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Jaybird’s Jenna better than Apple’s Siri say CNET!


Jaybird Bluebuds X


The brand new Jaybird  Bluebuds X have been rated and reviewed by the audio experts over at CNET USA. These wireless wonders will make a huge impact on your workout regime and bring the freedom of movement only wireless headphones can.

‘What’s impressive about the BlueBuds is how small and lightweight they are in comparison with other Bluetooth in-ear headphones.’ CNET

You won’t know the Bluebuds are there once you find the perfect fit from trying and testing the variety of earbuds and ‘wings’ included with the headphones.

‘To use them on, you simply hold down the call answer/end button on the integrated remote to turn them on and put them in pairing mode. A pleasant female voice (Jenna) then instructs you that the earphones are on and ready for pairing. She’ll also tell you when the headphones are connected to your device and when the battery is low. I liked her better than Siri, but that’s neither here nor there.’ CNET

With extra sophisticated features from Jaybird like Jenna and active white noise cancellation these headphones have taken a leap forward in the pioneer movement and combined functionality with incredible sound quality like to other sports headphones out there.

Get yours today!


Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ rated Best Headphones for Travel by The Independent.

Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’


The Denon AH-NCW500 ‘Globe Cruiser’ headphones have been rated as the Best Headphones for Travelling by The Independent newspaper. In a round-up of the best headphones out available the Denon’s won out in the travel section.

‘This pair of on-ear headphones are deeply comfortable and offer great build quality.’ The Independent

These headphones will bring a touch of luxury to your travels boasting incredible noise cancellation and super soft memory foam fit. The Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’ have dual functionality and will operate both wirelessly and plugged in for in-flight use. Enjoy the freedom of having high quality wireless headphones and on-ear controls for the ultimate in ease of use.

If it’s incredible comfort and optimum function you’re after look no further than the Denon ‘Globe Cruisers’.


***Latest Christmas Delivery Dates***


Christmas Delivery Dates

To get your stocking filler before Santa slips down your chimney please see these time scales below.

Standard delivery: order before 1pm on Thursday 17th of December.
Expedited Delivery: order before 1pm on Monday the 21st of December.
International Delivery: order before 1pm on Wednesday 16th of December.




Amp3 Tech Spot: Popcorn Hour A-400 Firmware Update

Popcorn Hour A-400 Firmware Update

Popcorn Hour has released a major firmware update for their latest networked media tank, the A-400. Here are the details of the fixes and additions made to the new firmware:

Release Date: 12 December 2012

Firmware Version: 05-01-121206-24-POP-422-000

Firmware Fixes

- Fixed SD Card support to allow use of Class 10 speed cards.

- Fixed BD/TS/M2TS Changing Audio or Seek on playback needs long time to recover audio.

- Fixed 3D playback stability issues.

- Fixed an issue where files can’t play back after powering off (screen off) and back on again.

- Fixed blinking playback of video files at 24p frame rates

- Added remember last audio track when resuming playback

- Added faster zooming and panning of video.

- Removed Subtitle Shadow .

- Improved Framerate sync detection.

System Fixes

- Fixed screensaver still can see video at the overscan area of the screen.

- Fixed proxy setting which did not take effect upon the unit is rebooted.

- Fixed incorrect input after pressing QWE / ABC button on keyboard.

- Fixed incorrect icon display after pressing QWE / ABC button on keyboard.

- Fixed wrong error message for those characters which cannot be used when renaming files.

- Fixed issue of unit not booting when both sata and e-sata hard disks are used at the same time.

- Added support up to 16 usb/sata devices.

- Updated French and German translations.

Networked Media Jukebox Fixes

- Fixed NMJ Navigator power key not working when in power down mode

- Fixed wall view mode: just show grey image but not default photo image

- Fixed show undefined for search by artist at Dutch, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish & Swedish.

- Fixed incorrect input after pressing QWE / ABC button on keyboard

- Fixed incorrect icon display after pressing QWE / ABC button on keyboard

- Updated French, Dutch and German translations.

Apps Market Fixes

- Fixed stuck in loading screen for some language setting.

To Be Fixed In The Next Firmware Update

The following are known issues that have been detected and fixed by Popcorn Hour and will be included in the next firmware update:

- Subtitles have too much spacing between the lines.

- Youtube videos will flicker when the screen resolution is set to 1080p24.

- After the playback of any movie file, the photo viewer will show BMP photos too dark.

