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Cyber Clean – An Amazing Gadget-Cleaning Abilities!

With your new Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty Zip Bag

Say Goodbye to dust particles, dead skin and bacteria on your electronic devices!

The Scotsman tried and reviewed this new gadget:

“From a carpet of hair and skin fragments nestling between the buttons of your keyboard, to a remote control that looks like it’s been greased for a round of sumo wrestling, gadgets can become quite grotty.”

“Cyber Clean comes in a little Ziploc bag that proclaims its amazing gadget-cleaning abilities – “Press it on and the dirt is gone!” and “Proven to kill 99.999 per cent of germs”.”

“It works relatively well, although bear in mind that hardened keyboard grime may need deeper excavations.” (full review here)

Read more about this product here

Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 75g Foil Zip Bag – £5.99 / WAS £6.95

Other cleaning product available:

Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 145g Standard Cup – Only £4.90 (Was £6.95)

Read more about it here

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Flash Sales: Up to £50 Off Archos Internet Tablets!

Don’t miss the exclusive sales on Archos Internet Tablets

Limited Stock & Limited Time

Whether you are looking for your first tablet PC or want to replace your old one, benefit from the great offer on Archos Best Internet Tablets: up to £50 off!

From the Archos 101, to the Archos 70 to the Archos Arnova, find the one that will best suit your needs and that will match with your budget.

Click here for more information about this offer


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New iPod & iPhone speaker/docks/radios by Philips! Enjoy High-Quality and Room-Filling Sound Wherever You Are!

With Philips new iPod/iPhone devices, your music travels with you!

Appreciate your Music wherever you are!

From Clock Radio, to Mini Speakers, to Docks, Philips new range was designed with Apple in mind. All these new products are compatible with your iPod/iPhone!

Fill up your room with your music and enjoy all your favourite songs wherever you are: ideal for picnic, at your friends, at yours… wherever you are, your music is!

High-quality sound, stylish and portable, all you need is choose your favourite one among the following selection:

Click on the product image for more information

Philips SBP1120/1 Portable Speaker System for all MP3 Players - £13.49

Philips AJ3270D/0 Clock Radio for iPod/iPhone – £44.99

Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio iPod/iPhone Dock – £59 (WAS £69)

Philips DS3500/05 Fidelio Dock for iPhone/iPod/iPad with Bluetooth Connection - £129

Philips Fidelio DS7700/10 Portable iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock with Bluetooth Connection – £179

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Exclusive AMP3 Music System Bundle: Get Your Xiva Musicmate & Sonos ZonePlayer and Save £49!

This month with Advanced MP3 Players, get the very best out of your music collection!

Check the new and exclusive AMP3 Bundles containing a Sonos ZonePlayer (ZP) and a Xiva Musicmate!

Store all your entire digital media collection on your Musicmate. Once your Xiva is connected to your PC, you can then wirelessly stream music anywhere around your house to your ZP wireless music system.  Stream all your music to your ZP and let it do the work for your audio system. Enjoy the benefits of the best of wireless tech combined with the Xiva Musicmate is an entertainment server.

Sonos S5 Xiva Bundle

Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Center & Sonos ZonePlayer bundles – from £1029


If you are a music lover then look no further than this – all your music collection in one place & the best of wireless audio technology.

Check our different bundles here!

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Captivating Testimony from Ali, A Scottish Touch Rugby Player, trying out Jaybird Headphones!

AMP3 readers, Jaybird fans, enjoy this captivating testimony:

Words from the field

“With the Touch World Cup fast approaching the Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team recently took on England and Wales in a warm up tournament in Manchester.  There was an encouraging performance against England who are ranked 4th in the World, eventually going down 6-2, but bounced right back against Wales with a comprehensive 5-0 victory.  The Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2′s are great for training but also provided entertainment on the long bus journey!

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011 hosting some 1400 competitors from 28 different countries.  Fixtures for the ‘Jaybird’ team begin on Wed 22nd June with tough games vs Fiji, Japan and England.  Results and fixtures throughout the tournament are available online:”

- Click here for more information about Jaybird –

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All Your Digital Entertainment Desires Fulfilled by the Popbox!


