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X-mini KAI Capsule Speaker_45 deg_Open

X-mini KAI rated BEST Portable Speaker by Stuff Magazine Singapore


The X-mini KAI has won the prestigious accolade of Best Portable Speaker at the Singapore Stuff Magazine Awards!

X-mini produce the best in portable sound offering a fleet of award winning capsule speakers that range from the wireless and Bluetooth connected KAI to the X-mini MAX pair which produce beautiful stereo sound.

The KAI will connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device and play music from up to 10 metres away. Playback time is 8 hours when plugged in and when connected via Bluetooth it’s 4 hours. Cleverly incorporated into the speaker is a microphone that enables a conference call feature.

For more information on the X-mini KAI click here.



Amp3 Tech Spot: Questions and Answers

Questions And Answers

We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line, and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.

I’m looking to buy the Fiio E7 to improve the sound quality from my laptop, do I need any additional cables or adapters such as the Fiio L7 for this purpose?

The Fiio E7 comes with all the required cables to allow it to connect to a computer/laptop USB port for it to then function as an external DAC. You wouldn’t need to purchase any additional accessories.

Do you have a replacement USB cable available for the Cowon C2 player?

Yes, we do, please see the following cable on our website.

This cable has a 20-way connector at the player end and is suitable for the following Cowon players:

- Cowon S9

- Cowon J3

- Cowon X7

- Cowon C2

- Cowon I10

- Cowon X9

Is there any adapters or microphones available I can plug my Shure SE315 earphones into so I can use them for taking calls with my iPhone?

Shure do provide an alternative cable for use with their SE range of earphones (SE315, 425 and 535) which features a microphone and built in controls.

Click here for a link to the cables.

The ‘Shure Music Phone Adapter Cable’ will allow you give you the microphone functionality for calls with the iPhone, as well as play/pause and volume controls for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


All new Sony Boom Box ready to preorder!

The Sony RDH-GTK11iP Boom Box


Is now available to preorder! This mad box will hook up to your iPod and blast out your beats at incredible volume and clarity.

With jazzy LED lights situated behind the grille this speaker is more than just a sound box. With various equaliser settings to choose from you’ll get just the right sound from your music.

It’s not only your iPod you can plug into this beast, you can also listen to FM/AM radio and plug in a USB plug.

Position this speaker vertically or horizontally and get the party started.


Read an Amp3 staff review here




AMP3 Product Awards WINNERS Announced


The winners are announced. The high calibre of nominated products made for a very closely contested race in some of the categories but there’s only one winner…

Best Headphones

Denon AH-D600


Best Speaker

SoundScience Qb-Mito


Best Personal Media Player

Cowon Z2


Best Travel Product

X-mini II


Best Home Audio Product

Sonos Play:5


Best Radio Product

Revo K2


AMP3 Product of the Year

Jaybird BluebudsX



That’ll do nicely – Cowon Z2 receives a huge 4/5 star rating from What Hi-Fi!

Z2 16GB£199

Z2 32GB£249

**RATED: 4/5**

The Cowon Z2 has been tried and tested by experts in sound – What Hi-Fi – and has received a 4/5 star rating!

And the Cowon Z2 does sound great. The tonal balance is spot on, sounding crisp and clear, but not bright at high volume. There’s good detail to voices, decent dynamics and bass notes are solid but not overpowering. It’s a comfortable, enjoyable listen.

What Hi-Fi

The Z2 is the Android enabled media player from Cowon boasting a fluid user-interface so you can navigate between apps, music and video effortlessly. Though the Z2 competes in a market where almost every hand held device is multifunctional.


What differentiates the Z2 from any other player out there is its exceptional capacity for sound. Cowon is the go-to brand for affordable audiophile music. With an impressive 4/5 star rating it would seem What Hi-Fi agree.




Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – the only accessory for travelling

Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones


These headphones from Denon are the pinnacle of luxury headphones designed for travel. The super soft padding of the ear cushions combined with on-headset controls make these a set of headphones ideal for someone constantly on the move.

Their Bluetooth wireless capability make for an ease of use you never knew existed. Simply connect and go. Noise-cancellation qualities make these ideal for use on a plane. Zone out and enjoy a blissful state of tranquillity.

These super smooth headphones wouldn’t be without the sublime sound of Denon and the Globe Cruisers have this in spades.

Check out exactly why they are your headphones of choice for travelling here.




Denon AH-W150 wireless sports headphones receive gadgeteer Suzi Perry’s praise. Read more here!

Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak



TV presenter and former Gadget Show host, Suzie Perry uses the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak headphones as her preferred headphones for sport!

Tweeting last week Perry stated the headphones boast ‘great sound’. And that they do. These totally wireless Bluetooth headphones come from the makers of a long line of high quality headphones the AH-W150’s are Denon’s solution to quality sound while exercising. Having your cake and eating it – in a hypothetical sense, of course.

The common problem with sports headphones is that manufacturers are so wrapped up in providing a practical user experience that sound quality is compromised. This is simply not so with the Denon Exercise Freaks. Instead, the quality of sound reproduction is akin to any of their similarly priced in-ear range.

Music matters and with recent clinical tests showing that music can improve your performance by up to 20% it’s important to choose headphones that will deliver a good thumping bass to run alongside to but with all the balance of mid and treble tones. That’s where the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freaks come in.

Read more about the Denon AH-W150 Exercise Freak headphones here.




Amp3 Tech Spot: FAQs and Software Recommendations


Questions And Answers

We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line, and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.

What’s the difference between passive and active loudspeakers?

Active loudspeakers contain a built in amplifier to boost the volume and are either powered by batteries or the mains. For example, the excellent range of X-Mini speakers from XMi contain rechargeable batteries to power the amplifier to allow them to give a loud output for their size. Larger and more powerful active speakers such as the AudioEngine range are powered from the mains.


Passive loudspeakers do not have an amplifier built in and require no power. However, the volume you get out of them will depend on the output power of your MP3 player or mobile phone etc. For example the Philips SBP1120/10 speakers are passive and if your player can only give a low power output they may be too quiet.

Can I use the red and white audio connectors on the TV Out cable for the Cowon X7 to connect to it the HiFi for playing my music?

The TV Out cable will only carry the audio signal when watching videos on the X7.

If you are looking to connect the X7 to your HiFi for listening to music you would have to connect a lead from the headphone socket on the X7 to your HiFi.


Our team are often asked about software that’s available for use with their MP3 and media players. Now and then we’ll recommend a piece of software that you might find useful. Please note though we can’t offer support for third party software, but you should find all the help and assistance you need via their website.

winLAME –

winLAME is an open source audio encoder, to compress music in a variety of formats such as MP3 and OGG Vorbis.

winLAME supports many input audio formats, and uses the LAME mp3 encoding library for encoding and the MAD decoding library for decoding. Supported formats include WAV, AAC, WMA and FLAC.



**AMP3 Product Awards** Vote for your chance to win a Qb-Mito!

**Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here** **Vote Here**

It’s awards season and the annual AMP3 Product Awards are now upon us. Our carefully selected short list has been drawn up and it’s now time to cast your vote.

Nominated Amp3 products are going head to head in this fierce competition across seven categories. 2012 saw the release of many new and exciting products retailing at Advanced MP3 Players and whittling down the short list was no easy task for our staff panel of experts.

Across the seven hotly contested categories our products are battling it out for the coveted AMP3 accolade. After much deliberation and debate the short list has finally been decided and it’s now time to cast your vote.



Categories and Nominations

HeadphonesJaybird Freedom SprintShure SE535SoundMagic E10, Denon AH-D600

SpeakerSoundScience Qb-MitoAudioengine A5+X-mini KAI, X-mini v1.1

Personal Media PlayerColorfly C3Hifiman HM-601Cowon Z2Cowon X9Speedo Aquabeat 2.0

Travel ProductX-mini IIFiiO E02iFiiO E11SoundScience QSBSoundScience Qb-MitoFiiO E06

Home Audio Product: Sonos Play:3, Sonos Play:5Sonos SUBSony RHD-GTK11iP

RadioRevo K2Revo Axis

AMP3 Product of the YearJaybird Freedom SprintSoundScience Qb-MitoCowon Z2, Colorfly C3X-mini v1.1


**Vote Here**



Shure SE215s reviewed on The Gadget Show! Read more here

Shure SE215



The Shure SE215s have been put to the test on this week’s episode of the Gadget Show and have come out as winners! The radical test of security and fit involved being pushed down a hill while in an inflatable ball and sound quality was tested by the conductor of a choir – no two easy feats to come out of with flying colours!

But the Shure’s came out winning and for good reason. These headphones are designed to go over your ear to provide a secure fit and so the cables do not dangle down and rub together causing noise interference while listening.

Their dynamic driver provides an improved level of bass from preceding models and the soundstage is equally as impressive as bass reproduction.

With each set of Shure’s you even get a Fit Kit to ensure you get the right size of ear bud. Each kit contains a variety of sizes of black foam sleeves, soft flex sleeves and a carry case.

Read more about the Shure SE215s here.