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“Love your new Suitcase” – Sorry It is not a Suitcase, It’s my New Sony Portable Speaker!

Sony has launched an original iPod/iPhone Speaker: shaped like a suitcase and with a handle!

Travel with music wherever you’re going!

This compact & portable speaker can slip into any environment effortlessly and has a lot to offer for the regular traveller. The handle makes it easy to pick up this speaker and take anywhere you want.

Grab your 2W x 2W stereo speaker designed for iPod. Yes you’ll have to stick 4 x AAA batteries inside this speaker dock, but that will give you up to 10 hours of juice for a tidy sounding speaker system.

Sony RDPM5IPB Portable iPod/iPhone Speaker - £69

– Click here if you fancy more information on that product –

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Sick of superpowerful Internet tablets are multifunctional portable media players, and phones trying to be every device but not really good at being any?

For you all that matters is audio perfection!

Try the new Cowon C2 then – successor to the hugely successful D2!

Tech Made Easy were the first to have their hands on it:

“Overall, a nice looking device, certainly one of the nicer media players I’ve looked at recently.”

“In terms of build quality, usability and sound quality it’s really hard to fault the C2.  But at £109 for the 8GB model it’s a little rich for me.”

“If you’re heavily in to your music and find yourself away from your HiFi a lot, then the Cowen C2 would be a worthwhile investment.  If you’re more into your video playback, though, it might be better to stick with your smartphone.  That being said, there’s no law that says you can’t have the best of both worlds; if you’ve got the money, have both!” (Tech Made Easy - click here to read the full review)

Thank you Tech Made Easy for your review

Click here for more information about the Cowon C2 and for pre-ordering it

Cowon C2 MP3 Player with Expandable Memory from £109


Artistic Leather Cases for ZiiO Internet Tablets Landed in AMP3: Say Hello to Creative!

Two New Creative Leather Cases have just landed in Advanced MP3 Players: are you ready to protect your ZiiO Tablets with style?

Sticking your ZiiO 7″ Internet Tablet or ZiiO 10″ Internet Tablet into these cases will have them protected and looking their best at all times.

These luxurious leather cases offer access to all your Internet tablets functions and ports as well as giving it a rather unique and stylish look.

The one for your ZiiO 7″: click here for more information

Creative ZiiO 7″ Leather Case – £39.99

The one for you ZiiO 10″: click here for more information

Creative ZiiO 10″ Leather Case – £39.99

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Be Happy with X-Mini – Your Essential Travel Partner for Unbelievably Loud Music!

X-Mini Happy: your festival essential 2011!

“Extravagant, perhaps, but this tacky-sounding gadget is one of our favourite festival frivolities. Acting as a regular MP3 player playing tunes from a 2GB SD Card, when twisted it concertinas out into a quite brilliant-sounding speaker.” (Pocket Lint – read the full review here)

X-Mini Happy MP3 Player & Capsule Speaker – £49.99

- full product description here -

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Bad Boys Cans Invasion: Skullcandy Headphones are Back with New Models!

Fantastic New Skullcandy headphones have just arrived!

Welcome to Skullcandy new ranges of headphones!

It is time for you to choose your Skullcandy style 2011: from the Smokin in-ear headphones, to the Chops In-Ear Headphones, to the Ink’d In-Ear Headphones 2011, your options are endless!

Let’s have a look at these appealing new gems:

Skullcandy Smokin Buds In-Ear Headphones with in-line Mic, 2011 Range – £24.99

Skullcandy Chops In-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range – £22.99

Skullcandy Ink’d In-Ear Headphones with Integrated Mic, 2011 Range (Dual Colour) – £17.99

For more Skullcandy 2011 ranges - please click here



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Do you Love Mini Version? Try Speedo Aquashot Mini Waterproof Camera!

Speedo have developed a mini version of “the Aquashot” its original Waterproof Camera!

So tiny, so sweet, a must try!

The ever popular Speedo Aquashot now has a little brother! Waterproof devices are becoming ever more popular and the opportunity to take some underwater pics and capture those holiday poolside moments is tempting to say the least – especially when the camera is waterproof and there is no risk of water damage.

Speedo Aquashot Mini Waterproof Camera – £69

- full product description here -

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Brand New in Advanced MP3 Players: BlueAnt Stereo Headphones!

Specially Designed for use iPod, iPhone, iPad, these BlueAnt Headphones look very promising!

The new BlueAnt arrival that was unveiled at CES ’11 – the wired Embrace Headphones! While most of you familiar with BlueAnt would expect another wireless set of headphones, they have bucked the trend with their Embrace model, it’s wired!

Memory Foam padding on the earpads is not only luxuriously comfortable but it’s an external noise reduction aid. A detachable cable and folding design make these perfect for portability, not to mention the handy, and stylish, carry case that comes with the headphones. BlueAnt tell us ‘Embrace’ life, we say why not! A stylish set of headphones that give you complete control over calls and music without taking your phone out your pocket.

BlueAnt Embrace Stereo Headphones Specially designed for use iPod, iPhone, iPad – Only £149.99

- Full product information here -

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With CatGenie Say Goodbye to Smelly Morning Clean-Up Task!

This year, Advanced MP3 Players will stock the most revolutionary gadget: A Self-Flushing & Self-Washing Cat Toilet!

Let’s see what the Scotsman thinks of this great gadget:

“The CatGenie is the world’s first self-flushing and self-washing cat toilet. It claims to be cheaper, greener and more efficient than a litter tray.”

“Maddy took to the CatGenie straight away and I continue to be mesmerised by the cleaning process. Although £279 is a lot to pay for cat cleanliness, I have no desire to return to lousy litter any time soon.” (The Scotsman)

Click here to read the full review

CatGenie 120 – soon available in Advanced MP3 Players

Keep an eye on our website!

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Sony Digital Photo Frame: Ideal to View All Your Pictures in a Loop!

Enjoy your digital collection continuously!

Get your Sony Digital Photo Frame!

Digital photo frames are brilliant, excellent for gifts for that someone special or just to treat yourself. The DPFA710 not only has a crisp 7 Inch screen to display your pictures on but it offers a whole other range of benefits, such as various calendar and clock views. It’s a great desktop addition or living-room accessory. The 128MB of internal memory is great for storing up to 250 images without having to leave your memory stick or SD card inside the gadget and the remote is a very neat and useful feature.

Sony DPFA710 Digital Photo Frame with 128MB of Internal Storage – £33.99 (was £69.99)

- full product information here –

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New in Stock: Generic USB Wall Charger for MP3 Players & Internet Tablets!

If you are looking for a generic USB wall charger,

Don’t look further: you landed on the right page!

Generic USB Wall Charger for MP3 Players & Internet Tablets – Only £9.99!

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