Cyber Clean – An Amazing Gadget-Cleaning Abilities!

With your new Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty Zip Bag

Say Goodbye to dust particles, dead skin and bacteria on your electronic devices!

The Scotsman tried and reviewed this new gadget:

“From a carpet of hair and skin fragments nestling between the buttons of your keyboard, to a remote control that looks like it’s been greased for a round of sumo wrestling, gadgets can become quite grotty.”

“Cyber Clean comes in a little Ziploc bag that proclaims its amazing gadget-cleaning abilities – “Press it on and the dirt is gone!” and “Proven to kill 99.999 per cent of germs”.”

“It works relatively well, although bear in mind that hardened keyboard grime may need deeper excavations.” (full review here)

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Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 75g Foil Zip Bag – £5.99 / WAS £6.95

Other cleaning product available:

Cyber Clean Home & Office Cleaning Putty – 145g Standard Cup – Only £4.90 (Was £6.95)

Read more about it here

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