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Denon sports headphones – AH-W150 – are set to revolutionise the way you exercise

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak Wireless Bluetooth Fitness In-Ear Headphone with Microphone and Remote Control for iPhone/iPad/iPod



The third set of headphones to be included in the Denon round-up this week are the AH-W150 sports earphones with Bluetooth.


These headphones will give you a full 7 hours of battery life so you can exercise until your heart’s content and not worry about recharging. The Bluetooth feature gives a freedom of movement that is totally unique to wireless headsets. No matter how you may organise your existing headphone’s cable there is always a chance of it getting in the way of your workout. With the Denon AH-W150 headphones you have complete freedom of movement making these the ultimate sports accessory.

Listening to music while you work out is proven to enhance performance which means that a reliable and high performing set of headphones are a must. These Denon AH-W150’s reproduce music to a high standard where bass is well controlled to deliver a punchy performance. Having been built to last these headphones will resist sweat and splashes making them less susceptible to the corrosive effects of moisture.


With on-ear controls these headphones are perfect for sport with a user experience that is easy and natural. Check out how these headphones will revolutionise your exercise experience.



Denon deliver with over-ear ‘Urban Raver’, AH-D400. Read more here!

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’

~ £249.99 ~


The second set of headphones to be featured in Denon week is the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Raver’, the over-ear big brother to the Denon AH-C300s.

Their sophisticated design with electric blue trim with illuminated ring and luxuriously soft padding set these ‘Ravers’ apart from any other over-ear options on the market. Their awesome ability to reproduce sound like you’ve never heard is down to the fully upgraded tech specs the Denon sound engineers have been hard at work improving.


They boast a colossal 50mm driver with integrated amplifier for an intense bass experience akin to the AH-C300s. Once on, these over-ear ‘Ravers’ will deliver an unparalleled listening experience. Their two-axis ear cup articulation guarantees a perfect fit and the memory foam padding means you can listen to endless hours of music without fatigue.

Located on the headphones is the Denon control wheel. A crisply modern illuminated blue ring frames the rotary control and suggests futuristic design hues to match the futuristic functions of the headphones. On the wheel you can control calls, volume and track without needing to even glance at your mp3 player or phone.

All this technology requires a bit of battery power but not to worry, from a single charge the battery delivers a whopping 12 hours of sonic bliss and if the battery runs flat, you still can play music in passive mode. Click below to read more about the luxury Denon accessories and exclusive Denon app!




Jaybird Sportsbands rated ‘Best for Audio Quality’ by The Scottish Sun

Jaybird Sportsbands



The Jaybird Sportsbands were deemed ‘Best for Sound Quality’ by The Scottish Sun! The retro design of the Sportsbands were described as ‘perfect if you don’t like the in-ear style’ and their Bluetooth capability as, ‘fantastic – the sound is clear and they maintain a connection a long way (10m or more) from music source.’


Jaybird are renowned for making high performing sports headphones and the Sportsbands are no exception. They boast a contemporary design that is fully functional as both a sports headset as well as for everyday use. Their secure fit makes for a completely unrestricted experience without the fear of the headphones falling off.


Their simplicity in design reflects their simplicity in function. Bluetooth pairing is effortless and once connected volume, track and call answering is controlled from the headset itself.




New Denon AH-C300 ‘Urban Raver’ headphones set a new standard of in-ear audio quality!

Denon AH-C300 ‘Urban Raver’ in-ear headphones



These are one of the top models to come from the brand new and eagerly anticipated range from Denon. The masterful makers of luxury headphones have merged form and function beautifully with the Denon AH-C300. Advancing the reliably awesome Denon sound the AH-C300s deliver deep punchy bass without any distortion thanks to their clever Denon double air compression driver. Each ear piece is kitted out with 11mm drivers to give an intense low frequency experience.

Better yet, located on the right earbud is a control wheel where you can change track, pause music, answer calls and adjust volume. The integrated mic is located on the earpiece and offers clear sound quality for calls.

Even better, a Denon Club smartphone app is available to iPhone, iPad and Android phones which is the world’s first integrated app suite designed for young music enthusiasts.




Amp3 Technical Spot: FAQs regarding SD cards and Cowon Z2 file transfers


We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line, and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.

Can you tell me if 64GB SDXC cards are compatible with Cowon’s latest players such as the X9?

No, SDXC cards are not compatible with the current range of Cowon players that feature memory card slots, such as the X9 and the Z2.

The Cowon players are only currently compatible with SD and SDHC (High Capacity) cards up to 32GB in size, the new SDXC (eXtended Capacity) cards are not supported.

As the cards are electrically the same in terms of the socket type and connection it may be possible that they are supported in the future through updates to the firmware, but for the time being please be aware we have received no information regarding this possibility from Cowon themselves.

I can’t transfer music files to my Cowon Z2 from my Apple Mac computer, can you help?

This is a problem we have heard from a couple of customers and it comes down to the format used by Android on the Z2. On the Z2 the internal memory is formatted as an NTFS partition.

By default in MacOS X, NTFS partitions are set to read only, so you can view the files on the Z2 when you have it connected via USB but are unable to write/copy files onto the player.

There are settings in MacOS you can edit to allow read/write access by default, and a quick search on the internet will bring up guides to show how to do this. However, as we do not have any Apple Macs ourselves here at AMP3 so we are unable to test of the solutions we have found ourselves.


PCS250MINI (1)

Custom fitted audiophile earphones from eers – PCS 250 deliver perfection in sound and fit

eers PCS 250 Custom-fitted Headphones – The World’s First Self-fitted Custom-Earphones



These are top of the range headphones that come with a do-it-yourself custom moulding kit so your eers headphones provide the best possible sound.


Using a SonoFit system the moulds are made in just five minutes. The process is quick and easy and at the end of it you’ve got perfectly formed silicon earbuds. Outside of making customised earbuds for headphones the SonoFit system is used by the army and healthcare professionals too.


These headphones are designed with the audiophile in mind and deliver exceptional sound quality in any environment without the need for excessive volume. The PCS-250 uses two dual driver speakers that act as both a tweeter and woofer. This allows the user to listen to music as clearly as it was recorded and to enjoy high fidelity audio especially in the genres of jazz, rock and classical.

These eers PCS 250 custom-fitted headphones are a world’s first so be one of the first owners of audiophile custom fitted earphones!



Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 featured in The Independent as Top tough gadget!


Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player




The Speedo Aquabeat 2.0 has been rated as one of the top toughest gadgets to own by The Independent – see the full feature here. This underwater wonder will play all your favourite songs in crystal clear quality while you slug it out in the pool. Making the monotony of swimming lengths more enjoyable, the Aquabeat lets you arrange your music files into playlists and store up to 4GB worth (1000 mp3 files) – more than double its predecessor!


The upgraded 2.0 even has a screen for clear viewing and large ergonomically designed buttons for easy control of volume or track while you’re on the move in the water.


For a little extra underwater entertainment, look no further than the Aquabeat 2.0.