The exo2 StormWalker 2 heated jacket – a lesson in survival.

exo StormWalker 2


Though it pains me to say it, summer is almost over. Autumn is on our doorstep and as we brace ourselves for winter’s cruel icy hand to snatch away the rest of summer, we turn our thoughts to winter wardrobes. Now, this blog post is far from a lecture about patterns, cuts, shapes and styles better suited to the pages of Vogue – it’s a blog about survival.

In a country that boasts barely distinguishable seasons this might not seem like such a worry. “Ach, the old parka will do another year” you say. Well good luck to you.

Lest we forget the great snowfall of 2010 or indeed the incapacitating blanket of icy whiteness of last year. These unusual snowy cold snaps render a country incapable of basic operation. Public transport comes to a standstill. Nobody leaves the house. Schools shut. Cabin fever sets in and we curse our incapacity to survive normal winter weather.

So how do we prepare for this? If our local councils and governments won’t commit to the right infrastructures to cope with this weather then we must do so for ourselves, at least.

With the exo range of heated garments we can ensure that despite the bitter climate, we can rely on outdoor gear that will go the extra mile to keep us warm and cosy. Enveloped in an exo jacket, gloves and shoes, we too can go the extra mile. Without fear we can trudge forth with blazoning ease through the snow, ice and whatever else Mother Nature throws at us this winter. We can go get the milk, get to work and get on with life!

The exo2 StormWalker jacket was recently featured on the Channel 4 show, Gadget Man, where host Richard Ayoade professes the jacket comes with “revolutionary polymer”.

So fear not dear, petrified reader. This revolutionary polymer will get you through winter. Despite this blog instilling fear like an Al Gore global warming lecture, there’s light (and warmth) at the end of the tunnel.



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