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Jabra Revo Corded Stereo Headphone



The Jabra Revo headphones are an instant favourite.


As I usually find on-ear headphones uncomfortable, I was very pleasantly surprised by Jabra’s stylish offering in the Revo.


First off, at 240g they are much lighter than the old Audiotechnica’s I’m used to. The ergonomic design doesn’t compromise build quality though, these things feel as if they could take a beating. On top of this the Jabra Revos are pretty stylish too, so you’ll look as good wearing them as your music sounds through them.


The Revo’s sound was rather warm and bassy which I liked, giving much more depth to my music than the old Sony numbers I normally use when traveling – Led Zeppelin sounded great through them. That being said, the powerful bass is not balanced at the higher end, so these may appeal more to low-frequency lovers.


The Revo have an in-line microphone to answer incoming calls if plugged into your mobile and multipurpose control for pausing and skipping through tracks. The wire itself feels tough and very well protected in its casing, no worries of wire breakage here.


Perhaps a little bit of a novelty, but my favourite feature has to be the touch controls.  Located on the right-hand side, the Revo’s touch-sensitive controls are a great addition, meaning you can pause, skip and change the volume on the track you are listening to without reaching into your pocket. The controls took a few seconds to get used to, but are a great feature and a real benefit. One small quibble though: there is no option to scroll through a song.


The tough hinges on either side of the frame enable the Revo’s to be folded making them more portable. The Revo’s are also shipped with a little protective bag so you can keep your shiny new headphones well, shiny.


In conclusion then, the Jabra Revo’s are durable yet stylish, have a robust sound, a 3.5mm jack with in-line mic and controls and are pretty comfortable to wear.



-          Touch-sensitive controls

-          Great sound and build quality

-          Built-in mic


-          Perhaps too bassy for some

-          Sound leakage at high volumes

-          Exposed wires catch wind


Check them out at the link below: