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The Hoodie Buddie entertains The Scotsman. Read more here.

Hoodie Buddie

The Hoodie Buddie is causing a stir over at The Scotsman where it’s met the approval of their reviewer.


The sound quality from the in-canal style earphones was decent, although not earth shattering. The most impressive accomplishment is that everything, including the earphones, is machine washable.Read the full review here.


This innovative product combines clothing and audio to create a high functioning hoody. The earbuds are located at the end of the hoody’s drawstrings and the jack in one of the pockets. You won’t worry about tangling with these wires either as they sit on either side of your head avoiding many wasted moments trying to detangle.


Using HB3 Technology the Hoodie Buddie uses a standard headphone jack to plug into most MP3 players and audio devices. A design that is as handy for the gym as it is for brightening up walking down the street, you won’t be without entertainment when wearing a Hoodie Buddie. What’s more, you can throw the entire hoody in the wash.


Available to pre-order from Amp3 for £39.99 – do it today!


pre order



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Sony MDRNC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones now in stock! Enjoy blissfully isolated commutes for only £39.99


Sony MDR NC7B Noise Cancelling Headphones


When you’re investing in headphones as good as the Sony MDRNC7B model, you’ll expect to only hear the sound of your music and only the sound of your music.

With these noise-cancelling, over ear MDR NC7Bs you’ll enjoy up to 87.4% of ambient noise reduction.

With this kind of sound isolation, these headphones are ideal for commuting. They also fold up very easily allowing you to pack them away in to a bag or briefcase.

A flat headband and luxurious padding around the ears allows you to wear these for hours enjoying prolonged comfort.

So if you haven’t been persuaded yet, these headphones are also clear in sound offering a kind of clarity often found in higher end models.



With all the boxes ticked, what are you waiting for? Get yours today.


Buy it now


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Tech experts, RegHardware give Sonos Play:3 90% rating! Read more here.

sonosSonos Play:3

90% rating from RegHardware

‘The Play:3 itself is a solid and well made, if rather anonymous box that’s small enough to be easily positioned in a room without shouting, “Look At Me!” like the B&W Zeppelin and its ilk. The unit has rubber feet on the bottom and on the left side so you can stand it either way up as available space dictates.

[…] It’s worth mentioning that in over a week with the Play:3 I didn’t experience a single hiccup, pause or drop-out in my listening. Everything just worked, reliably.’ Read full review here.


The Sonos Play: 3 has received big praise from tech specialists Reg Hardware. The 90% score speaks for itself and automatically gives the Sonos Play: 3 quality status.


Though we already know it’s a quality product given the reputation the Play: 5 has garnered for itself. Being an upgraded and smaller version of the Play: 5, the Play: 3 had a lot to live up to.


It certainly meets the mark with some of its fantastic features. Each speaker boasts three powerful drivers each with their own amplifier to give full, well rounded and powerful sound.


Streaming music wirelessly is a new concept to many people but don’t let the unfamiliar put you off. Set-up couldn’t be easier and you even have the option to select your music straight from your own smartphone.  For a full product description click here.


check it out



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Sony NWZ-W262: Finally the perfect MP3 player for sports?


Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB


The athlete who enjoys listening to their own music while exercising will be all too aware of the challenges in selecting the ‘right’ MP3 player and headphones. Before exercise even commences we fight a battle in trying to choose the perfect combination of MP3 player and headphones. The market is full of sports specific headphones and MP3 players but where you find one that is of quality standard the other might be significantly poorer in performance. For example, the iPod shuffle may be ideal in size and capacity but its headphones are distinctly lacking in the gym worthy stakes.

There is little else more frustrating than reaching the end of your run and inspired by good music and a rush of endorphins you push the last minute to a sprint, only to find you’ve tugged the headphones from your ears and attention is stolen from trying to beat your personal best to not tripping over the dangling wires.

So is there a shortcut to a perfect MP3 player and headphone combination? Sony seems to think so with their sports Walkman model the Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB.

This model keeps things simple. Wires get in the way, so the NWZ-W262 doesn’t have them. MP3 players are often too bulky, so Sony incorporated the player into the headphones. Sweat makes the earphones come out, so the NWZ-W262 is sweat proof and secure. This is a bold concept but is equally as intuitive; one of those “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.

The battery life is another winning feature. If you’re in a rush and have typically forgotten to charge the battery the NWZ-W262 will give you approximately half an hour of run time from only 3 minutes of charge. From 90 minutes you’ll get 8 hours. Sony also use the simple ‘drag and drop’ form of file transfer letting you put your music on the player with the ability to arrange it into playlists.

The headphones themselves boast a clear and powerful sound that even offer a comfortable fit. The innovative sweat proof design will also protect against rain and snow – you can even give them a wash under some running water after those particularly exertive training sessions.

So if you’re tired of searching the market for the perfect MP3 player and headphones for exercise, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W262.


For a full product description and list of specifications click here.


Buy now

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Brainwavz B2 reviewed by Tech made Easy. An 8/10 will do nicely!

B2Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

RATED: 8/10

‘Initially this looks strange, the kind of thing that Tim Burton might come up with if asked to design headphones for the day.  Certainly my initial reaction was “why?” but after reading the blurb and then using them for a week the reason is obvious; it’s almost impossible to tangle them up.’ Tech made Easy

Matt Bowes, a trusted reviewer from Tech made Easy, admitted not knowing the Brainwavz brand before taking on the B2s for review. It’s a good thing they were sent over as they received a rave review.

