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FiiO E6 rated 5/5 by Apps Magazine!


The amazing, compact and portable FiiO E6 has been given 5/5 stars by Apps Magazine.


‘Gives an instantly noticeable boost to your music volume, as any amplifier should, but also sarpens the quality.’ Read the full Apps Magazine review here.


The FiiO E6 is a highly portable amp made to be taken anywhere. It’s small enough to slot in next to your phone or mp3 player when they are tucked away in a pocket or go unnoticed in a bag.


Big things certainly come in small packages with the E6 where despite its size it has the capacity to turn poor audio quality on its head and reproduce louder, better sounding music.


Get yours today for £18.99


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Technical Spot: All your FAQs answered!


Questions And Answers

We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line, and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.

I’ve just purchased some new Shure in ear earphones, as they are pretty expensive are there any tips you can give for caring for them?

Hope you are enjoying the sound from the Shure earphones, they certainly offer a wide range of great sounding earphones.

There are two very common problems we see with Shure earphones or any earphone really, that can easily be avoided.

The first common problem is a break in the cable by the jack plug, this probably makes up most of the earphone returns we have. This sort of cable break tends to be caused by pulling the wire to pull the plug out of the headphone socket. Tbhe easiest way to avoid this sort of cable break is to always disconnect the earphones by pulling the plug out by holding the plug itself and not yanking on the cable!

The other common problem we see with Shure earphones are people saying they are getting a lower volume from one of the earbuds compared to the other. 9 times out of 10 this is caused by a build up of earwax in the narrow stem on the Shure earbuds. Shure do provide a ‘wire loop’ cleaning tool that can be used to scoop earwax out of the stems, but we would recommend to keep the earbuds clean before they get into that state – some of the sets of earphones we have had back have been horrendous with earwax clogging the stem and even part of the foam bud itself – quite gruesome!


I’ve just received one of the Sumvision Phoenix DVD Player, but I’m not getting a picture via HDMI

Thanks for your question. It’s something we hear about every so often. By default, the HDMI output is disabled when you receive a new Phoenix DVD Player.

To enable HDMI, first connect the Phoenix to a TV via either composite video or using the included SCART lead, you can also connect the HDMI cable at this time although you will have to initially set the TV to view from composite or SCART.

Then, when at the Phoenix menu, press the V-Mode button on the remote and select ‘HD’ as the video output. Now you can press the HDMI button on the remote to select the resolution you wish to use. Once set, the Phoenix will remember this setting for future use and you can disconnect the composite or SCART cable and switch the TV over to HDMI.


What exactly is ‘firmware’, it’s mentioned for most MP3 players?

Firmware is the general term used for the operating software that’s built into the MP3 player which provides all the functions the players carry out – from displaying the menus to processing music, video etc. It’s stored in a separate part of the flash memory of the player so you can’t accidently delete it as without it the player would just be an expensive paper weight!

As with any type of software updates are often released by the manufacturer to add new features and correct any bugs or problems. You should be able to find updates on the manufacturer’s website.

How can I convert my iTunes music in M4A format into MP3 so I can play it on a player that doesn’t support Apple’s music formats?

Apple have published a guide on their support website to show how you can easily convert music from within iTunes into a range of other formats including MP3.



SoundScience develop monster speaker that blasts perfect sound

SoundScience Panettone


~ Coming to Advanced MP3 Players soon ~


Alongside the more compact Qb-mito, SoundScience are poised to release a monster of sound in the Panettone model. Launched at Gadget Show Live, the Panettone drew the crowds impressing with its 250W of power and precision of sound.

Not only is this a – all things considered – compact speaker in itself, the Panettone is also a feat of innovative design that incorporates wireless technology like it’s older (yet smaller) brother, the Qb-mito. You can expect to play music wirelessly from any source with this sophisticated speaker.


The Panettone is a 2.1 speaker system with left and right drivers and forward subwoofer. Prepare for explosive sound heard like no other with the forthcoming Panettone.


Keep your eyes on the Amp3 website for updates on the arrival of the all powerful Panettone.




Audiophile grade Sony player boasts Android OS


Sony NWZ-Z1060 32GB Android Walkman MP3/4 Player With 4.3″ Touch Screen



The latest Sony personal media playing device is the beautiful Sony NWZ-Z1060. Android enabled and loaded with the very best technology, the Sony NWZ-Z1060 plays both video and audio files in stunning clarity. The Sony NWZ-Z1060 has been expertly engineered to reproduce sound with higher than ever noise and distortion reduction levels.


