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SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers: blast your workspace with some serious sound!

QSBSoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers


The design is clean and simple – all that was required was a union with my laptop’s USB port. Recognised immediately by Windows – the QSB sprang into life with a balanced, powerful rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody, while the edgy tones of Glasvegas echoed with the sonic sharpness of shattered glass.’ The Scotsman


What HiFi RATED 5/5 Read full review here



Here at Advanced MP3 Players we are no strangers to big things coming in small packages. This saying certainly rings true when it comes to the SoundScience QSB Desktop Speakers. These SoundScience QSB speakers are clever little things in that they charge using only the power from your laptop or PC. You enjoy big sound from small speakers that don’t even need to be plugged in to a power socket.  A huge advantage if you wish to save space on your desk by reducing the clutter that comes with cables.
The QSB speakers themselves are neat packages of excellent sound engineering. They measure 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm but have the power of 30 watts. SoundScience have incorporated DyadUSB technology which is a revolutionary piece of kit that enables a 15W per channel audio burst all from only 2.5W of electrical power. This unique technology has been made by the best for the best.
As seen above the SoundScience QSB speakers have been well received by expert critics and definitely exceed their price point of £89.99. Their sound is big and certainly loud enough to get the whole office listening. If you’re after quality of sound and more than enough volume for your work space the QSB speakers are definitely the way to go.


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Cocktail Audio X10 arrives at Amp3! Check out this amazing Hi Fi system here.



Cocktail Audio X10

It’s unlikely that most of the younger music-listening generations have piles of CDs stacked in their rooms, on shelves or in attics. Yet they are still readily available in all kinds of shops for those of us who’d prefer tangible, solid evidence of where our high quality music is coming from. They may be on the out but they’re certainly still relevant. CDs provide the kind of quality of sound that is often overlooked for a smaller, less precise digital files. By today’s standards the Compact Disc is still compact. However, compared to the hundreds of CDs that will never exceed the size of your mp3 player, CDs face a tough battle with convenience.


So do we sacrifice space for quality or quality for space? The Cocktail Audio X10 provides a solution to this and means you don’t have to face this problem again.


In essence the X10 is a sophisticated hi-fi audio system that operates with complete independence from a laptop or computer. The X10 will both play and burn up to 15 000 albums onto its hard drive making them accessible through the database function or by remote.


Files move effortlessly from CD to hard drive no matter their original size. The X10 can reproduce CD quality sound as the sophisticated encoding options allow the choice between WAV, FLAC, OGG and MP3 files.


The X10 allows you to keep you entire music library on one device that will sit neatly in any room. There is no compromise to quality and you can even use a remote computer to back up your files if you so choose.
The best of both worlds in one simple device. The 1TB size X10 is available at Amp3 for £379.99. Get it here.


Read more here.

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Holawin 7″ an excellent entry level product that exceeds its price point

Holawin 7"Holawin 7″


The Holawin 7” Android is an entry level tablet that does everything it says on the box. It’s pretty good for your standard tablet uses: browsing the internet, watching films, listening to music, etc. The Holawin 7” runs on 2.2 Android software meaning you’ll enjoy the extras like apps and YouTube videos thanks to built in Flash.
Priced at £89.99 the Holawin 7” is a very cheap entry level option for anyone after a tablet that ticks all the boxes and won’t break the bank. Its features and smooth running make it a tablet that exceed this price point and contend with some of the bigger names in the tablet market. However, to reach this point very obvious cut-backs were made to design and packaging.
Upon first handling the Holawin 7” it instantly appears cheap. From the box to the tablet itself it gives the impression the Holawin 7” will be a less than riveting experience. This is quite a gamble from Holawin given tablets are seen more as luxury items used for pleasure as opposed to, for example, the functional netbook used for business. The market is full of competitors that have superior design and aesthetic appeal and this is where the Holawin may suffer. Cheap it may be, but for those after a luxury product it could prove a significant turn-off.


Despite this, the Holawin 7” operates very well. Websites and YouTube videos load at a pleasingly fast rate leaving no time hanging around. Built in speakers, a camera, optional keyboard and optional memory expansion are testament to Holawin’s dedication to functionality.


