionality.


Overall, the Holawin 7” is a usable and functional device that delivers what it says it will. The design is a let-down but is thankfully no indication of its function. For an entry level product the Holawin 7” is exactly what you want balancing functionality exceeding its price point and very basic aesthetics.



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Soon to arrive: the powerful Archos G9! Watch this space

g9Archos A101 IT Gen9 S 1 GHz 8GB Android Honeycomb 3.2 Internet Tablet

Available from Amp3 soon!


Archos have developed their most powerful tablet yet with the Archos G9. This tablet has advanced on previous models and brought to the table an unbelievably powerful device.
Having teamed up with Texas Instruments the G9 offers technology that improves the existing family of OMAP 4 smart multi core processors. G9 tablets are available in Classic and Turbo models. You have the choice between a 1 GHz processor and 1.2 GHz processor. Better yet, come December a 1.5 GHz processor will be available for those of you who need that extra bit of power.
The OMAP 4 dual-core processors and Android 3.2 Honeycomb software means that your machine will run smoothly and efficiently while running various programmes and while Internet browsing. The Android Honeycomb software has been specifically designed for tablets to boost optimal performance. Adobe Flash 10.3 gives support for the true web experience, making the Archos G9 the ultimate accessory to a connected life.

Watch this space for updates on its arrival!


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HTC Flyer

Top 8 tablets coming soon to AMP3!

Advanced MP3 Players is your new destination to your buy latest Internet Tablet(s)!

8 Fantastic Tablets will land soon in AMP3 – Be prepared to welcome them!

Which are they…? Find out our Top 8:

#1 Motorola Xoom

#2 HTC Flyer

#3 Asus Eee Pad Transformer 10.1” Tablet

#4 Acer Iconia Tab A Series

#5 Acer Iconia

#6 Acer Iconia Tab W Series

#7 Dell Streak

#8 Creative Ziio

Keep an eye peeled on Advanced MP3 Players

More information will be posted soon

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New: The Elonex eTouch Blade! A Stylish, High Performance Tablet!

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – A Sophisticated Internet Tablet

Worth A Try Now!

Why choosing the eTouch Blade?

  1. New style with iPadish looks
  2. Only 690g and slim-line design: only 11mm
  3. Great Multi-Touch feature and 1024x600px resolution
  4. Sleek Android 2.2 OS: access hundreds and thousands of Apps
  5. Built-in WiFi
  6. Battery life that does last up to 5 Hours

- full product description here -

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – Android 2.2 Froyo Internet Tablet with 10″ Screen Built-in Wifi and HDMI Output – £179.00

Available for pre-order NOW – Click Here

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Got an iPad? Lucky You! Now Cover It With Noreves Brand New Leather Case!

You have yourself an iPad 2, don’t put any old case on it: get your new Noreve Apple iPad 2 Traditional Leather Case!

With Noreve Adopt the French Smart Attitude

The case not only matches the iPad’s sophistication but protects and shields the silky smooth iPad casing. The handy clip feature means that there will be no unexpected openings of the case, keeping your iPad 2 safely and securely away from trouble.

Noreve Apple iPad 2 Traditional Leather Case – £79

- full product description here -

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Be Up To Date With the Scotsman’s Gadget Reviews! Today Read About sWaP Rebel and Elonex 10in eTouch Blade!

Did you know that the Scotsman has a Gadget Review Section?

In April, the sWaP Rebel Mobile Phone Watch was reviewed. This is the most innovative Mobile Phone ever created. Available in five colours, the design is eye-catching. With this new gadget, you will be able to make calls, to transfer data from your PC to your watch and vice-versa. Check out your pictures and watch funny TV series on the colour touch screen.  A fun gadget highly recommended this summer!

“the sWaP Rebel is a fine example of geek fashion and deserves its place on Inspector Gadget’s wrist.” The Scotsman (Read the full review here).

sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player – £189

Available soon

In May the Elonex 10in eTouch Blade Wi-Fi Internet Tablet was reviewed. Launched at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham this new tablet is an excellent compromise for those who are not willing to splash out on an iPad.

“The Blade is a bit like a low budget movie that unexpectedly turns into a box office hit. The iPad still has a superior screen and it doesn’t rival the build quality of the Samsung Tab. However, for half the price of its rivals, it’s sure to fly off the shelves.” The Scotsman (Read the full review here).

Elonex 1044ET eTouch Blade – Android 2.2 Froyo Internet Tablet with 10″ Screen Built-in Wifi and HDMI Output – £179

- full product description here -


This Gadget Column is a great way to read good reviews and to keep an eye on the gadget’s world.

Keep an eye on the website

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Android_v_Apple_652 copy

Android Lovers Have you recently been converted?

A New Poll on Advanced MP3 Players is on:

Has the iPad 2 converted Android Lovers?

As Nielsen have recently revealed that the iPad 2 were largely controlling the Internet Tablets’ market, we would like to know if Android Lovers have been converted! Also as T3 Magazine has re-launched the debate Apple vs Android, it would be good to know your side!

Find the Poll here

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