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Seriously hot products up for grabs in the Amp3 monthly competition. Read more here.


Competitions, competitions and more competitions


This month we are positively spoiling our customers with competitions and prizes. Check out the front page of our website for a chance to win one or both of the fantastic media players we’ve got on offer!


Up for grabs is the highly regarded Cowon Z2 media player worth £199. This is an Android enabled device that will play music and video brilliantly. Arguably the best player ever made by audiophile experts, Cowon.

Cowon Z2 16GB Android 2.3 'Gingerbread' MP3 Player with 3.7" OLED Screen

The second player we’ve have to give away is the Hisoundaudio Rocoo P worth £149 . This is a dedicated music player that boasts a retro design. For those of us who just want to listen to high quality music with no nonsense, this is the player for you.

Hisoundaudio ROCOO P (Power Version) Audiophile MP3 Music Player With FREE Hisound Audio PO PO IEM Headphones Worth £65.00


All you need to do is input your name and email address and that’s it!


**To enter, click here**


Amp3 Technical Spot: FAQs


Questions And Answers

We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line, and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.


I’ve just purchased some new Shure in ear earphones, as they are pretty expensive are there any tips you can give for caring for them?


Hope you are enjoying the sound from the Shure earphones, they certainly offer a wide range of great sounding earphones.


There are two very common problems we see with Shure earphones, or any earphone really, that can easily be avoided.


The first common problem is a break in the cable by the jack plug, this probably makes up most of the earphone returns we have. This sort of cable break tends to be caused by pulling the wire to pull the plug out of the headphone socket. The easiest way to avoid this sort of cable break is to always disconnect the earphones by pulling the plug out of your player by holding the plug itself and not yanking on the cable!


The other common problem we see with Shure earphones are people saying they are getting a lower volume from one of the earbuds compared to the other. 9 times out of 10 this is caused by a build up of earwax in the narrow stem on the Shure earbuds. Shure do provide a ‘wire loop’ cleaning tool that can be used to scoop earwax out of the stems, but we would recommend to keep the earbuds clean before they get into that state – some of the sets of earphones we have had back have been horrendous with earwax clogging the stem and even part of the foam bud itself.


Hi, my Cowon J3 is rated for 64 hours of playback but I am experiencing a bit less when playing back my music, is this a fault with my player?


This is a question we get a lot and for the majority of cases it wouldn’t be a fault with the player. The time the player’s battery will last will depend on how the player is being used so all manufacturer’s will make a battery test with the player carrying out a specific task.


Cowon for example use the following settings when they measure the battery life of their players:


- Volume 15

- Standard earphones

- Playback of a 128kbps MP3 file

- No BBE+ or Equaliser settings

- Screen off


If you are using other settings then the battery life will be different. If you have a higher volume, or driving different earphones then the built in audio amplifier will be using more power which will reduce the battery life, likewise if the screen is always on this too will require power.


Using higher bit rate music files and using equaliser / BBE+ effects will also require further power by the main processor in the player due to all the extra calculations required for processing the music which will also reduce battery life.




New SoundScience desktop speakers awarded 5 star rating from What Hi-Fi!

The Frankenspiel FS-1, the next generation of desktop speakers from SoundScience, have landed the elusive 5 star rating from audio purists, What Hi-Fi. Such an accolade is only awarded to the very best in audio equipment and the Frankenspiels are certainly a set to exceed expectations.

For the money, the SoundScience Frankenspiel FS-1s are without peer – other speakers at this price are left wanting in comparision, leaving these peculiarly monikered little beauties at the head of their field.’ For the full What Hi-Fi review, click here.

Following in the footsteps of the SoundScience QSBs the Frankenspiels won the 5 star rating as well as the Best Budget Speakers category in the What Hi-Fi round-up. Like the QSBs, the speakers draw all their power from the USB port on your laptop or computer without need for external power or batteries.

This is the only power that the Frankespiels require and on this source alone they produce 40 watts of exquisitely balanced sound. Without drain on your laptop or computer the Frankespiels will perform to the highest audio standard available in the desktop speaker category at this price point.

The latest products solidify SoundScience’s audio and engineering expertise and are fast becoming recognised as the go-to brand for quality equipment.  Watch this space for further updates on the new SoundScience range.

The SoundScience FS-1 will retail around £130.



Edinburgh Rugby 10s tournament this Saturday 23 June.


The Hunter’s Residential Edinburgh 10s tournament is back and is taking place on Saturday 23rd June at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh. The event kicks off at 10am and will involve lots of rugby with teams coming from as far afield as Sweden!


This is a event is local to Advanced MP3 Players and we wish all the players and teams good luck in what looks to be a highly contested day of superb competition.


Check out this cool promotional video here.


Amp3 Technical Spot: Improving the Sound Level Output From MP3 Players


Improving the Sound Level Output From MP3 Players


This is a useful tip to make sure you are getting the best sound level from your MP3 player. Due to European Union legislation most MP3 players have their volume limited, but this can mean the sound output level is not loud enough to drive external speakers.


