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The wireless Iqua Beat is rated TOP wireless gadget by Men’s Fitness!

Iqua Beat A1

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Wireless exercise wonder, the Iqua Beat, has been rated as the number 1 wireless sports gadget by Men’s Fitness.  The exercise experts rated the Bluetooth headset as the top training gadget in their latest review round-up.

Men’s Fitness stated, ‘The headphones (which contain the HRM) are crisp and comfortable and the data is accurate’.

The Iqua Beat is an intelligent wireless headset that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth and operates through the Iqua Beat app. While exercising, the Iqua Beat will monitor your heart rate through the in-built monitor located on the earpiece. Heart rate, distance and time are all logged in the app’s workout diary where you can keep track of progress and determine future goals and targets.

The Iqua Beat enables the user to train smarter and get the most out of their workouts.


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Amp3 Tech Spot: C2 User Guide

C2 General User Guide

Getting started

There are no buttons on the front or bottom of the C2, these are all located on the top, as illustrated below:

The volume buttons (as shown above and circled in orange) also act as the ‘reset’ button, when both the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ are simultaneously held for 4 seconds. This reset only shuts off power in case of a device malfunction and does not affect the device’s performance. This will very rarely be required, however.

As shown in the image below, the built-in speaker is located on the back of the player.

The USB port (for charging the player and transferring data) is situated on the right-hand side of the player, underneath a plastic flap which lifts partially out to allow access to this and the micro SD card slot, which is located to the right of/above the USB port. The 3.5mm earphone socket is located on the left-hand-side. This is shown below:

Basic Navigation

The Cowon C2 is fairly flexible in that many functions can be performed in numerous ways.

Even the main menu can be viewed in different layouts, however when you first use your C2, the default layout will be as shown below. The default layout is referred to as the ‘Daily Life UI’ within the C2 manual. Swiping upwards or downwards will switch between the four menu pages in this view. To alter the menu style (and switch to the’ Visible Layered UI’), press the ‘theme’ icon, as circled in lime green, on the same page as the ‘rotate’ and ‘options’ icons. Many users may find the ‘Visible Layered UI’ menu layout more intuitive.

Visible Layered UI

Should you select an option and then wish to return to the main menu screen, simply press the ‘M’ button situated on the top of the player, between the ‘lock’ and ‘volume’ buttons.

Music Playback

The basic music playback screen can be seen below:

Tapping anywhere on the ‘now playing screen’ (as shown above) will show the following basic playback options:

Tapping ‘next’ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (only after the screen has been tapped and the icon row above has appeared) will show a similar row of icons, in the centre of the screen:

Music Playback Settings

After selecting ‘settings’ a new screen will open showing:

If you select ‘next’ in the bottom right-hand corner of this screen, it will take you to the second page of music playback settings as shown below:

Selecting ‘next’ again (from the bottom right-hand corner) will take you to the third and final page of music playback settings:

Viewing ‘favourites’ and ‘bookmarks’

Video Playback

The basic video playback screen will be blank unless tapped in the centre. Tapping the centre of the screen whilst a video is playing will display a belt of icons along the middle (similar to the music playback screen), as well as the time, volume, battery metre and lock status, as shown below:

Tapping ‘next’ in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (only after the screen has been tapped and the icon row above has appeared) will show a similar row of icons, in the centre of the screen:

The video FAVOURITES and BOOKMARKS can be accessed in exactly the same way as the music favourites and bookmarks – by selecting ‘open’ from the middle belt of icons, and then selecting ‘next’ in the bottom left-hand corner.


Sharkfin ear moulds make lasting impression at XSreviews. Check out their rating here

Sharkfin custom made ear-moulds



The Sharkfin earmoulds have been tried and tested by XSreviews and have left a lasting impression! Awarding the Sharkfins a huge 8/10 XSreviews were impressed by the Sharkfin’s capacity for sound-isolation and their ultra-secure fit.

These self-moulding earbuds are the answer to improved sound on your existing earphones. The package comes with enough compound to create 3 moulds leaving enough room for error. Once wrapped around your buds and in place the compound only takes 5 minutes to set. Once removed, you’ve got a pair of high quality headphones boasting supreme noise-isolation and a sweat proof fit.


Custom made ear moulds are normally exclusively associated with improving the quality of sound from your earphones but these also work as a handy sports accessory. Headphones are prone to moving around while in ear when you exercise. Vigorous movement combined with sweat profusion loosen even the sturdiest of earbuds but with the Sharkfins they stay firmly in place and are not susceptible to sweat’s corrosive effects.


The Sharkfins retail for £5 so don’t hesitate to grab a pair for a high performing bargain set of custom moulds! Why not check out the Amp3 video review of them here.




Cowon Z2 is rated 7/10 by Trusted Reviews! Read more here


For the true audiophile this is a triumph, the Cowon Z2 sounds fantastic with superior audio processing, wide codec support, a responsive UI and expandable storage.’ Trusted Reviews

The Cowon Z2 is the highest performing audio player from Cowon yet. This player exceeds Cowon expectations delivering exceptional audio and video quality as well as adopting and Android UI. Access a variety of apps while listening to your music in high quality.

This personal media player blows any other rival straight out of the water in terms of the quality of its key functions. If it’s a music player that does what it says and more that you want, look no further than the Z2. Tech experts Trusted Reviews agree giving it a 7/10. To read their full review, click here.


The 16GB version retails for £199 and 32GB £249.