Overall, the Holawin 7” is a usable and functional device that delivers what it says it will. The design is a let-down but is thankfully no indication of its function. For an entry level product the Holawin 7” is exactly what you want balancing functionality exceeding its price point and very basic aesthetics.



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Gadget Show rate Sonos Play:5 amongst the very best products ever featured.

play 5


Channel 5’s The Gadget Show showcase some of the very best products out there in the technology world. Their latest online feature was a very best of the highest rated products they’ve had on the show. Featuring on the list was the Sonos Play:5. Watch the video here.

The impressive Sonos Play:5 is a wonderful all in one wireless music system. This outstanding piece of design boasts unparalleled sound quality. With this device you can connect to wireless streaming services like Napster, Spotify, Last fm, etc. and have a world of musical opportunities at your fingertips.

The wireless nature of the Sonos systems means you are able to interconnect other speakers to maximise sound or to place in other rooms. Initial set-up and expansion is achieved with minimal effort making it so worthwhile.

Also available is the slick Sonos controller but if you don’t want to fork out for that, there is always the option to control your music wirelessly through your smart phone.

The Play:5 is available at Advanced MP3 Players for £349 and comes with one months free premium Spotify subscription.



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play 5


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what hifi logo

1 winner and 3 recommended products at the What HiFi? Awards!


What HiFi? Sound and Vision held its highly anticipated annual What HiFi? Sound and Vision Awards on 5 October. The who’s who of technology and electronics industries went head to head, battling it out to win one of the highly coveted What Hifi? accolades. The awards were also another cause for celebration as the magazine celebrated 35 years of circulation.
With four products featured in the awards – which included one winner – at Advanced MP3 Players, it’s our turn to celebrate.

In the Best Internet Radio category the Revo Axis triumphed to come out as overall winner. The usability was a key factor in Revo’s success with its highly responsive touch screen making it easy to navigate through all those internet radio stations! Watch the What HiFi? video of the Revo Axis here.


~ The Revo Axis is available at Advanced MP3 Players for £174 ~

~ Revo also offer a remote for their radio which is available for £9.95 here. ~


The awards not only celebrated the very best in category but acknowledged other contenders that provided the tough competition in the Recommended Best Buy sections of the awards. Advanced MP3 Players were delighted to see three other deserving products be featured at the awards.
Particular success was had in the headphone category where the SoundMagic E10s added to their already impressive list of good reviews by being recommended Best In-Ear Headphones up to £40.


~ The SoundMagic E10s are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £34.99 ~


The Grado SR80i were recommended  Best Home On-Ear Headphones up to £150. See their nomination here.


~ The Grado SR80i are available at Advanced MP3 Players for £104.01 ~


In the Best Systems category the Denon M38 DAB won for Best Micro System up to £400. See the nomination here.


~ The Denon M38 DAB is available from Advanced MP3 Players for £199. ~

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Deal of the Day: M-Audio Desktop Speaker System £87.99. SAVE £21.01


M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System

Was £109

Now £68!

SAVE £41!

These are a small set of speakers that pack real punch. Bring the quality of sound found in the studio right to your desktop and enjoy films, games, music in high fidelity.

M-Audio are acclaimed makers of audio equipment. These speakers deliver clear, crisp highs and deep lows, along with superior clarity and imaging.

M audio

M-Audio’s attention to detail is as much in the build of the model as it is in its function. The wood walls inside the speakers give the sound a true capacity for bass which is often lacking in 100% plastic desktop speakers.
If you’re after high quality speakers made by a company that specialises in studio equipment then look no further than the M-Audio Studiophile AV30 Compact Desktop Speaker System.


m audio

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Amp3 introduces the a-Jays One+ headphones. Multifunctional, modern, minimal.

one+a-Jays  One+

~ £39.99 ~

a-Jays  One+ are new in to Advanced MP3 Players and come with a subtly incorporated in-line mic and button. Advancing on the original a-Jays One model with award winning sound and tangle-free cord, the a-Jays One+ now enables the user to make and receive phone calls. Another benefit, exclusive to Android users, is the Jays Headset Control App which gives the additional functions of controlling volume and track selection from the button too.