S-Master MX technology typically used to power AV receivers, HiFi amplifiers and hi-end theatre systems, has been optimized for mobile devices where the Sony NWZ-Z1060 is the flagship model. This power drives the Sony NWZ-Z1060’s digital amplifier which has been upgraded from previous models to include further reduction of the jitter process, feedback and improved volume control. TheNWZ-Z1060 comes with 32GB of sound and is the best sounding Sony player yet.


Get yours today for £274!

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New Qb-mito travel speaker set to blow you away.

Qb-mitoSoundScience Qb-mito


SoundScience prepare to revolutionise the wireless speaker market with their latest speaker, the Qb-mito. Taking functionality and portability to another level, the Qb-mito packs 25W of astonishing power – up to 10x that of its competitors – enough audio output for room-filling sound. The Qb-mito offers 30 hours of playback and will connect to a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop PC for optimal use on the move.


The Qb-mito is designed to suit any environment and is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device – making it as suited to a desktop as it is the outdoors. Easy to set-up and requiring no configuration, the Qb-mito is a portable speaker set to take the wireless market by storm.


Boasting a huge 25W of clear audio; the ability to connect simply and an extensive battery life of 30 hours from a 2 hour charge, the Qb-mito sets itself apart from the competition and sets a new standard for portable speakers.

Pre-order today and get the Qb-mito for only £49!




Victoria Beckham tweets about X-mini speakers!

X mini II

X-mini II

~ £17.95 ~

X-mini are going from strength to strength and have now won the backing of Victoria Beckham. She tweeted a picture of the X-mini II on Saturday evening alongside the message: How cool are these X-mini speakers???? and they sound great, perfect for when travelling! x vb’, to an audience of 3,374,389 followers. The style icon’s tweet was favourited and retweeted more than 50 times each, testament to the speaker’s superb quality. See the tweet by clicking here.


We’re very familiar with the range of portable X-mini speakers at Advanced MP3 Players and their incredible capacity for sound but the X-mini II is not only an example of iconic design but of innovative function. Built with a standard 3.5mm jack, the X-mini II will not only plug into most mp3 players but other X-mini speakers too – by using the Buddy Jack feature. The daisy chain effect maximises the pristine sound to unimaginable levels.


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Convert and amplify your music into audiophile quality with the portable E17!

E17FiiO E17


The FiiO E17 has been making steady headway in securing a solid reputation for quality performance and the latest website to attest to this is engadget.


‘The E17 (or Alpen, as it’s also known) looks very much like an exquisite MP3 player with its luxurious brushed metal finish, crisp LED display and tactile buttons.’ Engadget


The E17 has two unique functions; it acts as both an amplifier and a DAC. With a built-in battery the FiiO E17 is totally portable. No matter the player, audiophile quality sound is on hand with the E17.


With adjustable bass, gain, treble and balance the E17 can be refined to suit any kind of music exactly how you want it to.


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GP1010MINI (1)

Go Pro HD Hero 2 action camera – capture your extreme adventure in HQ definition.

GoPro HD Hero 2 – Outdoor Edition




GoPro make video cameras designed to film all the action of the most extreme sports. Whether you’re skiing and using it to capture every minute of a scary descent down an icy mountain or stopping to take pictures on the 11 megapixel camera, the GoPro HD Hero 2 is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions while recording some of your favourite memories.


Taking 170º wide angle 1080p video these experiences are captured in super high quality. At a rate of 10 photos per second you can choose between still and moving shots and relive those recorded moments in pristine clarity. The HD Hero 2 is the smallest, thinnest and most powerful HD camera in the world and its durable design withstands the extreme conditions it is capturing.






The HD Skeleton Housing protects the camera from the bumps and bangs that would normally damage a similarly high performing camera. The rechargeable lithium battery and up to 32GB of storage gives hours of recording time and charge for capturing high quality footage.


With the HD Hero 2 you simply attach and go.


Click here and check out this video to show the possibilities of the Go Pro HD Hero.


Check it out


Amp3 Software recommendations for MP3 and media player devices.

Our team are often asked about software that’s available for use with their MP3 and media players, so here’s some of the best software we’ve found and use ourselves.

Please note though we can’t offer support for third party software, but you should find all the help and assistance you need from the authors via their websites.



If you are looking for an audio editor then look no further than Goldwave. Giving the capability of editing, trimming, recording and manipulating audio this is a very versatile digital audio editor.

A free version is available to show what it can do, and a small fee will unlock the full time unlimited version.

Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter (latest version v1.2)

If you’ve been getting to grips with some of the digital video cameras we have which record in Apple Quicktime (.mov) format it can be awkward to edit if you only have software for the more widely supported .avi format. After a bit of searching we found some ideal free software to convert between formats.

