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Revo K2 rated 5/5 by TechRadar!

Revo K2


Sound quality is excellent. Its stereo effects are surprisingly good given the narrow form factor, and thanks to the rear-mounted bass port, the low end of the sound spectrum is clear and crisp. The audio as a whole is complete and lively, with a detailed top end, bouncy midtones and a near 360-degree dispersion.’ TechRadar Read full review here.


RATED: 5/5

The Revo K2 has been reviewed by TechRadar and passed their tests with flying colours. Receiving a massive 5 stars you know this model is going to be good. The K2 blends style and functionality perfectly for this kind of system. It blasts our big noise but won’t take up a lot of space in whichever room it’s placed.


Suitable for Apple products the K2 will support an iPod, iPad or iPhone on its very smooth retractable dock. Enjoy crystal clear digital radio or even search through the many hundreds of internet radio stations that are available. Being internet-enabled there is also option to stream music wirelessly.


Read more about all the endless entertainment the K2 offers here!


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FiiO E6: big sound from a tiny amp.

E6FiiO E6

~ £16.99 ~


As an introduction to headphone amplifiers, or as an affordable partner to a more expensive at-home unit, the FiiO E6 is perfect. It’s cheaper than the SoundMagic A10 and NuForce Icon, and while it may not have all the benefits of a more powerful amp, it’s much more convenient. Trusted Reviews


For any of us with an MP3 player that is great for space, features, design and all the rest of it (cough, iPod, cough) but isn’t great for sound, the perfect solution is in the FiiO E6!  The E6 is a portable headphone amplifier that provides an exceptional audio solution to sound that is lacking in punch. It is a light and compact square with 3.5mm input and output sockets for compatibility with almost any player and headphones. It will easily go with you anywhere fitting in to any pocket or bag that your mp3 player would.


With three EQ options the E6 will provide a refined sound to suit your tastes with option to choose between -3db, 3db and 6db playing modes. The E6 is a neat device that dramatically transforms mediocre sound into something clear and powerful. It is highly portable and a fantastic entry point into the amplifier market.


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Gifts you can still give! No need for delivery!

Amp3 Digital


Fear not! You might be too late for delivery but Amp3 have gifts you can still give! Learn about our amazing vouchers available below.


No need to rely on the postman for music and video downloads available from our music and video download store – Amp3Digital. Get all the latest albums in one place for a quick and easy purchase. Click here for a £10 voucher!


Another fantastic gift for anyone who has a need for speed is a Supercar Sessions voucher for £129 down from £399.99. These vouchers entitled you to a fantastic racing experience in some of the world’s best supercars. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, tear up a coned race-track in three sports cars for three laps each choosing from a Ferrari F430, Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Audi R8 or Porsche 911 Turbo to name a few.


Supercar Sessions

The instructor will take you around the tracks teaching you how to best handle the cars and get the most out of your experience. Venues include Edinburgh, London and Swansea. Read more here.


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JayBird release hilarious viral for Freedom headphones

JayBird FreedomJayBird Freedom

~ £99 ~

JayBird Freedom headphones are made to stick. They stick in your mind for their iconic design and they will definitely stick in your ears unwilling to budge unless you want them to. This gives you the kind of freedom they want you to have. No wires. No fuss. Just Freedom.


And freedom is what JayBird have capitalised on in their latest marketing feature. Check out this hilarious viral video on YouTube detailing exactly what kind of freedom these headphones let you enjoy. Click here or the image still below.


~ Video ~


The Freedoms have recently won Headphones of the Year at Advanced MP3 Players and for good reason too. They are industry front runners in Bluetooth technology having developed high functioning headphones that connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth enabled mp3 player or phone. Simply connect and go. This makes them perfect for exercise – which is what they are designed for. Coming with a lifetime’s guarantee against sweat these headphones are as suitable for a chilled out yoga session as much as strenuous humidity training. They are the perfect hybrid of headphone – the athlete who bought them for exercise would never think twice about using the Freedoms in the gym as well as on their journey home.


They fit securely in your ear meaning on your last sprint or burst of energy you needn’t worry about shaking them loose. The tactile buttons located on the headphones allows you to effortlessly change track or volume and even accept and end calls. The built in microphone and buttons allows for crystal clear calls with no need to dig your phone out of its arm holder or pocket. JayBird have definitely ticked all the boxes with their Freedom headphones. Not only do they lead the wireless charge – making them the perfect accompaniment for both exercising and everyday use; they are secure, reproduce high quality audio, have a built in mic and free you of wires. There really is little else to expect from the JayBird Freedom headphones.


Check out the hilarious viral and be persuaded to get yours today.


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Last minute Christmas bargains!

QSB Desktop Speakers50% off!


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Hard Candy case

Hard Candy iPhone caseonly 99p!


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Sony Reader reviewed by PC Advisor! See how it did here.

Sony Reader

Sony PRS-T1 Wi-Fi eBook Reader


This Sony e-reader has a piano-black plastic bezel in lieu of the metal that previous versions used. The bezel is a fingerprint magnet (one of my few design complaints). The back feels good in the hand, with a smooth rubberized surface that makes the e-reader easy to hold.PC Advisor. Read full review here.


