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Sony Unleash New Awesome Earphones



We’re incredibly pleased to announce that Advanced MP3 Players will be stocking the fantastic new range of premium quality earphones from Sony. Not only do these earphones look modern and stylish but they’ll also work wonders in making the most of your music. Ranging between £99.00 and £179.00 there’s a little something for everyone and nearly any budget.


These earphones feature Balanced Armature drivers and deliver a rich, full sound with strong bass, clear vocals, and bright, clear mids and high frequencies. Furthermore, there are versions with inline remotes and mics for music lovers who want to use a mobile phone to listen to songs and don’t want to miss any incoming calls. Most importantly these earphones are unobtrusive in the ear and have a very decent fit – this means that you shouldn’t have to worry about sore ears of buds falling out and spoiling your enjoyment.


So, if you’re looking for a new set of earphones and want strong sound, bold design and plenty of comfort then these new offerings from Sony come highly recommended. You can find more information about these new earphones at the links below and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate getting in touch.


Sony XBA-2 Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones (£99.00).

Sony XBA-2iP Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones with Inline remote and mic (£120.00).

Sony XBA-4 Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Headphones (£159.00).

Sony XBA-4iP Premium Quality In-Ear Noise Isolating Balanced Armature Heaphones with Inline remote and mic (£179.00).





Stunning New Player and Earphones from Astell & Kern



Astell & Kern AK240 256GB Portable High Fidelity Sound System with MQS (Mastering Quality Sound) and DSD Support

Price: £2,199.99



Astell & Kern have once again managed to move the goal posts with their brand new AK240 high fidelity sound system and gorgeous looking AKR02 earphones. If you’ve ever fantasised about shrinking your beloved stereo so you could take it with you on the move then look no further than the AK240 as it’s near-guaranteed to bring a huge smile to your face.


Building strongly on the success of the wonderful AK100 and AK120 series of players the AK240 is armed with a Dual DAC setup to create better separation between the channels and provided a clearer sound quality and features an absolutely staggering 256GB internal memory. There’s also a Micro SD card slot which will accept a 128GB card and with the addition of one of these cards the AK240 can support up to a total memory capacity of 384GB.


Not stopping there, Astell & Kern have an arsenal of other sought after features to impress you with. There’s USB DAC functionality for improving the sound from your computer, a 10-Band 0.5dB-step EQ, both balanced and unbalanced 3.5mm outputs and they even throw in a beautiful leather case to protect your new pocket HiFi. Moreover, you can now forget about twiddling your thumbs while watching the progress bar when transferring music to the player as the AK240 features MQS streaming, through the Astell&Kern MQS streaming server software, and makes it ideal for using the player as a home stereo over your network.


What is really interesting about the AK240 though is the fact that the player features native DSD Support, a digital audio file format originally developed for SACDs (Super Audio CD). Basically compared to regular audio CDs with 16bit/44.1kHz PCM format, SACD’s recording frequency goes up to 100kHz and the dynamic range goes beyond 120dB while maintaining sound clarity during the transmission. This means that the music you’re listening to is as close to the original studio recording as possible.




Astell & Kern AKR02 Balanced Armature Earphones with BAM (Balanced Air Movement) Technology

Price: £999.99 (£899.99 when purchased with the AK240)



If you own a player which is as jaw-droppingly good as the AK240 then you need some serious earphones to compliment the sheer sound quality which is produced. Fortunately Astell & Kern have you covered here with their new AKR02 Balanced Armature earphones.


These earphones provide a host of handy features to ensure that the quality of your music is reproduced in a way which does them justice, such as the removable oxygen-free copper cable and connectors. However, the real magic arrives in the form of coupling the custom Balanced Armature drivers with Balancing Air Movement (BAM) technology. This technology allows airflow to the BA unit and not only maximises the bass tones but overcomes the weakness of low frequency response found in typical BA driver units.


Both the Astell & Kern AK240 and the AKR02 Balanced Armature earphones are available from Advanced MP3 Players right now and if you’re a music lover than we’re certain that these wonderful products will leave you in audio bliss.