Popbox – Digital Home Entertainment

If you are looking for an an incredibly simple way to play ALL of your digital content on your big screen TV, look no further!  Popcorn Hour have created a revolutionary and very cost effictive way to do just that!

The Popbox takes all your home videos, pictures, box-office films and music and makes it burst out your TV in up to Full HD!  The Popbox also has the added bonus of being able to connect to the Popbox Apps market!  This lets you access the internet’s most popular TV shows, videos, sports or any other digital content that’s out there!  This nifty little home theatre device can also play 3D content straight to your 3D TV, another nice touch from Popcorn Hour! 


Sit back on your sofa,  turn on the Popbox and get stuck into your favourite television programmes, you owe it to yourself! 


Available now at AMP3,
Only £139
-Click Here for more information-

Got an iPad? Lucky You! Now Cover It With Noreves Brand New Leather Case!

You have yourself an iPad 2, don’t put any old case on it: get your new Noreve Apple iPad 2 Traditional Leather Case!

With Noreve Adopt the French Smart Attitude

The case not only matches the iPad’s sophistication but protects and shields the silky smooth iPad casing. The handy clip feature means that there will be no unexpected openings of the case, keeping your iPad 2 safely and securely away from trouble.

Noreve Apple iPad 2 Traditional Leather Case – £79

- full product description here -

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Hurry, Free Shipping on the SoundScience QSB Speakers Ends Wednesday!

You would love to have the new QSB Speakers…

So let’s order them before Wednesday and Advanced MP3 Players is offering you free UK delivery on this product!

“Fantastic sound quality, at home, in your hotel or on the move; it is difficult to imagine anything better than this amazing little package.” (Hi-Fi World – printed magazine)

“This kit frees the user from the mains power point, making it a great choice for people who need good sound on the road.” (ComputerActive)

“QSB’s are a real engineering masterpiece, quashing those preconceptions.” (Technology and Gadget News)

SoundScience QSB – 30W USB Desktop Speakers with NXT DyadUSB Technology - £89.99


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Revo Axis Presentation.ppt

Revo Axis – Looks, feels and performs great!

Revo Axis’Latest Review :

STUFF.TV Review: “… the use of NXT’s ‘Balanced Radiator’ driver delivers a solid, punchy sound with plenty of low-end grunt. It produces lots of detail, and, crucially, it’s nicely built and a breeze to use.”

The Revo Axis Streaming Wifi/DAB/FM Radio iPod Dock is still a star in the tech world! First awarded five stars by What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision “… designed with sound in mind… to give an expansive sound with decent bass and good detail and flow. A well sorted radio.”, and then by STUFF “The don of media-streaming radios.”, this Radio iPod Dock is superb and real success!

The AXiS represents the next generation of ‘connected’ digital radio devices that combine multi-format radio reception, iPod and iPhone docking, audio streaming and access to premium online music services such as

Revo Axis Streaming Wifi/DAB/FM Radio iPod Dock- £199

- full product description here –

It is the Jaybird Freedom First Review!

This afternoon, Advanced MP3 Players team is delighted:

Tech Made Easy are the 1st to have published a review on the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones!

The world smallest Bluetooth headset is a tiny in ear headphones specially designed for athletes and active lifestyle. Sold out at Gadget Show Live, the “Freedom” continues to hit AMP3!

Tech Made Easy:

“This is the first pair of Bluetooth of headphones I’ve owned, but not the first I’ve tried.  That in itself tells you a lot.  This is the first pair of wireless headphones that I’ve felt were worth the money, and at £99 that’s saying something.

“The sound quality and volume are great, as is the independence of wires.  In my tests I’ve found that battery life is around 4-5 hours of constant, loud use which is more than enough for your average workout session or train journey.

“The noise isolation is another great feature, especially on a busy train or while out in the street running.  It allows you to enjoy your music at lower volume levels without having to put up with surrounding noise.  Great for battery life, those around you, but most importantly; your hearing.

Looks:   9 / 10

Usability: 9 / 10

Quality: 10 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

Overall:  9 / 10.” (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – £99

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