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The Revo PiXiS DAB and DAB+ radio wins Which? Best Buy Award

RevoRevo PiXiS DAB and DAB+


As the first sub £100 DAB/DAB+ radio with colour touchscreen the Revo PiXiS had a lot to live up to coming as the latest in a strong line of Revo radios.

Fitted with a bright 3.5” colour touch screen the PiXiS delivers cutting edge technology at an affordable price. The compact clock will sit neatly on a bedside table or in the kitchen without being cumbersome. Despite its sleek size the PiXiS delivers controlled levels of bass and clarity of sound.

Wake up to your favourite radio station accompanied by visual information presented on the beautifully bright TFT screen.

“We sent it to our lab to see if it made the grade… and make the grade it did.  Easy to use controls, decent alarm options and a pleasing sound mean Revo walks away with its first Best Buy award.” Which?

For more information on the Revo PiXiS, click here.



New Sony Under Water Wireless Headphones!

Sony NWZ-W273



Whether you’re training for a triathlon, bored of swimming lengths or just want a set of headphones you can continue wearing in the shower after an intense work out, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W273 headphones. These are fully waterproof headphones that are designed to work as well under water as they are above it.

Better yet, they are totally wireless and come with an in-built 4GB mp3 player. Just enough room to fit all of you most motivational music without having to lug around your phone or mp3 player.

Check these all round sports headphones out here.




Brand New Bluetooth Travel Speaker on the Block

Matrix ONE Bluetooth Speaker


At Amp3 we stock a lot of portable speakers and one thing we get asked a lot about is Bluetooth connectivity. Until now, we’ve not stocked a travel speaker that was both highly portable and capable of pairing wirelessly with your gadgets.

Now you can have the best of both worlds with the Matrix One Bluetooth speaker. With 3.5 watts of power this speaker will easily fill a large room with warm, well balanced sound. In fact, it is the loudest speaker in the world for its size!

Enjoy the luxury of pairing your device with the speaker and freely wander around the room. Change track or volume remotely and if you get a call while using your phone  simply answer it while it routes through the speaker.

For more information, check it out here.




Capture a meteor landing with the Cowon Auto Capsule AW1

Cowon AW1

Footage of the meteor shower that dazzled Russia on February 15 took the world by storm thanks to everyday commuters who caught the incredible meteor crash from cameras on their dashboards.

Dash-cams are growing in popularity as they provide key evidence in road incident cases – and even capture key astronomical moments in history! This kind of video evidence is becoming so valuable that it is even rumoured to be taking insurance premiums down a notch for drivers who’ve a dash-cam installed.

So, with a fractional chance of capturing a meteor shower and with the ability to provide quantifiable evidence in a road incident, what are you waiting for?

The Cowon AW1 provides full HD images and an array of smart technology to make sure it’s got you covered. Being Wi-Fi enabled and in conjunction with the Cowon app you can access your files from the AW1 remotely from a smartphone and other devices.

Images can be captured in low light with ultra-sensitive triggers setting the camera off so you never miss a thing.


Click here for more information.



Amp3 Tech Spot: Removing sound limit on Cowon Z2

Removing the volume limitation on the Cowon Z2

As with most players supplied within the EU from major manufacturers such as Cowon, Sony etc there will be a volume limitation applied to comply with EU regulations, however depending on your earphones or external speaker the output may be too quiet.

With the latest firmware for the Z2, Cowon have given the user the facility to change the settings to remove the volume limitation if required.

First, ensure you have the latest firmware installed on your Z2 – version 4.35. If not, you can download the firmware from Cowon’s website at:

You’ll also find instructions on how to install it onto the Z2.

Once installed, there will now be a region setting which you can change.

In the ‘Settings’ app select the ‘Privacy’ option. Scroll down the screen and the bottom option will be ‘Select Region’.

This can be set to one of three options:

European Union

North America


If European Union is selected the output volume from the Z2 will be limited, so select either North America or Global to disable the limitation.



Cowon unleash EM1 headphones. See what they’re made of here!

Cowon EM1


Cowon are better known in this country for their incredible sounding media players that have wowed the ears of audiophiles for years. Now they’ve brought out a set of headphones that look the part of top of the range headphones but are priced considerably lower.

At £19.99 they don’t set the tone for anything special but like the SoundMagic range of headphones they certainly punch above their modest price point.

With a quality flat cable and dynamic tips these headphones will sit comfortably in ear without worry of entanglement.

With an impedance measure of 16 ohm the EM1 headphones deliver clear and crisp sound with precise instrumental and vocal detail.


Available soon!


Wireless wonder! Connect your iPhone 5 with old docking stations!

dockBoss air



Listening to music on your iPhone has never been easier than with the dockBoss air. Simply, park the dockBoss in a docking station and control your music wirelessly. Using a Bluetooth connection, with a range of up to 10 metres, you can keep your phone on you without having to go back and forward changing tracks or picking up messages.


Perfect for iPhone 5 or Android users as they will be able to connect and utilise the huge range of docking stations built for the older iPhone models. Enjoy the freedom of being completely without cables.


Check out the demo video here.




Jaybird Bluebuds X rated ‘Best for Style’ by Gold Medal Olympian. See who it was here!

Jaybird Bluebuds X


The Jaybird Bluebuds X have worked their way into stylish men’s mag, GQ where their own stylish credentials were championed by non-other than Christine Ohuruogu.

How better to test a group of sports headphones than by charging an Olympic, World and Commonwealth Champion with the task. If there’s anyone who’s going to know about endurance running and sweat it’s 400m runner Christine Ohuruogu.

The Bluebuds X are the smallest Bluetooth buds on the market that hold an 8 hour charge. So if you’ve got a training schedule anything like Christine’s (or not!) you’ll have plenty of juice to keep you going. Music can boost performance by 20% so having the right earphones for exercise is crucial.

With a lifetime guarantee against sweat, a patented secure fit system and sublime sound, the Bluebuds X will give you that extra boost to help reach your new personal best.

What’s more, Christine Ohuruogu not only rated them as one of the very best sports headphones around but the best for style.



E17 Wins Editors’ Choice Award at Sound + Vision Magazine. Read More Here

FiiO E17 Alpen



The FiiO E17 has come out top trumps at the Editors’ Choice Awards for Sound + Vision Magazine. Rated as one of the 23 best audio and video products of 2012 the FiiO E17 proved its merit to the tough panel of editors.


The E17 is a portable headphone amplifier with an on board digital audio converter (DAC). So not only will the E17 take you lacklustre files and give them a huge volume boost but it will transform those files into an unrecognisably brilliant sound. With the ability to drive high powered headphones the E17 is all you need to give ordinary music files an audiophile makeover.



If that’s not enough for you, the E17 can also function as the brains of your desktop system. Via a docking connector, you can use the E17′s DAC to feed the the E09K desktop headphone amp [£109], which will provide all the current you might need for home listening. And you can pick up both units for significantly less than you’d spend on many comparable portable headphone amps alone. Now that’s a bargain.’ Sound + Vision