- Some MKV/M2TS video files with DTSHD audio will flicker (Sigma Designs who produce the System-on-Chip Processor/Graphics for the Popcorn Hour units are working on a fix)

- Samba Network streaming issues

- some MKV files with subtitles will freeze when the first subtitle should appear.

- External subtitles are shown inside the movie instead of in the black bar at the bottom of the screen.

To update your Popcorn A-400 select the option to check for firmware updates in the ‘Settings’ -> ‘Maintenance’ menu. This process will only take a couple of moments to download and install.

For more information on the update and for current news and work-in-progress developments regarding the A-400 and earlier models be sure to check out Popcorn Hour’s user forums at



Elliot video reviews the AH-D400 Urban Ravers from Denon.

Denon Urban Ravers AH-D400



These headphones are Beats beaters in terms of style and sound. With a funky light that encircles the on-ear control wheel and chunky over-ear design these headphones ooze street chic. Check out the video review here.

Their sounds boasts seriously big bass designed specifically for digital music. Enjoy everything from electro, house and hip-hop on these headphones.

For more information check out our hands on video review here.




Make your New Year’s Resolution easier with Jaybird Bluebuds X

Jaybird Bluebuds X


It might not even be Christmas yet but starting to think about a New Year’s Resolution is never far off. After all the partying, eating, drinking and general festive indulgence most of us turn to the gym or exercise in a panicked hurry after the 1st of January hits. The most common New Year’s Resolution (and probably the most dreaded) is to lose weight or get fit. So here’s a product to make this infinitely easier.


Clinical studies have shown that listening to music while exercising can make us 20% more productive. Now that’s a significant percentage. However, decent exercise earphones are hard to come by, that was until now.


The new Jaybird Bluebuds X happen to be the world’s smallest Bluetooth headphones that hold an 8 hour charge. So stick them in your ears, have total freedom from pesky wires and not worry about charging them all week.


With a totally enhanced sound these Bluebuds X sound sublime. Having gone through tonnes of in-studio testing these headphones have a radical reduction in white noise meaning you can listen to them for longer.


‘Every set of earphones I use fall out’ Not with the Bluebuds X. With a soon to be patented fit these headphones use ‘fins’ that are easily detached that sit comfortably in the crevice of your ears for added security. It takes a bit of fiddling but once you get the right fit, they won’t come loose. Not even when you’re on your last legs of a run and are desperately pressing at the on-ear controls to change to a more upbeat track and accidently tugging at them.


‘I don’t want to invest in headphones that are going to get ruined at the gym’ The Bluebuds X have a lifetime guarantee against sweat and are built to last. With a handy carry case they are protected from bangs and knocks in your gym bag. The perfectly sealed headset means they won’t suffer water damage or sweat corrosion. Enjoy a long partnership with these headphones.



So not only are they perfect for the gym, they also have a microphone making them ideal for calls and Skype conversations. Keep an eye on the Sleepover Reviews section of the website for a detailed non-exercise perspective on the Jaybird Bluebuds X as they are put through their paces with in-house reviewer, Elliot.

Fancy a pair? Get them today here.





Colorfly C3 gets 7/10 from Wired!


RATED: 7/10

‘Terrific sound, solid build, very portable’ Wired

The sublime Colorfly C3 has been reviewed by Wired online and has impressed with its ability to produce portable audiophile quality sound.

This luxury player is the baby sister of the Colorfly C4 – a seriously luxury player made with a wooden back panel and retro controls – and is as beautiful in sound as it is design.

Boasting a no nonsense user interface the C3 is designed to simply look incredible and sound incredible. No fuss or frills here. Simply it offers good looking portability with audiophile sound to boot. Wired said, ‘With good quality recordings, it sounds sublime.’

The C3 will play WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA and MP3 files so no matter what you use to listen to music, the C3 will play it. For an affordable answer to stylish sound, look no further than the C3.




Amp3 Technical Spot: Worlds smallest Bluetooth earphones?


Smallest Bluetooth Earphones Ever?


We couldn’t believe the size of Jaybird’s newest Bluetooth earphones when we first received in the first stock of the Bluebud X – they’re tiny, but also pack a punch in terms of features!

- High performance drivers specially designed for warm bass, balanced highs

with low mids to reduce listener fatigue.

- The smallest bluetooth headset currently available.

- Softer cord for free movement

- Enhanced Microphone for clearer voice call

- Control your music from your headset

- Take calls on the go, wirelessly

- Compatible with any A2DP Bluetooth stereo device

- Jaybird adapter avaialable for non-Bluetooth devices

- Sweat proof, lifetime warranty against sweat

- Up to 8 Hours of talk time/8hrs audio playback and up to 250hrs Stand by time

- Weigh only 13.8g.

