Capture a meteor landing with the Cowon Auto Capsule AW1

Cowon AW1

Footage of the meteor shower that dazzled Russia on February 15 took the world by storm thanks to everyday commuters who caught the incredible meteor crash from cameras on their dashboards.

Dash-cams are growing in popularity as they provide key evidence in road incident cases – and even capture key astronomical moments in history! This kind of video evidence is becoming so valuable that it is even rumoured to be taking insurance premiums down a notch for drivers who’ve a dash-cam installed.

So, with a fractional chance of capturing a meteor shower and with the ability to provide quantifiable evidence in a road incident, what are you waiting for?

The Cowon AW1 provides full HD images and an array of smart technology to make sure it’s got you covered. Being Wi-Fi enabled and in conjunction with the Cowon app you can access your files from the AW1 remotely from a smartphone and other devices.

Images can be captured in low light with ultra-sensitive triggers setting the camera off so you never miss a thing.


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