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X-mini II featured on Fox News!

X-mini II

X mini capsule speaker makes Fox News

We are delighted to see the X Mini II making big noise on American television having been featured on Fox’s Back to School Guide. The tiny capsule speaker proves that big things come in small packages.


The 40mm driver gives off impressive sound from this compact little device. Portability is a key feature of the X-mini II – you can anywhere as it easily fits inside a pocket or handbag. You’ll not need to worry about battery life either. From just one charge you can enjoy up to 11 hours of playback. The integrated 3.5mm audio lead means there is one less thing to remember when taking the X-mini out and about with you. The cable stores neatly in the base of the product meaning you’ll never forget to take it with you.


One notable new feature of the X-mini II from the first generation model is the Buddy Jack option. If the sound of just one speaker is not enough for you and you enjoy living dangerously, dare to add more volume by connecting multiple speakers together with the Buddy Jack.


Other models in the X mini range are:

X-Mini Happy MP3 Player & Capsule Speaker
X-Mini II Capsule Speaker in Pink
X-Mini MAX II Capsule Speakers

Find full product descriptions here


All X-mini models are available for purchase at Advanced MP3 Players


Revo Pico RS arrives! Take it anywhere and stream from your favourite Internet stations!


Revo Pico RS – Portable Hybrid DAB/DAB+ and Wi-Fi Internet


Revo really know how to make a good digital radio. With their latest Revo Pico RS they have made a highly portable and highly functional device.
This model is kitted out with DAB, DAB+ and Wi-Fi internet radio. The model is also splash proof and fitted with a rechargeable lithium battery. Take it outside as you enjoy warm summer nights listening to all of your favourite music and when the inevitable rain comes don’t worry about it getting a little wet!
With the WiFi function you can enjoy over 13 000 Internet radio stations from around the world. You’ll also be able to stream from your computer using the same wireless connection. So if you tire of searching through the infinite music resource that is Internet radio – tap in to your own music library with ease.
This is a great product from Revo that delivers crisp and clear sound. Take it with you to the garden or keep it charging in the kitchen. The screen is clear and easy to read from making channel selection easy.



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hp100 100x100

Headphones that protect your hearing? You heard right. Healthy headphones designed by DB Logic

DB Logic HP 100 headphones coming soon


These intelligent headphones will soon be in stock here at Advanced MP3 PlayersDB Logic have come up with great sounding headphones that also protect your hearing against long term damage. Not often do you hear about headphone designers that have the health of your ears as one of their core concerns when designing their product.

Protect your hearing

The concept is one we should all be thankful for. Using SPL2 Technology, the headphones protect against high sound pressure levels which is what causes hearing damage in the first instance. Through using advanced circuitry the headphones reduce sound pressure without the need for the added bulk of battery power – the choice of many competitors. This technology allows you to listen to music for an extended period of time without worrying about your hearing.

The design

The DB Logic headphones boast an award winning design that is not only safe but also aesthetically and ergonomically successful too.
They are an attractive set of headphones coming in a range of colours including pink and silver. Not only will you look good wearing them, you’ll feel good too. They have a flexible design with adjustable headband that will fit any size or shape of head. The ear cups are padded with comfortable cushions that are designed to immerse you in sound.


DB Logic have certainly ticked all the boxes making a safe great sounding pair of headphones that even have the health of your hearing in mind. Check back for news on their arrival at Advanced MP3 Players.

Film anything and everything anywhere with a Drift HD170.




Drift HD170 Action Camera

This durable video camera is made to cope with the heavy demand that comes with the territory of extreme sports.
This HD camera is the perfect piece of filming equipment for any kind of extreme sport. The outer housing is durable and built to withstand being knocked around. You can easily fix it to a helmet or virtually any other kind of equipment which enables you to capture the perfect shooting angle.

Drift have been pretty clever in pairing the camera with a remote control. If you’ve got the camera attached to the frame of your BMX it’s not easy to reach for turning it on/off or making adjustments. With the remote control you can keep it close to hand – literally wearing it on your wrist!

The Drift is an HD camera and takes seriously high quality videos. It records in 1080p High Definition and takes 5 Megapixel still photos with a wide 170 degree lens angle which is fully rotatable. All this high quality takes up a lot of space. With the already built in 32GB space capacity you won’t need to worry about using it all too quickly. There is also an SD card slot to expand the memory further for long filming days.

The versatile nature of the Drift really is the winning point. A robust build makes it usable for almost any extreme sport. The rotating lens and ability to fix it to a helmet, handlebars or whatever the sport of the day is means you can capture the angles you want. It isn’t restricted by good light either; night mode will allow you to film in poor light conditions and even into the night. With the 1.5″ colour TFT screen and a built in mic and speaker you’ll know straight away whether your shot has made the cut.

So if you’re looking to capture your most extreme moments – get yourself a Drift HD 170.


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FIVE STAR rating for SoundMagic E10 headphones from What HiFI

Blimey, what a treat these little in-ears are. For a start, they look like they’re worth way more than £35, thanks to a metal casing that looks snazzy in any of the three finishes. They punch well above their weight in terms of sound quality too.’ What HiFi.

SoundMagic have struck a chord with those of us who want good audio quality from our headphones but don’t want to re-mortgage in order to get it. The market is flooded with incredible headphones but often they come at an incredible price.

The SoundMagic E10s are a high quality set of headphones made for everyday use. They’ve got a metal housing to protect from being tossed about in a bag or from being stuffed into a pocket.