Questions And Answers

We get quite a varied range of questions via our Technical Support phone line and we’re more than happy to help where we can. We’ll feature some of the more regular questions in this newsletter in case any of the answers are of interest.

Does the Colorfly C3 have gapless playback of WAV file albums?

At the moment, the C3 doesn’t support gapless playback. This might be addressed in a future firmware update however we can make no guarantee that this will happen.

When released, new firmware updates for the C3 and C4 will be available on Colorfly’s website at:

I’ve copied my iTunes files to my Xsories Aqua Note but I don’t hear any music?

The Xsories Aqua Note can only play certain types of music files, namely MP3 and unprotected WMA music files as mentioned in the instructions. It doesn’t support standard iTunes music files in either M4A or AAC format.

Using iTunes you can convert a song to a different file format while keeping a copy of the original. For example, you can save a copy of an uncompressed song file such as AIFF or WAV to a compressed format like MP3, AAC, or Apple Lossless Encoder.

When converting from a compressed to uncompressed file format (for example, from MP3 to AIFF) you shouldn’t notice any reduction in sound quality. However, when converting between compressed formats (for example MP3 and AAC), you may notice a reduction in the sound quality. For the best results, if you want your music encoded in a different file format, you should import the music again from the original source using the new encoding format.

To convert a song’s file format:

1)  Open iTunes Preferences.
Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.
Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.

2)    Click the General button, then click the Importing Settings button in the second section of the window.

3) From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you

want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings.

4)    Select one or more songs in your library, then from the Advanced menu,     choose one of the following (The menu item changes to show what’s selected in your Importing preferences):


- Create MP3 version

- Create AAC version

- Create AIFF version

- Create WAV version

- Create Apple Lossless version


If you haven’t imported some songs into iTunes yet, you can import and convert them at the same time. This will create a converted copy of the file in your iTunes Library based on your iTunes preferences. To convert all the songs in a folder or on a disk, hold down the Option key (Mac) or Shift key (Windows) and choose Advanced > Convert Import preference setting. The Import preference setting will match what you chose in step 3.

iTunes will prompt you for the location of the folder or disk you want to import and convert. All the songs in the folder or on the disk will be converted. Note: Some purchased songs are encoded using a protected AAC format that prevents them from being converted. iTunes Plus purchases are not protected and can be converted.

The song in its original format and the newly converted song appear in your library.


Amp3 at Gadget Show Live Christmas!

Gadget Show Live Christmas was a great success for us here at Amp3. We got to chat first hand with our customers and demo some of our greatest products. It was even host to the Jaybird BluebudsX launch!

On show at the event we had gear from SoundScience, the entire new range of Denon headphones, wireless wonders from Jaybird and little balls of fury, the X-mini speakers!

Gadget Show Live Christmas attracted gadget hunters from across the country to the sold out event where they could get everything from mobile accessories, specialist wood cutters and, of course, the very best from Amp3!




Polly and Jason review the Denon Urban Ravers AH-D400

Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Ravers’ Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone Remote Controls for iPhone/iPad/iPod



RATED 5/5 Gs!

‘They’re as dangerous as they are cool: Denon’s epic looking over earheadphones pack a giant volume knob on the cups, so you can crank them up to 11 on the go.’ Gadget Show

Exhibited at Gadget Show Live Christmas 2012 the Denon AH-D400 ‘Urban Ravers’ took the fancy of presenters Jason and Polly who put them to the test on a busy London train. The headphones held up and the presenters were particularly taken with the Denon app. See the website review here.

Denon have incorporated awesome sound in the form of 50mm drivers into the street styled AH-D400s. Unlike any headphones out there the Urban Ravers produce an unrivalled sonic performance at the £249.99 price point AND are stylish to boot.


Move over Dre Beats! These Ravers definitely have the edge on cool. On-ear controls mean with a simple twist of the control dial you can change track, volume, answer a call and hang up – all from one place! To top it all off, there’s even a cool LED light to keep you entertained.

If you’re a fan of digital music, these are for you. Boasting a deep and controlled bass these Ravers are suited to electro, techno, hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass genres particularly. Packed full of proprietary Denon tech you can rest assured these are going to sound amazing.


With the exclusive Denon app you’ve got one touch access to song lyrics, can update Facebook or Twitter with what your listening to and listen to digital radio via Tune-In integration!

So what are you waiting for?!