The B2s are a great model that incorporate all you would want from a set of headphones. As well as having incredible sound and a stylish appearance Brainwavz have concentrated on making the little things count too. They come with a variety of ear buds to make sure you get the perfect fit and their twisted cable means they are extremely difficult to tangle up – even if you want to!

Read the full product description here.

Don’t hesitate, get these great all-round headphones today for only £99!

Buy now



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RAVE REVIEW: SkullCandy Aviator Over-Ear headphones gets 5/5 from PluggedIn! Read more here.


SkullCandy Aviator Over-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range

RATED: 5/5

The trendy Aviator Over-Ear Headphones have received a rave review from the trusty tech journos over at

These headphones boast an attractive retro design, an in-line remote control that doubles as a microphone, and impressive sound quality. So, if you’re not on a tight budget and are looking for a well rounded set of headphones, the Roc Nation Aviators are a fantastic investment in my opinion.PluggedIn



Skullcandy have landed a 5/5 star rating for their retro-chic over ear design. Form follows function with these headphones and does so with a distinctly stylish twist.

The main function is as impressive as the form. Sound quality has made great sonic progress from their less striking budget offerings. Enjoy big bass with bright mid and high tones.

They are even generously padded to make listening as luxurious as it looks.


~ Get yours from Amp3 for £129 ~





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Dare to be distracted with the new TankBot! Get one today for only £24.99!


TankBot Desktop Robot

£24.99 from Amp3

New in to Amp3 is this quirky little desktop gadget, the TankBot. This small robot will bring some added character to the office and perhaps some much needed distraction!
Steer the device with your iPhone or selected Android models around a desk or surface or amuse yourself as it uses its in-built sensors to navigate independently.



With three different modes available you’ll never be bored when using the TankBot.

The first mode is autonomous obstacle avoidance. Plan an assault course of obstacles and see how the TankBot fares! The second mode is free roam. Let your TankBot decide where it’s going and see where it ends up. The third and final mode is where you are in control. Use the remote from your phone and put the TankBot through its paces at the touch of a button.

Check out the video here..

Dare to be distracted and get a TankBot today for just £24.99.



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MEElectronics Rhythm Series RX11 In-Ear Headphones score 9/10 with Tech Reviews UK


MEElectronics Rhythm Series RX11 In-Ear Headphones


MEElectronics Rhythm Series RX11 In-Ear Headphones have been reviewed by Tech Reviews UK and come out with a gold star! Read the full review here.


For a pair of, what are essentially “budget” headphones, the audio quality was superb. With my music blaring away and me casually walking along minding my own business, you definitely drift away and go into a world of your own whilst wearing the RX11s. Tech Reviews UK

RATED: 9/10

Get yourself a pair for £12.99 from Amp3 today!

9/10 is an impressive but not unsurprising score. These headphones are excellent in many ways. Firstly, the sound is superb. The RX11s achieve both a warm and spacious sound that are qualities often only found in higher end models. Like in the name, rhythm is is a welcome presence to the soundstage too.

The stylish design lends their appearance to headphones marketed at a much higher price point. The in-ear design provides passive noise isolation to keep your music as pure as possible.


For £12.99 you can’t go wrong

Check it out

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The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones have arrived. Pre order to guarantee supreme sound.

DenonDenon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

The Denon DN-HP1000 headphones have arrived and are ready to pre-order.

Denon are a brand that take music production seriously. State of the art products are what Denon specialise in producing and for a real sonic adventure look no further than the Denon DN-HP1000 headphones.


With large 53mm drivers these headphones know how to bring you serious sound. That would be a massive 1700mWatts of pure power to each ear cup. Denon have managed to bring incredible volume to these headphones and the DN-HP1000s boast a flawless delivery. Expect zero distortion when bringing high fidelity to your listening experience.


Not only does Denon set the sonic bar for all other headphones but it recognises the necessity for functionality and comfort in quality headphones. These headphones have a swivel function at the ear cup to increase flexibility and decreases risk of breakage through use specifically by DJs.

The headband is generously padded as are the ear cups and will conform to all head sizes. It also folds up for ease of transportation.


To top it all off, the headphones are pretty stylish too. They incorporate real stainless steel that when coupled with the black create a neat yet stylish finish.

~Read the full product description here~




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Trusted Reviews give Sony NWZ-A866 an impressive 7/10! Read more here!

SonySony Walkman NWZ-A866

RATED: 7/10

Sony Walkman NWZ-A866 was put through its paces over at Trusted Reviews but thankfully came out alive and with a glowing report!

The Sony NWZ-A866 is an extremely likeable device. It looks and feels great, offers an interface slicker than just about everything but an iPod Touch, and packs-in more quirky features than any other MP3 player we’ve tested of late. It sounds good too, thanks to the decent bundled earphones and a more-than-capable sound engine at its core.Trusted Reviews


The Sony Walkman is an exceptional MP3 player that, unlike many of its competitors, is highly usable despite its sophistication. Enjoy great sound quality and some pretty fun features.

Advanced MP3 Players is the only UK stockist to sell the 32GB and 64GB models.

Read the full review here.

Check it out

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