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With Your Transcend Memory Card You Can Store 8GB of Music in your Wallet!

Transcend 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Class 10 Memory Card is so light that you can carry it safely in your wallet while on the go to your friends’ house.

Stick it into your player and start the music!

Pop a Transcend SDHC™ memory card in your compatible device and you’ll always have fast and convenient access to your favorite pics, music or videos, allowing you to keep them close to hand at all times.

Transcend 8GB Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Class 10 Memory Card – £46.67

- full product description here -

Also good to know: this Memory Card is an ideal gizmo to fully enjoy your new iPod Dock the Lenco High Free Standing iPod Tower 1 with iPod Dock, USB & Cardslot and 60W 2.1 channel output power” (Only £99).

Launched at the Gadget Show Live, this tower is a new iPod Dock model designed by Lenco. Popular among iPod users and music lovers. It is convenient and very easy to use: swipe your Transcend SDHC Memory Card into your tower and enjoy 8GB of stored music!  And right now you can get 10% off your Transcend Memory card when you purchase the Lenca iPod Tower (More Info)

You won’t regret your combo purchase of  “Transcend Memory Card + Lenco iPod Tower”.


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Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock – A Surprisingly Refined Mini-System!

Advanced MP3 Players have just launched a fab new DAB with iPod Dock: The “Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock”!

Be prepared to party all-night long with your new DAB Radio-Dock!

The easy to set up system is perfect to small or moderate sized rooms and the 10W RMS speakers produce an impressively detailed level of audio. Grab your iPod or tune the radio up and that’s you ready for new musical experiences.

Sony CMT-FX350i DAB Micro HiFi with iPod Dock – Only £99

- full product description here -

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Four Weeks of iPad Madness!

Advanced MP3 Players is pleased to inform you that the Free iPad Case Offer is expanded til the 19th of May!

Excellent news to share among the iPad community!

Like Advanced MP3 Players on Facebook (click here to find the page easily) and discover your code to order your FREE iPad Case.

Share it with your friends and organise an iPad Love party!

Limited Stocks – 1st comes 1st serves – don’t hold off too long!

Archos 70 – A Budget Winner!

Trusted Reviews had a look at the Archos 70 Internet Table:

“It lacks the desirability of other more expensive tablets and its display is average, but thanks to its good touchscreen and decent processor, the Archos 70 is a budget winner.”

Watch this great video-review to learn more about Archos 70 – A definitively good choice for Internet Tablet’s enthusiasts looking for a good quality-price Android gems. Click here to watch the full video.

Fancy getting an Archos 70 Android Tablet? Excellent choice, check the two fantastic deals currently available at Advanced MP3 Players!

1- Archos 70 – 250GB (HDD) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Screen – Only £224.00 (WAS £269.99)

2- Archos 70 – 8GB (Flash) Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ Internet Tablet with 7″ Display- Only £195.00 (WAS £229.99)

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With MEElectronics SP51P Buy One Get Three Headphones!

MEElectronics SP51P have just been reviewed by Trusted Reviews:

“Offer three different tonalities thanks to the trio of tuning ports included in the package.”

Yes when you buy MEElectronics SP51P you can customize your earphones with different tuning ports. Switch from pounding bass to a relaxing neutral sound or onto a fun sound with a little enhanced bass any time you want without splashing our for three different headphones!

Rated 8/10, the SP51P have definitively convinced Trusted Reviews:

“These are no ordinary earphones.”
“A fairly balanced, bassy and detailed sound at a good price.”

Read the detailed review here

These stunning headphones are available at AMP3 at a surprising price; find out now!

MEElectronics SP51P Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning with inline mic and remote for iPhone and smartphones – £44.99

- full product description here -

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Which is the Best Music Streamer?

Yes that’s correct: “Sonos” was the right answer!

Still rated 5 stars by T3 Magazine, Sonos ZonePlayer was in T3 headlines yesterday again!

Sonos is the best Music Streamer to “Transport your tunes around the house with five of the best music streamers on the market” - read the full article here.

Winner number two: Logitech Squeezebox Duet!

Reviewed 4 stars, Logitech is also a fantastic Music Streamer, T3 loves: “Compact, attractive and NAS compatible” - read the full review here.

Both these great Music Streamers are available at Advanced MP3 Players.

1- Sonos

Click here to find more about the Sonos range.

Also Note that there are fantastic bundles “Sonos + Canton Premium Speakers” available

2- Logitech

Click here for the Logitech Music Streamer (units expected in the upcoming weeks)

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Sony Unveil Their First Tablet PC!

Sony has decided to capture the Android Tablet market by unveiling two new Internet Tablets.

Launch planned this Autumn

Sony, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications, and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets has the new ambition to become a leading player in the Tablet market. These two tablets will run the latest Android 3.0 software, which is designed specifically for tablets.

New War ahead: Sony vs Apple – Which will convince the more consumers?


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Pre-teen and pre-school children – A Surprisingly ‘Digital’ Generation!

It took you few hours to understand how your new tablet PC workings…

Nothing is more annoying than seeing your kids or younger siblings making it work in exactly 2 minutes!

“Pre-teen and even pre-school children are key drivers for adoption of the iPad and other tablet computers, according to the LMX Family study conducted in early February by Ipsos OTX.” (read the full article here).

It is not really suprising to see the “Android vs Apple Tablets” booming. A new digital world is now at our fingertips and the youngest seem to be born with the ability to control these new technologies with ease!

If you haven’t experienced any Internet Tablet yet, have a look at Advanced MP3 Players’ range!

And the good news is that AMP3 have dedicated sales and technical support teams, therefore if you have any questions regarding your new Internet Tablets, don’t hesitate to contact them! – click here for the details -


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Earbud or In-canal – What’s your Favourite?

Hey AMP3′s fans,

A new poll is up on Facebook: Earbud or in-canal – what’s your favourite?

Advanced MP3 Players may stock the “Hisoundaudio Live Earbud” and therefore would like to know if you still like earbud style earphones or if  the market has shifted to in-canal. Please let us know, your vote and opinion really matter for AMP3′s team.

- Find the poll by clicking here -

Never heard about Hisoundaudio?

Read the review done by Mark Ramos, AMP3′s guest blog, on Head-Fi: “Clarity and transparency, buds that actually sound good if you like buds.”

(click here for the full review)

Good News: Save £40 on the Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones – Today Only!

Grab your set of Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones for only £59.99 and save £40!

Ergonomic and lightweight sound isolating earphones – the Shure SE210 takes your audio quality to the next level!

These fantastic headphones offer the most accurate audio reproduction from both portable and home stereo audio sources—for the ultimate in precision highs and rich low end. Don’t miss this fab deal of the day!

Shure SE210 Sound Isolating Earphones – £59.99 (WAS £99.99)

- Find out more about these great headphones here -