In this article we’ll show how this limit can be removed on the Cowon range of players. Although the guide is shown for the J3 the same method can be used for other players in their portfolio including the S9, i9 and the D2/D2+. This can give a bit more volume when used with portable speakers such as the fantastic X-Mini range.


However, please do take care when you are using earphones or headphones to always make sure that the volume is set to a comfortable listening level and are not playing too loud, even without the output level restriction removed!


The Cowon J3

On the initial setup of the player you would have been asked if you are in the European Union or not. If you had selected you are the volume limitations would have been applied.


To be able to reselect this you have to delete the system settings of the player. For this, connect the J3 to your computer via USB. Navigate using Windows Explorer to the ‘System’ folder on the J3:


Exploring the J3’s ‘System’ Folder using Windows Explorer


One the files will be called ‘PARAM.CFG’ which contains the system settings of the J3. Delete this file, and then disconnect the J3.


When you next turn on the J3 you will be prompted again for language, European Union selection and radio region.


To remove the volume limit select ‘Non-European’. Now, the maximum volume of the J3 will be slightly louder than before at the top of the volume range. Again, although this is useful for driving speakers, please do take care to always select a comfortable level when using headphones.


Other MP3 players from other manufacturers, such as the Sansa Clip+, will have a Country setting that can be changed, selecting a European country will apply the volume limits.



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Get yourself the perfect portable speaker in time for summer!

Phillips DS7700 iPod, iPhone, iPad Portable Docking Station With Bluetooth and Aux Cable




The Philips DS7700 Apple specific speaker dock is now available to pre-order at Advanced MP3 Players. This dock is the perfect travel speaker for anyone looking for music on the move. Despite being lightweight and portable this speaker is a heavy weight when it comes to sound.


Built with a Dynamic Bass Booster you experience a whole range of sound from treble right through to heavy bass. No distortion is suffered either when this speaker is cranked to full volume.


The fun doesn’t stop there either. Listen to the radio, discover new music through thousands of internet radio stations, browse through your music collection and share what you’re listening to via Facebook or Twitter!


Pre-order today for a massively reduced £99.



The Cowon A5 has landed at Amp3! Read about the portable PMP here!

Cowon A5



The Cowon A5 is here and offers some seriously incredible browsing speeds and entertainment features. The A5 provides all that you need and more for video, music and internet browsing.


The iAudio A5 is an Android enabled device that boasts an HDMI output to transfer all your favourite files to the big screen! The A5 is conveniently compact for travel but enjoys a large enough screen to deliver vibrant, high quality video on the move.


Like all Cowon models, the sound on the A5 is sublime. Supporting a wide variety of formats, get the very best from your music files and hear every nuance through the JetEffect 5.0 technology. Cowon offer the ability to personalise your sound with over 44 EQ presets and the option to create a further 4 tuned exactly to your own musical tastes.

Get yours today for £229.



See how powerful the new Rocoo music player is here!

Hisoundaudio Rocoo

~ £169 ~


Get a taster of the Hisoundaudio Rocoo and hear the true extent of its power. Our in-house expert reviewer, Elliot, has tested the newest product from Hisoundaudio in a video review.

The Rocoo is one of the most powerful players on the market and the video shows this. Once plugged into a speaker or headphones the user will be blown away by the sheer capacity for volume this player has.

And it’s not only volume that this thing boasts. It’s also one of the best sounding players on the market.


Check out the video review here and see how the Rocco holds up!


**Click here to see the video**


Amp3 Tech Spot: Syncing the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Earphones with the Apple iPad

*Get a set of Jaybird Sportsbands from Advanced MP3 Players for £89.*


If you’ve got two of the latest hi-tech gizmos on the market, the Apple iPad and the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth earphones here’s a quick guide to show you how to pair them together so you can get great sound without wires!


On the iPod select the ‘Settings’ option from the main home screen.



On the left you’ll be presented with a list of sections, to find the Bluetooth settings select ‘General’ on the left.  On the right hand side of the iPad screen you’ll now be presented with a long list of the general settings, and one of the options near the top will be ‘Bluetooth’, quickly tap that option and you’ll be presented with the relevant settings.


First, switch on the Bluetooth if it’s not already set. The iPad will then start to search for any nearby Bluetooth devices.

Press and hold the power button on the Jaybird Sportsband headphones, the power light will first start to flash blue, keep holding the button until it flashes red and blue, which will indicate the earphones are ready to be detected.

The iPad should now have detected the Sportsband earphones and they will be listed as model ‘SB1’ with a status of ‘Not Paired’ on the list of available Bluetooth devices.


Tapping on the SB1 entry, the iPad will now confirm you wish to pair with the Sportsband earphones.


Clicking ‘Pair’, the Sportsband earphones will now be shown as connected and now ready for use with the iPad.

Press the home button to go back to the main iPad home screen and click on ‘iPod’ to bring up the music functions. The iPad will now show in the top left that it is using the Sportsband (SB1) earphones instead of the internal speaker or normal headphones.