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Amp3 Tech Spot: Battery Care

MP3 Player Battery Care

Here are some handy hints and tips for getting the best performance out of the battery within your MP3 player.


Initial Charge


When you first receive your new MP3 player it’s best to ensure the battery is fully charged before it is used.


Although the battery will have some power when it arrives, do check through the manual and see what the manufacturer suggests with regards to the initial charge.


Often to ensure the battery is fully charged they will advise to leave the battery trickle charging for slightly longer for the initial charge.


Battery Life

Manufacturer’s will often quote a battery life time in the specifications of the player, but please remember that the battery life you obtain with the player will depend on what functions you are using.


For example, for the battery life Cowon state for their range of music and media players they use the following conditions during their testing:


- Volume 15


The audio amplifier that drives the headphones in the MP3 player is very power hungry. If you have the volume up loud this will require more power and as a result reduce the battery life.

- Standard earphones


Again, depending on the power requirements and impedance of the headphones you use with the player, this will reflect on the power required by the audio amplifier to drive them.

- Playback of a 128kbps MP3 file


The amount of computational work being carried out by the MP3 player’s CPU will depend on the type of file, for larger bit-rate files more computation time is required and the CPU will require a slight increase in power as it will be idling less.

- No BBE+ or Equaliser settings


Having extra effects on the output, such as equaliser settings or BBE+ effects will require additional processing power, resulting in the CPU drawing slightly more power and will affect battery life.

- Screen off


One of the more power hungry components of the MP3 player, LCDs will require more power than more modern AMOLED displays due to the additional backlight. But, with either type having the screen on constantly will significantly affect the length of time the battery lasts between charges.

Battery Care

With the modern Lithium Ion batteries used in MP3 players it’s always recommended to keep them as charged as possible rather than let them run empty before charging. This helps prolong the battery life and performance over time.


We would also recommend that you disable any sleep mode on your MP3 player. Often if the player is put to sleep rather than being fully turned off it’s only the screen that is powered down, with the main CPU still running in the background and slowly draining the battery.



Jaybird Freedom Sprints given glowing review by the Huffington Post!

Jaybird Freedom Sprint



The Huffington Post has put the new Jaybird Freedom Sprints through their paces and they’ve come out winning! The Huff Post’s expert tech writer said of them, ‘In design they reflect that task well. These are simple, understated headphones, with none of the overblown chintz of some other brands. They are light, black, plastic and lightly adorned with decoration, and while other headphones will give you a more ‘premium’ experience (whatever that means), they look the part.’ Read the full review here.

The Jaybird Freedom Sprints are the latest offering from leaders in fitness headphone design, Jaybird. They are a massive 40% smaller than their predecessors, the Jaybird Freedoms, and have even incorporated smaller on-ear controls. With a lifetime warranty against sweat, these headphones are well worth the investment as they are certainly built to last.




Super Sonos Bundle Deal! Get a Sonos Play:3, a Sonos bridge AND 6 months of Napster for only £259!

Sonos Play:3, Sonos bridge AND 6 month Napster subscription




Right here at Amp3 we are offering the mother of all Sonos deals. When you purchase a Sonos Play:3 bundle you not only get the stylish Play:3 speaker but you also get a Sonos bridge AND 6 months subscription to Napster only for £259!

Enjoy unlimited access to millions of songs, albums and playlists on this Sonos starter pack all for the price of a single Play:3 speaker!


The clever Sonos system lets you stream music from a music source such as Napster and plays out through the beautifully engineered speaker system totally wirelessly. Position your speaker in any room and control what you listen to straight from your smartphone using the Sonos app.


And if you want to expand your Sonos family adding speakers couldn’t be easier. By adding another speaker the Hi-Fi sound quality will automatically adjust when both speakers are recognised to produce sublime stereo sound.


Why wait? Check out the Play:3 here!




The Cowon AC1 has been rated 4/5 stars by CNET US!

Cowon AC1 – limited stock!



The Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 is simple to operate. It automatically captures a 30-second HD video clip when it detects a bump, including up to 15 seconds of video preceding the trigger. […]The Cowon Auto Capsule AC1 HD dashboard camera is so simple that it requires almost no interaction from the driver.’ CNET US – Read the full review here.


The Blackbox recorder from Cowon is a sophisticated bit of tech for inside your car. This compact recorder sits behind your rear view mirror and is programmed to capture any irregular movement.


There are four recording modes with the Cowon AC1. In the event recording mode the AC1 will pick up irregular swerving, change of speed or impacts and will record and save footage 15 seconds prior to the incident and 15 seconds after.


Fitted with a sophisticated 3-axis g sensor the Cowon AC1 will reliably pick up and record crucial footage.




New HP-100s Sound Magic with luxury comfort padding and supreme sound!


SoundMagic HP100 Closed Back Headphones




These closed back headphones from SoundMagic are monsters of sound. Coming from the manufacturers that brought us the E10 and E30 in-ear models we know these are going to be good.


On first inspection these headphones look insanely comfortable. Their over-arching headband is wide and thick which displaces weight evenly and offers a luxuriously padded underside for hours of long listening. Hunker down with the full series of Harry Potter audiobooks without feeling any discomfort on your ear – the HP-100s are wide enough to encircle your whole ear, lightly resting on your head.

Offering high-fidelity listening the HP-100s are optimized for sonic excellence. Thanks to specifically tuned drivers a wide soundstage and impeccable definition is heard. This immense capacity for audio is to the standard of studio headphones so SoundMagic have enabled the ear cups to pivot to almost any angle making them perfect for DJs as well as everyday users.


Like any high quality set of headphones, the SoundMagic HP-100s come with a variety of accessories that includes a flight adapter, cleaning cloth, hard storage case and carabiner hook.


Read more here about why the HP-100s from SoundMagic are too good to be true.




Amp3 Tech Spot: Popcorn Hour Updates


Popcorn Hour Updates

Popcorn Hour have announced successful testing of two Blu-Ray drives that will be suitable for use with their C-300.

The two drives are:

Sony BC-5550H

Panasonic UJ141

Popcorn Hour’s team are currently adding support to the C-300 firmware and this will be available to download in the very near future.

Once the new firmware has been released you can use the update firmware option in the settings on the C-300 itself to download it directly to your unit if you have it connected to the internet. Or alternatively you can download it from Popcorn Hour’s website to install onto the unit from a USB Flash drive.

Keep an eye on Popcorn Hour’s support website at for news of the update.



New Jaybird Sprint is rated as a top fitness accessory by Men’s Fitness! Read more here!

Jaybird Freedom Sprint


Men’s Fitness have rated the new Jaybird Freedom Sprints as one of their must have running gadgets in a smartphone running gadget round-up.



The light buds stay firmly in place thanks to a rubber grip that sits in the contours of the ear, while sweat-proof controls make adjusting volume, skipping tracks and answering calls easy to do without interrupting your flow.Read the full review here.


The Jaybird Freedom Sprint is the latest in Jaybird’s premium line of Bluetooth sports headphones. They build upon their predecessor’s high performing qualities to refine this model into a set that positively exceed expectations.



Dramatically downsized, the Sprint is 40% smaller than the original Freedom making the earbuds considerably lighter.  Controls are ergonomically placed for quick and easy musical adjustments and sound has been revamped for high fidelity delivery.


Though they are optimized for sport, these headphones are so much more than that. Their wireless nature, crystal clear sound and sharp tonal delivery for calls make use of these headphones positively effortless. Once you’ve purged your headphones of wires, you’ll never go back.


Safe in the hands of wireless headphones experts who promise a lifetime guarantee against sweat, why not check the Jaybird Sprint out for yourself?


[...]the Freedom Sprints also deliver crisp, punchy sound to confidently cement their position as one of the best pairs of earphones currently available for running.Men’s Fitness