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If Ferrari made headphones…

Ferrari by Logic 3 S100i Scuderia Noise Isolating Earphones with Mic and 3 Button Remote – Red



Well it’s your lucky day. They do. Maintaining some of the key Ferrari car features and design queues the Ferrari by Logic 3 S100i Scuderia noise-isolating earphones are as stylish as the car and as high performing too.

Built with an in-line mic and controls these headphones will enable you to change track or volume easily or even pick up or make calls on the move.

The Ferrari Scuderia earphones are inspired by the competition, speed and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team. They even come with a cool looking carry case. So expect big things.


Check out more on the headphones here.



Brand New Bluetooth Speaker on the Block

iRiver IBA-50 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Black


This high quality speaker will connect wirelessly to any of your Bluetooth enabled gadgets and deliver high quality and balanced sound.

This smart speaker has been specifically designed to take anywhere but to produce the quality of sound normally expected from a wired device. Great for the kitchen or office with beautiful room filling sound but portable enough to pop in a bag to take to the park.

Place your device up to 33 feet from the speaker without jeopardising the sound from one of the two 1.8 watt speakers. Even if your device is not Bluetooth enabled, you can still connect your mp3 player, laptop, tablet via the 3.5mm jack.

With 8 hours of batter life and a crisp stylish design.

Get yours today for £59.



AMP3 Tech Spot: Improved Operating System Support From Cowon

Improved Operating System Support From Cowon

Cowon have patched the firmware for several of their leading MP3 / PMP players to rectify problems encountered with some operating systems.

By updating the firmware to the latest version for the iAudio 10, X7 and X9 there should be no remaining issues with using your Cowon player with MacOS X, Linux and Windows 7 64-bit.

The firmware updates can be downloaded from Cowon’s webpage at:

And the latest firmware versions that have been patched are:

Cowon iAudio 10 – v1.08

Cowon X7 – v2.09

Cowon X9 – v2.02

Full instructions are provided with the firmware updates to show how the updates are copied to the player and the steps involved with ensuring the update is successful.

The final step in the update is critical, after updating the firmware on the player you must now reformat the player’s memory.

With the iAudio 10 and X9, connect the player to your computer and format via Windows’ Windows Explorer or Disk Utility in MacOS. With the X7 you can format the internal flash memory by the same method, but you will then also have to format the hard disk drive via the settings on the player. (Settings -> System -> Information -> Format).

Two discontinued Cowon players have also had patched firmware released, namely the C2 and J3. Both of these updates are available on Cowon’s webpage too. (C2 – version 1.17, J3 version 2.29).


The Cowon D20 has landed at Amp3!

Cowon D20 32GB


The D2+ has been given a huge makeover and has re-emerged as the D20! With impressive file support that includes MP3, WMA, FLAC, OGG, APE and WAV the D20 will play a host of high capacity files so you get the very best audio from your tracks.

Now compatible with SD cards, expand the memory up to 32GB giving you plenty of room for music, videos and images. Carry all your favourite media with you wherever you go.

Enjoy said media on the crisp and clear TFT 2.5 inch touch screen.

For more information click here.



The Baby Speaker that Bites

Matrix Audio Qube


The Matrix Audio Qube is a brand new pocket speaker that packs serious punch. Smaller than a golf ball the Qube is charged with 3 watts of output giving it enough power to comfortably fill a room with warm, well rounded sound. Using Passive Vibrating Bass technology the Qube reproduces sound in stunning clarity and is equipped with an 8 hour rechargeable battery.

Measuring only 38mm x 38mm x 38mm this tiny speaker is small enough to put into a briefcase, handbag or pocket for instant amplification on the move. The 3.5mm jack makes the Qube a perfect partner for phones, mp3 players, tablets, laptops and computers.

Now if that’s not persuaded you, the Matrix Audio Qube was rated as one of the top gadgets at CES by the BBC, one of the top gadgets for adults by Wired and Accessory Spotter gave it a Silver Award for Best Portable Speaker at CES stating: ‘ts perfect for stowing in your pocket or bag with no hassle, and that’s what makes it a winner for us.’


Why the Astell & Kern AK100’s MQS Sound Will Blow You Out of the Water

Astell and Kern AK100


The Astell & Kern AK100 is a portable music player that produces unbelievable hi-fi sound. Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) is available on the move and played in ultra high resolution sound quality up to 24bit/192 kHz. The AK100 delivers better than CD sound from a feature loaded, luxury player.

The sound quality improvement between studio quality 24bit source music files and 16bit CD or MP3 quality files can be clearly heard and felt. With the encoding process in the AK100 MQS Portable System, MQS music and sounds are far more refined and pure.

Music lovers will finally get the quality they have been longing for ever since the MP3 was introduced” said Henry Park, CEO of iriver. “A small, light, and portable product that meets the same exacting standards found in expensive hi-fi audio systems. Our MQS is considered as the last phase of sound produced in mastering studios and uses ultra-high resolution sound quality.



Sony’s New 200w Sophisticated and Sleek Speaker Dock

Sony XA900


Brand new to Amp3 is the Sony wireless speaker dock with AirPlay and Bluetooth.

With Airplay enabled devices such as an iPhone iPod Touch or iPad connect up to the Sony XA900 effortlessly and stream music without letting go of your device!

With a massive 200 watts of power output you’ll be the envy of all your guests as precise and punchy audio is played through the speaker. Not genre specific this speaker is ideal for all kinds of music ranging from classical to hip hop.

Though the Sony XA900 has monster sound the build of it is sleek and stylish. With beautifully rounded edges and a central dock the speaker is aesthetically pleasing no matter how you look at it.



Video Preview of NEW Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker!

Coming soon: Damson Twist Bluetooth Speaker

We love a travel speaker here at Amp3 Towers and we also love intuitiveness and design. With the soon to be arriving Damson Twist, we’ll have all that and more. This clever Bluetooth speaker uses the surface it is placed on as a means to producing sound. That invites all kinds of creative ways to generate sound. Check out ours here.

With a reassuring weightiness this speaker is small enough to be placed in a handbag or pocket and taken anywhere and placed anywhere.

Check out the video of the speaker in action here.

For more information click here.



Tried and Tested: The Matrix One Speaker Video Review Is Here!

Matrix One Bluetooth Travel Speaker


The travel speaker market has been crying out for a decent Bluetooth speaker and now, recently landed at Amp3 HQ, is the Matrix Audio One. Bluetooth simply makes hooking up to your phone or Bluetooth device that little bit easier and doesn’t mean your device is tied to wherever the speaker is.

AND not only can you wander ‘til your heart’s content (up to 10m!) but you can also make or answer calls with the speaker. Use it for conference calls or simply as a hands free kit.


**Check out the Amp3 review video here**


The Matrix One is available now for £59.99