Quality of the product is top priority for all Jays models and this is certainly evident in these. They retain the immensely satisfying tangle-free cable by using a flat design as opposed to the standard round design. This kind of innovation usually comes with a compromise to quality but with the a-Jays One+ they enjoy a pristine sound.
Helping to produce this sound are the silicone ear buds which passively reduce ambient noise by creating a seal in your ear. By shutting out the outside world you reap the full benefit of the 8.6mm dynamic speaker. The sound is good with nice warm bass to keep all your tracks company. Importantly this applies to the clarity of sound when taking calls which, like your music, is crystal clear.

For more information click here.


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Clip Zip going from strength to strength and receives Editor’s Choice Award at TechGage

Clip ZipSansa Clip Zip

Not immediately associating SanDisk with brilliant little mp3 players is a forgivable mistake. SanDisk are mostly known for their global leadership in flash memory storage technologies. However, the Sansa range of budget mp3 players that SanDisk have produced have been positively received by reviewers and the great press keeps getting better. The SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip model was recently featured in the Daily Star.


Technology website TechGage recently reviewed the Clip Zip and gave it an Editor’s Choice Award:

‘The current iPod shuffle 2GB retails for the same price as the Clip Zip 4GB, but it has no screen and is unable to have its storage upgraded. In that sense, Sansa is offering quite a compelling player here, and it’s become one of my favorites I’ve ever used. It’s so small that during a workout it’s not even noticed, and even if sweaty, it can still be navigated fine.’ TechGage


The Clip Zip is the latest Sansa mp3 player that incorporates extreme functionality with a basic style that makes it ideal for both exercise and casual listening. For a full review click here.


The Sansa Clip Zip is available from Advanced MP3 players for 4GB £39.99 8GB £46.72

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Amp3 expecting arrival of X mini KAI. X mi’s latest Bluetooth enabled device

X mini KAI capsule speaker

Arriving soon


Here at Amp3 we are very aware of the sheer power packed into the X mini capsule speaker range. They bring maximum noise to a minimum size. With every model that comes out X mi expertly fine tune their models to bring a better quality of sound to the same speaker. With the X mini II they advanced on their already clear sound to make it even clearer; with the X mini RAVE they brought us FM radio without increasing the size of the product or compromising battery life.

All these additions are well and good but perhaps a little boring. There is only so far an X mini can go without it repeating itself. The new X mini KAI capsule speaker transcends any muted expectations and enters the connected world of wireless Bluetooth.

By connecting wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled media device you can both control your music and volume through the toggle at the base of the device and remotely through your phone or MP3 player. Connecting your device is effortless and rids you of the hassle of cables.

Not only is this a sophisticated upgrade but it immediately gives the KAI speaker serious purpose beyond that of producing clear and loud sound. The built in microphone transforms the KAI from being a speaker to a purpose built hub for conference calls. A double advantage in that it can be used for social purposes and professional. The speaker’s capacity for sheer volume coupled with X mi’s sharp focus on quality means calls are received loud and clear.

Retaining the standard 3.5mm jack the KAI will still connect to your MP3 player via this cable. Though most MP3 players and phones are equipped with a wireless function, this is still crucial in connecting multiple X mini speakers through the innovative Buddy Jack. Using the Buddy Jack option you can connect multiple X mini speakers to maximise sound. By connecting a KAI model you can control the entire fleet of speakers wirelessly.

Though the X mini KAI capsule speaker is priced significantly higher than previous models the functionality of this particular model far exceeds the expectations of this price point.

The KAI will be available shortly from Advanced MP3 Players for £69.

Check back here for regular updates on its arrival.


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The SoundMagic E10s get an Editor’s Choice award at


I can really recommend the Soundmagic E10 if one’s looking for a natural, dynamic, non-fatiguing sound signature. They provide honest, effortless reproduction of audio material. To me, that is more important in the long run than them being initially ‘exciting’ in one aspect or another. The E10 are definitely worth their money, and then some’. Anythingbutipod


Anythingbutipod is the first port of call for any kind of informed tech discussion or review. Certainly these guys know what they are talking about which makes this Editor’s Choice accolade all the more distinguished.
The review is testament to the quality design and function of the E10 headphones. This particular model is Advanced MP3 Players fastest ever selling headphones positioning it solidly at the top of our headphones ranking.


For a full product description click here.



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