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The all new Popcorn Hour C-300 now in!

C-300Popcorn Hour c-300

~ £369 ~


The long wait is finally over and we can now welcome the arrival of the Popcorn Hour C-300! The Popcorn Hour C-300 is a media streamer that will store your movies, videos, music and photos in one place giving easy access to them whenever you want. They are played back through the high quality output capabilities of the C-300 that delivers stunning performance.


The C-300 has been updated with all new Sigma Designs 8647 800MHz CPU with L2 Cache that updates the power of the C-300 giving extra oomph to its performance.  Despite these technical upgrades the Popbox C-300 is operated by a really simple to navigate user-interface.


The Network Media Jukebox will automatically scan your media and download relevant information such as album art and movie synopsis. The C-300 brings your existing media to you in astonishing high quality. Get yours today!



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The Independent include JayBird Sportsbands in top 10 fitness gadgets round-up!

SportsbandJayBird Sportsband


Not only do these headphones come with a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, they can also link with your smartphone.‘  The Independent

The JayBird Sportsbands go from strength to strength. Voted 9th best fitness gadget to have by The Independent, they fought off stiff competition to make it in to the round-up.


The sportsbands are wireless headphones that easily connect to a Bluetooth enabled music player to rid the user of any wires. Effortlessly connect the devices and you are good to go.

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NuForce Icon iDo rated 1 of week’s top gadgets by Fox News.

iDoNuForce Icon iDo

~ £219 ~


The NuForce Icon iDo has been voted in the Fox News Tech Toys: The Hottest Gadgets of the Week. This digital audio converter (DAC) will simply plug into your music player and convert the file into something altogether more powerful and of superior quality. In a market flooded by Apple products these kinds of converters are ever relevant.


The iPod, iPad and iPhone house the majority of the market’s music which unfortunately means the majority of the market is not exercising the true potential of their music files. The issue with i-devices is that they do an excellent job of housing music files but not in converting them.


This is where the iDo comes in handy. After connecting and playing through the device the iDo bypasses the original DAC and uses its own. It extracts the original file that is stored in the Apple device and delivers bit-perfect, low jitter, audiophile quality music. An absolutely necessary accessory for any music player not using a high quality DAC – which means the majority of them!






Get fit with the FitBit! See how this gadget can change your lifestyle.

FitBitFitBit Ultra

~ £79 ~

The perfect lifestyle improving accessory is now in to Advanced MP3 Players. The FitBit Ultra will clip onto a piece of clothing and go unnoticed as it tracks your activity throughout the day. Information like how many steps you’ve taken, how many stairs you’ve climbed and the calories you’ve burned is all logged on the smart device. Even wear it to track your sleep pattern.



All this information coincides with the personal information you’ve preloaded the gadget with. The information that it tracks is then processed in conjunction with this to deliver tailored advice.


Set goals, change your diet and live a better lifestyle with the FitBit.


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Stuff Magazine loves Colorfly C4. Read more here!

C4Colorfly C4


As warm and as solid as an old soldier’s handshake.’ Stuff

The amazing Colofly C4 has been reviewed by the tech experts at Stuff Magazine and has won their praise.

This is an absolutely excellent piece of equipment for anyone who wants superb sound. To see what Stuff had to say click here.

For an in-depth staff review, Elliot has put the Colorfly through its paces and given an easily digested and not-too-technical review. Read it here.


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Scroll Excel – the Perfect Entry Level Tablet. Rated 4/5 Gs by The Gadget Show


Storage Options Scroll Excel Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ Internet Tablet with 3D Output and 7″ Screen


Gadget Show Rating: 4/5


~ £129 ~


For anyone after something a little bit more advanced than a smartphone and a little bit more accessible than a netbook they are stuck in a situation where they either pay a fortune for a tablet or settle with either of the former. The tablet market is inundated with a range of models that start at the very top with Apple’s iPad and drop down to poorly made plastic constructions with slow and lagging performance. Their quality may vary largely but this doesn’t stop some of even the poorest models remaining shockingly overpriced.


This makes it difficult for someone after a tablet but not wanting to re-mortgage to get one. Enter the Scroll Excel. At £129 one might argue that the scroll is a ‘budget’ tablet. Its performance begs to differ and positions it in the more aptly suited category of ‘entry level’ tablet.The Scroll was recently reviewed on The Gadget Show’s website and received  a fantastic rating of 4/5Gs!


Considering the price, the 7-inch screen on the Scroll Excel is a cracker. It’s bright, vibrant and clear, and we particularly enjoyed watching movies on it. Coupled with decent sound reproduction, it’s a great little media player.The Gadget Show


The Scroll boasts an impressive capacitive touchscreen making it more responsive and easier to handle. With this kind of feature you can’t help but wonder where there might be a sacrifice to quality elsewhere but all the boxes remained ticked.