This utility easily lets you convert Quicktime .mov files into AVI and allows you to set the video and audio codecs and bitrates for the converted files. You can also crop the image and set the output resolution – useful if you are downscaling for playing back the file on a portable player.

Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Converter (latest version v1.3)

Also from the same author is a utility to convert from .mp4 video files to .avi, which I have found useful for converting YouTube videos.

Both of these utilities can be downloaded from



Guest blog review: Adam reviews the NuForce Icon iDo



~ An Adam Caruth Review ~


As usual ohms, kHz , and impedance are unlikely to feature here.  If they do, I’ll do my best to use technical jargon so it sounds like I know what I’m talking about and not plain English so everybody understands!


To start with, the nice people at nuforce are good enough to provide a pamphlet on “good sound” which is not the same as “loud sound” (loud sound seems weird to me but “loud music” doesn’t work!  Just go with it, thanks). They explain that quality sound systems do not have to shake the skin off your bones! (that is not a direct quote, I just don’t want to plagiarise their work) the crux of it is quality does not have to be loud! “I’m inclined to agree” To start with, depending on your budget depends on whether or not you think anything is good value, cheap or expensive!  If you enjoy a particular activity, typically you bend your budget in that direction to justify your spending.  Seeing as I have purchased and been gifted headphone amps, I have been drawn into a world where my music listening needs now come attached to amps!


To start with, For the record I bought the FiiO E1, E5, E6 and got an E11 as a Christmas gift, depending on how much digging about on the amp3 site you want to do will determine whether or not you read my reviews/comments on those products.    All of those products were less than £50 some even less than £20.  The iDO is in a larger price bracket, it is £200+ on the amp3 site.  If I didn’t already have four headphone amps I would find it hard to justify the price. So to start with, the FiiO E1 vs nuforce icon iDO; FiiO E1 30 pin connector; Icon iDO 30 pin connector. One point each! FiiO E5 case made from black metal; Icon iDO case made from black metal. One point each! FiiO E6 connects to headphones via 3.5mm port; Icon iDO connects to headphones via 3.5mm port. One point each! “I’ll do the totals at the end as the scoring system is complicated” FiiO E11 big knob for volume; Icon iDO big knob for volume. To start with, I like music on the move so a portable music player and portable amp is the right solution for me, but it’s still far from perfect as you end up with spaghetti junction in your pocket with all the wires etc.

The nuforce icon iDO  is designed to amplify music from iDevices (iPod, iPad, iPhone) to headphones or to a larger home system!  The fact of the matter is, with compressed music formats there can be a degradation of quality, amps go a long way to redress this situation and the nuforce worked very well and sounded great with a range of headphones.  As I’ve said on other reviews headphone amps really help power those big cans! (industry term for over ear headphones) so I’ve used Shure 750DJ, Bose quiet comfort 2, v-moda crossfade for the over-ear style all to good effect, for in-ear I used Shure 315′s also nice sounding (one song I particularly like to use is “good times” by INXS & Jimmy Barns, as the Shure 315′s and iPod deliver a poor rendition of this song, but attached to the amp it’s awesome!) I have to say that other songs on the iPod with the Shure 315′s without the amp are great, just in case you thought there was something wrong there.


To start with, you spend your hard earned money and what do you get?  Well from the picture, it is a black box with a massive knob on top!  It feels nice in your hand too and goes “dugdugdug” when you rotate it. As with all the amps I’ve used, turn up the iDevice to max volume, then control the output from the amp itself.  There is a rubber holder for the amp to keep it in place when you are fiddling with the knob, a USB to 30 pin connector, a power adapter and best of all a little blue light goes up and down when ok the wee light goes up and down to indicate volume when you play with the knob!

To start with, this is a quality product no matter what way you look at it! For me, I’ve fallen into a world where headphone amps are portable, and when I listen to music at home it is normally not through headphones so the icon iDO is not on me shopping list. Seeing as I’m not the boss of the world it’s not up-to me to decide how music is listened to. The nuforce has got connectivity to headphones and larger systems so if that floats your boat then the iDO can do! To start with, let me explain the premise of these reviews iDO.  I’m a bit like an over excited waffly mate who can’t explain things quick enough without getting side tracked.  I do research and read reviews and techno babble about products I’m shopping for, to ensure I get the right product for me, FOR ME!  I’m not going to tell others that this is a must for them or that they should only go with this.


That’s all for now, see you next time with more no-facts and no techno jargon.


For more information and pricing on any of the FiiO amplifiers, click here. For further information on the Nuforce Icon iDo, click here.