RATED: 3.5/5


The new Sony PRS-T1 reader is a smooth working and smooth running eReader that competes directly with market leaders such as the Kindle. This PRS-T1 model is lighter than its competitors giving it the portable and comfortable to hold edge that is often overlooked by eReader manufacturers.


Portability is one of the main selling points of eReaders and Sony have paid particular focus to the physicality of the reader and how comfortable it is while in hand. The tactile buttons are a welcome feature as they are often easier to use for page turning when lying down.


The user-interface is easy to navigate and relatively uncomplicated. The touch screen is responsive enough for doing the job of flipping the pages of your eBook but also precise enough to accurately ‘draw’ onto the notepad feature using the provided stylus.


For more information click here.


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Tech expert Jason Slater reviews the Hoodie Buddie.

Hoodie Buddie

Hoodie Buddie


The innovative Hoodie Buddie has been reviewed by technology expert, Jason Slater.


‘If you are not currently using wireless earphones, when on the move, you have probably already felt the frustration of dangling headphone cables which get in the way, sit uncomfortably, and can easily get tangled. All of these things can become a problem, when say out for a run, and this is where the Hoodie Buddie has something special to offer.’ Read full review here.


Hoodie Buddie


The Hoodie Buddie certainly does have something special to offer. The garment uses HB3 technology that incorporates earphones into the drawstrings of a hoody. No more tangling of wires or the inconvenience that untangling them means. Instead the headphones hang on either side of your head making it impossible to tangle.


The headphone jack that is located in one of the hoody’s pockets is a standard 3.5mm jack sized to fit most multimedia players or phones. With a Hoodie Buddie you’ll never be short of earphones whenever there might be an impromptu desire to listen to some music. It is ideal for wearing casually or for exercise. Caring for the garment is just as easy as using it as the Hoodie Buddie is 100% machine washable. Just throw it on a wash and air dry it to keep things nice and fresh.

Hoodie Buddie


To watch a video of Stephen Merchant wearing the Hoodie Buddie click here.



Tracks by AiAiAi bring Award Winning Design to the Shelves of Amp3

AiAiAi Tracks




New in to Advanced MP3 Players are these delicately designed AiAiAi Tracks headphones. Coming from the Danish design house AiAiAi, you know these headphones are stylish without even looking at them. AiAiAi are known for both their neat minimalist design as well as the quality of their products. They blend minimalism and functionality seamlessly evidenced in previous models such as the in-ear Swirl or over-ear TMA-1.


Now the Tracks have arrived bringing a lighter, stripped back on-ear model that reproduces incredible audio while worn virtually unnoticed. The ear pads adjust by sliding so will fit any size of head and they come in a range of colours to suit any style. Interchangeable colour sliders are included in the box to encourage a more individual look.



Each ear pad is packed with a 40mm driver giving you a powerful sound with deep and rich bass notes. The headband is flexible and light and the wire includes a 3 button in-line microphone. These headphones are exactly what they appear to be.


Their exceptional design and sound won them the 2010/11 Danish Design Prize.


For more information click here.

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Amp3 Pound Shop now open!

Hard Candy

In tough economic times, Advanced MP3 Players unleashes what no one thought possible in electronics retail (including our accountant) – a Pound Shop! Pick up a true bargain and fill up your stockings this Christmas. More bargains will be added throughout December, so make sure you check back regularly!

Pound Shop

We’ve got some really great products in our Pound Shop where some serious savings are to be made.


Get yourself a HardCandy case for your iPhone and keep it protected in style while saving a massive £24!


Or check out the amazing saving of £29 on the BodyGuard Apple iPad case.



Other products include Sennheiser earphones and in-car accessories.


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What HiFi budget earphone round-up! See what Amp3 headphones made the cut!

What HiFi Magazine have compiled a top budget headphones round-up and featured in it were a handful of Advanced MP3 Player headphones. The round-up looked at a variety of headphones that were each of excellent quality. The headphones featured in the round up included the below.


SoundMagic E10



Rated: 5/5

Simply but stylishly designed the E10s boast more in the way of sound than in appearance – and rightly so. The E10s have received heaps of praise and it doesn’t stop here. Their superior sound  (that is more akin to earphones double this price point) is powerful and suits a variety of music types.


Jays a-Jays Four

a jays 4


Rated: 4/5

These are perfect everyday earphones that combine the portability and functionality well. They are a light set that boast a flat cable that won’t tangle. The sound is well defined and open. The in-line button control is a lovely touch that cuts the a-Jays Four a distinct edge in this round-up.


Skullcandy 50/50



Rated: 3/5

The recognisable skull emblazoned on all Skullcandy products identifies their quality make and individual aesthetic. These 50/50 earphones show typical preference for bass but also boast a dynamic sound.


thinksound TS02





The TS02 headphones are great and warm sounding headphones that won’t leave you feeling guilty about the environment. They have a wood housing which give their warmth in sound and are made from consciously selected materials from sustainable sources. A clear sound and a clear conscience.

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