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What HiFi lists SoundScience Panettone as NUMBER 1 new product launch!

SoundScience Panettone



The much anticipated Panettone from SoundScience has been credited as the number one new launch by What HiFi. The 250w, monster of sound is expected at Advanced MP3 Players shortly and will wirelessly connect to your laptop, tablet, and more. The 2.1-speaker produces brilliant audio using the same sound engineers that brought you the 5 star What HiFi rated QSB speakers.


Precision of sound and acoustic clarity are what SoundScience are renowned for and despite the unbelievable 250w of power, the Panettone maintains its sharp acoustic edge. For more information, click here.


Also from SoundScience, and available from Advanced MP3 Players on 31 May, is the Qb-mito. This tiny portable speaker blasts out 30 hours of 25w sound controlled by a wireless Bluetooth connection. Check out this video review in Amp3 HQ to see exactly what we mean. Click here.


Keep checking the blog and our Facebook page for updates on the Panettone arrival date!

E17BMINI give the FiiO E17 8/10. See why here!

The FiiO E17 has been reviewed by the tech experts over at Giving the E17 a deserving 8/10 Wired said:

E17FiiO E17

~ £99 ~


You don’t need to have fussy ears to appreciate the benefit of this compact little marvel, the sonic improvements are easily noticeable, and it has the advantage of being easily


The E17 is both an amplifier and DAC that will revolutionise sound. Lacklustre files become brilliantly bright and punchy and bass is dispersed in even measures. The E17 features treble control – unlike the majority of amps out there – and left and right balance controls to further refine the sound you want.


Unbelievably, the E17 is a portable device. All of this sophisticated technology and these outstanding features can be taken anywhere. Have outstanding audio wherever you go.





Men’s Fitness rate Aquabeat 2.0 Best MP3 Player for Swimming!

Speedo Aquabeat 2.0

~ £89 ~

Men’s Fitness have tried and tested the Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 and given it the Best for Swimming rating!


Where the original Aquabeat was cumbersome and tricky to operate, Aquabeat 2.0 has a sleek body, easy-to-use buttons and a display screen that makes song selection significantly easier.’ Men’s Fitness


It’s getting close to summer and that means lots of aqua activity. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just fancy a bit of entertainment while swimming in the sea – the Speedo Aquabeat is the perfect accessory.


Add a bit of musicality to the otherwise silent practice of swimming length after length. With up to 4GB of storage you can add all of your favourite songs and easily switch between tracks with the accessible buttons and newly incorporated LCD screen.


The Aquabeat is easily attached to goggles or swimwear and can be taken down to depths of up to 3m!




Introducing the highly anticipated, eagerly awaited and world renowned Bag O’Crap!

Bag O CrapBag O Crap

~ £5 ~


At Amp3 we are always full of surprises. Now you can actually buy a bag full of them. For only £5 you get the highly anticipated, world renowned, Bag O’ Crap!


In this delightful bag of surprises you are guaranteed at least one product that is higher in value than the bag itself. A collection of other little gems from the shelves of Amp3 will contribute to make the bag, on average, more than double the £5 value.


Fancy one of our end of line tablets or even Amazon’s best-selling X mini speakers? Roll the dice, take the risk and get yourself a Bag O’ Crap!


x mini


Buy now



Never lose the things you love with Mi-Zone Bluetooth Security Tag

Mi Zone

Mi-Zone 2-Way Bluetooth Proximity Security Tag



This handy little gadget is perfect for those of us who have a habit of leaving things lying around or forgetting our valuables in places we’d rather not. The Mi-Zone is designed to make sure you always have your Bluetooth enabled product on you. Simply pair your phone with the Mi-Zone and as soon as the two separate, an alarm will sound.

So if the Mi-Zone is in your pocket and your laptop in your bag and you up and move away forgetting your bag, the handy alarm will sound.


Mi zone


Never leave your valuables anywhere again with the Mi-Zone Security Tag.





Sonos reveal new SUB. Dedicated subwoofer added to speaker range. Read more here.



Introducing the Sonos SUB. Take your existing Sonos home entertainment system and give it shockingly dynamic sound. The dedicated subwoofer from Sonos makes you miss sound you never even knew you missed.