The headphones cope well with high trebles keeping the sound clean and crisp but it’s with the bass tones where the E10s really shine. They reproduce deep and weighty bass notes much in the way higher end headphones (should) do.

Another necessary feature with good in-ear headphones is an ability to isolate noise. The varying size of earbuds that come with the headphones will ensure you get the right ones and once the shoe fits you’ll benefit from the passive noise isolating function.

Often touted as earphones that perform beyond their price range, Soundmagic definitely deserve the FIVE STAR rating from What HiFi.


Read full product description here

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Save £80 on Hisoundaudio Studio-V player AND get a set of FREE headphones worth £69!


Hisoundaudio Studio-V 4GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player with Expandable Memory and FREE Headphones Worth £69

Were £279 NOW £199

It’s big savings time. Save yourself a massive £80 on this Studio-V player for today only. Big things come in small packages and this is certainly true for this product.
This is a high end home audio system crammed into this compact little device. Sound is of astonishing quality and it is easy to use. With an OLED screen you won’t miss anything and a slot for an SD card you can enjoy an endless amount of capacity.


Get yours today



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T3 Magazine recommends 7 Amp3 products in ‘The Guide’





In October’s issue of T3 Magazine, an impressive 7 Advanced MP3 Player products were recommended in ‘The Guide’ section.

The expert reviewers at T3 were wowed by our products ranking them amongst the best in their field. In over half the cases the products topped the chart!

Take a look at the products that were featured below. We’re telling you they’re the best, T3 is telling you they’re the best, now decide for yourself.



In-Ear Headphones Category

Sennheiser IE8

ie8RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Shure SE315

ShureRANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


On Ear Headphones Category

AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones


RATED: 4/5


BlackBox M10

M10RANK: 4

RATED: 4/5


JayBird Sportsband 2

Sportsband2RANK: 5

RATED: 4/5


Music Streamers Category


Sonos Play:5

Play:5RANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


HiFi Systems Category


Denon Ceol

Denon CeolRANK: 1

RATED: 5/5


Find full product descriptions here


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REVIEW: NU Dolphin Lite

NU Dolphin

NU Dolphin Lite 2GB Wearable Waterproof MP3 Player reviewed by The Scotsman.

The quick charge function gives you two hours of playback from a five-minute charge, with 18-20 hours from a full charge. In actual fact the player is more crocodile than dolphin, with the included belt clip allowing it to be used for exercising out of the pool too.’  Read full review here.


When presented with the NU Dolphin headset you might struggle to get your head round how it gets round your head.  The funny contraption is meant to be as streamline as possible when you wear it in the water.


Despite its odd appearance it does the job. There are no wires or bulky MP3 players to worry about. Perfect for underwater and also ideal for any other kind of sporting activity. There are three sensibly sized large buttons placed on the back of the headset to make changing tracks and adjusting volume easy.


For any of us who minutes before leaving for the gym suddenly realise we’ve forgotten to charge our MP3 player, there is the exercise saving quick charge function. Five minutes charge time will buy you two hours playback time with the NU Dolphin. Impressive.

Wire and hassle free use this product for any exercise.

NU Dolphin

~ Get yours here ~

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Audiophiles, ready yourselves. The Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones have arrived and they are packing serious punch.


Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones

Grado have a reputation for attention to detail that is extremely welcome in an industry that is so full of detail and specifics. In the world of headphones there is so much to get right. Often you hear people fussing over the great mid-tones but are let down by shoddy bass reproduction or the headphones are so comfortable but don’t look great.

With Grado, all the boxes are ticked. They look great and the angle of the ear piece is designed to fit securely in your ear making a seal. The seal works to isolate noise and it does so to great effect. No need to worry about a passing lorry or busy bus ruining your pristine listening experience.

Now for the techy stuff.  These have been made with Grado’s proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature driver design and an ear bud manufactured from two different kinds of silicone rubber material. Distortion is minimised through careful engineering and frequency response is extended at both ends of the audio spectrum.

So in case you’re not a tech-head, this translates as incredible performance capabilities that result in definition, clarity and sound replication that is quite simply astonishing.

The Grado GR10s are a set of headphones that provide a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.


Read the full product description here.



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Beats by Dr. Dre promises ‘superior mobile music and sound’ experience through HTC partnership

HTC&BeatsBeats by Dr. Dre promises ‘superior mobile music and sound’ experience.


Earlier this month Beats Electronics and HTC partnered up to inject new life and quality of sound into the world of mobile music. The smartphone has revolutionised the digital world in making music more readily available but in many cases at a compromised standard of quality. HTC have addressed this issue by embarking on an exclusive deal with Beats Electronics.

It’s been revealed that a new wave of HTC phones are to carry Beats by Dr. Dre software and are scheduled to launch later in the year. Beats Electronics already has significant presence in the digital world with their software featured in HP computers and HP touchpad.
HTC invested a cool $300m in Beats Electronics buying them a 51% stake in the company. This kind of collaboration between audio heavy weights and HTC has certainly raised the bar for other smartphone companies.

The deal also bought HTC exclusive marketing rights for Beats; their contract will stipulate that Beats by Dr. Dre software is not available to any other smartphone. To compete in the soon to be competitive mobile audio market, other makers will need to be more creative.

Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Beats by Dr. Dre and Chairman and CEO of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, is confident of the partnership and identifies a significant shortfall in the market of smartphones:  “For Beats by Dr. Dre, this represents a critical step in our continued mission to clean up the destruction of audio caused by the digital revolution; and reengineer how sound is delivered so that the consumer feels the music the way that the artist intended.” Read HTC press release here.