It’s got a 1GB processor and 4GB of space which is easily expanded up to as much as 32GB using micro SD card. The Scroll runs on Android 2.3 and is perfect for internet browsing, playing games and watching videos. The Scroll is even capable of playing back 3D video when hooked up to a 3D television using HDMI cable.


Another great feature is the e-reading function. With instant access to a virtual library, enjoy the choice of thousands of books, magazines, publications, journals plus more, right at your fingertips. The 16:9 aspect ratio makes the reading experience easy and enjoyable. For a high performing ‘entry level’ model look no further than the Scroll Excel.


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Hotly anticipated FiiO E17 transforms music instantly


FiiO E17 Portable Headphone Amplifier with USB Digital Audio Convertor (DAC)


~ £99 ~


The soon to arrive FiiO E17 Alpen is the upgraded model of the FiiO E7 and FiiO D10. Instead of being a straightforward amplifier, the E17 boasts more functionality and control and gives better support for varied input devices. This high quality amp is used in conjunction with the powerful USB audio converter (DAC) to engineer incredible sound.


Music is immediately transformed from mediocre to brilliant with the FiiO E17. There are added varieties of bass and treble with the FiiO E17 that you can choose from to achieve your perfect sound. If the FiiO is intended to reproduce better sound it should do so in the way you believe it should – after all, everyone’s taste is different. To make the FiiO E17 even more sound specific, they have included a left and right balance control. This might seem an obvious inclusion in any highly technical DAC but it’s not a feature you see all too often.


The FiiO E17 does an exceptional job in amplifying your music and churning it effortlessly into a much improved sound. Said sound is further refined by the user’s personal preference for bass and treble and it even accommodates for those with a hearing imbalance – all done as a portable piece of equipment. That’s a lot from a portable device!






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X mini v1.1 Still Blasting Incredible Sound and Now in New Loud Colours

x miniX mini v1.1

- £25 -

The ultra-powerful X mini v1.1 now comes in two fantastic new colours - pink and red. Add a splash of style to your room while you listen to your favourite music from the portable speaker.

The X mini is capable of blasting out two watts of explosive volume. Two watts doesn’t initially sound like a lot of oomph but when it comes from a speaker that measures no more than a couple inches you realise how impressive the X mini v1.1 really is.

Using a 36mm driver the sound is both loud and clear. It has great battery life too – from only two hours of charge you’ll get up to six hours of playback time. The innovative Buddy Jack option lets you interconnect other X mini models to maximise noise even further. With X mini, volume is limitless.


Revo K2 rated 5/5 stars by MacFormat!

Revo K2Revo K2




MacFormat have given the stunning Revo K2 a full 5/5 stars! The Revo K2 is an exceptional piece of sound engineering and design. Powerful enough to fill a room with smooth, well rounded sound and attractive enough to place anywhere. The K2 is well deserving of this rating.


An excellent blend of form and function, the K2 sounds as good as it looks.’ MacFormat

Revo are masters in sound engineering, producing many lines of digital radio that encompass vintage style but with innovative technology. Their latest designs are more contemporary in appearance but still exhibit retro features – design cues from past Revo ranges. What remains as solid is their unwavering dedication to quality in performance. The K2 reproduces quality sound using unique Balanced Mode Radiator Speakers.


The K2 accommodates a range of music sources from iPods, iPads and iPhones to tens of thousands of internet radio stations to DAB, DAB+ and FM radio. Extra features such as and remote access to an existing stereo set-up through a WiFi connection give the K2 a seriously sophisticated edge. Click here to read more.





Exoglo heated body warmer keeps body warm in harshest of conditions



Exoglo £155

Exoglo Pro £185


The Exoglo is the latest in cutting edge technology to come from Scottish based company EXO2. EXO2 are no strangers to developing state of the art clothing as their sophisticated patented FabRoc is of an almost indestructible build making it of military grade robustness.


The Exoglo has been specifically designed for women and uses three carefully positioned FabRoc heated panels. A large panel covers the kidney area where the remaining two cover the chest. This creates a cocoon of heat to keep the core of the body warm in the coldest of winter conditions.


There are 1-3 levels of warmth to choose from which are selectable from a hand held remote for convenience. The Exoglo uses a 12v battery which provides between 2-5 hours of charge. Coming in two colours and cut to fit a woman’s shape, the Exoglo is perfect for surviving the coldest of conditions as much as for casual wear. The Pro-Stretch and lycra materials are windproof, waterproof, lightweight and breathable – perfect for surviving the next Hurricane Bawbag.



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