With one click of a button, turn your home into a recording studio and listen to music as it is meant to be heard. Feel every note course through your body as the SUB rolls out the best of your music. With just one button-pressing gesture the SUB will come alive and automatically adjust to your existing Sonos set-up and speakers.


Like the Play:3, position the SUB horizontally, vertically or even under a couch. Its wireless nature affords it unrivalled versatility. Fill your space with bottomless sound from a purely unique set-up. Let the SUB turn your living room into a recording studio and deliver heavy, bottomless dynamism to your favourite music.


Click here to watch the SUB in action and for more information.


Coming soon: Sharkfin self-molding earbuds – customised earbuds in minutes!


Soon to arrive at Amp3 are the Sharkfin self-moulding earbuds, from Vdera Inc. They are a fantastic idea and are ideal for anyone looking to ensure their earphones stay in ear and sound sublime without having to splash out for custom moulds. Sure they might look a little bit like you’ve stuffed some blu-tac in your ears but considering they’re only going to cost around £5 they are well worth a look.

The Sharkfin moulds are compatible with any traditional earbud style earphones, inner ear monitors, bluetooth hands-free kits and even in-ear communication systems. Their set-up and molding is easy too. Simply follow the instructions to wrap the mold around your headphones, place in your ear and wait for the mold to set. Once dry, take out and enjoy increased security and noise-isolation. What more could you ask for?

Note: trialled amongst Amp3 staff we would recommend that you get a little help with the smoothing and setting parts of the process.

Pre order below to be sent a set as soon as they arrive.


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Amp3 Technical Spot: How to create your own iPhone ringtone!

Amp3 Technical Spot


At AMP3 we love to give you something for nothing. So here is a way of saving yourselves some cash. Ringtones, every one loves a good ringtone but with companies charging as much as £5 per tone it’s often more costly than buying music.

If you have an iPhone and want to create a ringtone from music that you already own here is how you go about it.

Right click on the track you want to convert and select Get Info. Set the Start time and Stop time to the start and stop times that you want the ringtone to cover, this can be no longer than 30 secs.



Create an AAC version of the track:


Go to the location of the file and change the file type from M4A to M4R

This file can then be dragged and dropped into Tones within iTunes and Synced to your iPhone. You then go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone and select your new tone:


As simple as that! Check back next week for another spot of advice.


Almost here, the latest Android 4.0 Storage Options Elite tablet!

ScrollStorage Options Scroll Elite 16GB




The Storage Options Scroll Elite is the latest uncatchily named but impressive in performance budget tablet from Storage Options. The tablet boasts Android Ice Cream Sandwhich 4.0 – the cream of the crop in terms of Android operating systems – which gives endless possibilities for entertainment with access to the Android App store. Download all of your favourite social media apps including Facebook and Twitter or have video conversations with Skype using the high quality in-built camera.


The Scroll Elite is a multimedia powerhouse with advanced features including the ability to play music and video in super high quality. Even take your entire e-bookshelf with you to read on the already installed book reader app.


Browse the internet, answer emails, play games, watch YouTube and more with the Storage Options Scroll Elite available Friday 25 May.


For an in-depth review check back to the Amp3 Sleepover section of our blog for a detailed analysis by Amp3’s in-house reviewer, Elliot. Or check out this video review here.



pre order


Deal of the Day: Cowon Z2 16GB! SAVE £30 today!

Cowon Z2




Was £219 ~ Now £189

SAVE £30!


The best way to describe the looks of the Cowon Z2 is to imagine that the Cowon J3 has had a baby with the Nokia Lumia 800 as the two look very similar’ Read Elliot’s full review here.


The Cowon Z2 is the latest Cowon player compatible with 64bit Windows systems AND Macs! This high powered multimedia device, with JetEffect5 and HDMI output capability, lets you browse the web and download a multitude of apps as well as play outstanding audio and video.


Cowon typically produce high functioning devices with an aesthetic to match. They already have a long list of design awards and the Z2 has already done its part in contributing to it – winning the prestigious Japan Good Design Award 2012.


For more information on the Cowon Z2 click here.