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AIAIAI: earphones with a buzz. Microphone function now available

earphonesThe latest offering from AIAIAI sees their specialty sound isolating earphones come with the addition of microphone.

The earphones work with all kinds of music but like their crisp, contemporary design; they are made with modern digital music in mind.

The new feature of microphone in no way impedes on the typically robust and stylish design that these fashionable earphones are praised for.

An ability to withstand heavy use is factored into the design where superior sound quality, ease of answering your phone and strong build make these headphones perfect for everyday use.


Watch a video of the designer demonstrating the earphones


AR Drone Race Pylons released: Can you beat your mates?

Parrot revolutionised the gaming world with the AR Drone. Controlling a quadricopter through your phone is brilliant and exciting. Now it gets better.


Parrot have released the AR Drone pylons to record and monitor your progress in a self-designed course. The guys behind it have injected a genius but simple element of competition.  Racing your mates has never been this fun.


The pylons record your lap-times and the vertical camera recognises the finish line when you cross it – leaving no doubt about who the winner is.



Check out The Toxic Factory Race to see the AR Drone racing in all its glory.


Only one question remains: are you the fastest pilot?



Go digital without the radio! With Revo Mondo DAB+

The Revo Mondo DAB+ is a product to revolutionise your radio experience without the added bulk of a digital radio itself. The device is designed to receive DAB, DAB+ and DMB-A broadcasts and play them back through your existing HiFi, stereo or home entertainment set up.

close up

The small design does not result in any poor audio output but allows you to connect it effortlessly to the speakers you already have via the RCA connector.


The product comes with a handy remote and the option to save up to ten of your favourite radio stations. Crucially (in some cases!) it also has an alarm function with adjustable snooze setting.


Multifunctional and attractive to boot! The design is subtle and discreet where the crisp aluminium paired with quality black plastic lends the product an air of quality and finesse. The clear and easy to read display are reflective of just how easy the product is to use.


If it’s digital radio you’re after but don’t want to commit to a brand new device, the Revo Mondo Dab+ is an ideal, hassle free addition to your existing sound system.


Revo Mondo Dab+

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Sonos and Canton – an Interesting New Duo in the Music Wireless World

With Sonos ZonePlayer Wireless Music System and Canton premium Speakers, transform your home into an audiophile paradise and enjoy wireless music that sounds incredible! These two upmarket products offer you the best available on the audio market.

Canton Speakers are brand new in the UK. They are specially designed to be fixed in ceiling and in wall. These stylish speakers have been created to give you exceptional music quality with the speaker barely visible.

Sonos is an all-in-one wireless music system that delivers superior sound, unlimited music and endless enjoyment all over the house. Plus, you can control it all with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch or your Android smartphone using the free Sonos Controller for iPhone/Android app.

Furnish your house with a premium wireless music system and the most discrete and sophisticated home speakers and get the best from your digital music collection.

Night’s in will never be the same – Cantons 5.1 Speaker system, the Movie 125 MX coming soon to AMP3!

5 Star Award Winning Canton Movie 125 MX

The Canton Movie 125 MX is available for Pre-order at Advanced MP3 Players!

The 5 Star Award Winning Movie 125 MX from Canton is a class leading, compact 5.1 Speaker system!  It comes with 4 identical satellite speakers (15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver), a front centre speaker (2x 15mm tweeter + 8xm mid/bass driver) and a powerful 140W active subwoofer with 20cm forward firing driver!

The Canton Movie 125 MX boasts a clean, clear, crisp and precise sound reproduction- What HiFi were so impressed they slapped a 5 star award on it….

“It doesn’t get shouty at volume, for example, and neither does it lose detail at low levels – something that any number of rivals are prey to…at the money, it’d be greedy to ask for more.” What HiFI Rated 5/5 (full review)

Available for Pre-order Today, £400
-Click Here-

Audiophiles: Have You Heard About The New Winning Sony Professional Headphones?

Sony have recently launched a fantastic set of professional studio headphones!

Be prepared for exceptional sound!

Sony have created headphone that will suit the audiophile market. The audio reproduction is balanced and boasts controlled bass, clarity and detail throughout. The closed design cancels out external noise interference and sticks you at the centre of the music. You can use these headphones with your MP3 player, Internet tablet or digital home entertainment set up – they sound great used over the variety of devices.

New in stock

Sony MDR-Z1000 Professional Studio Headphones – £499

- full product description here -

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New in Stock: FiiO D3 Coaxial/Optical to R/L DAC Audio Converter – A Little Gizmo for Fab Sound Experience!

Grab your new FiiO D3 Coaxial/Optical to R/L DAC Audio Converter Today!

Only £25!

The FiiO D3 is an inexpensive way to get the most from your audio output from your digital TV, CD / DVD / Blu-ray player or digital home device with a coaxial or digital output. The purpose of the D3 is to split the audio signal into L/R audio outputs and give it the amplification that’s needed for a immersive audio experience.

FiiO D3 Coaxial/Optical to R/L DAC Audio Converter – £25

- click here to find out more -

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Accessorize to perfect your fancy dress

Add a last accessorize to perfect your fancy dress: grab your Conran Audio Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone

If you have always dreamed of being the star of your fancy dress party, get a Conran Audio Speaker for iPod and iPhone.

First of all, this speaker dock looks gorgeous: with its sleek and neat design, it will inevitably match with your fancy dress; secondly it has wireless capabilities. Therefore it is easy to use and to have access to thousands of songs through your iPod/iPhone. Finally as this dock sounds like perfection, you will be able to play any of your favourites hits: your friends will inevitably be attracted by the dance floor as the music will be so catchy!

With Conran wireless speaker dock for iPod/iPhone, you are a winner!

Tablet Stand

UPDATE: NOW IN STOCK Breffo Spiderpodium – Gadget Seen on The Apprentice!

Advanced MP3 Players is delighted to inform you that two new Trendy Gadgets by Breffo have arrived!


Spiderpodiums are NOW IN STOCK.



Gadgets As Seen On the Apprentice!

A multi-award winning gadget grip and docking station for Smartphones, Camera’s, MP3 Players, SatNav Units and much more! Portable, lightweight, and packs flat, Spiderpodium is the ultimate travel companion.

Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Gadget Grip and Travel Dock As Seen on The Apprentice (Black) – £14.99


Breffo Spiderpodium Tablet Flexible Tablet Stand (Black) – £19.99


Spiderpodiums NOW IN STOCK.


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