Brand new Sony NWZ-F886 packs it all in and delivers a serious punch

Sony NWZ-F886

Sony have never disappointed with their lines of music and media players. Always punching way above the standard of midrange offerings currently on the market Sony have consistently delivered incredible sound from incredible players.

The new Sony NWZ-F886 is no exception. This is a multifunctional player built for people who love music. Audiophiles will delight in such a beautiful unit capable of FLAC and Apple lossless formats while still maintaining an easy user interface and quality features to boast about. When it comes to audiophile music players it’s not often that you get a player with good memory space, a decent user interface and outstanding features. But with the Sony, you get this and more.

The Sony NWZ-F886 manages to incorporate all of this and pull it off exquisitely. Some of the main features are an inbuilt S-Master HX Digital Amplifier for added volume, digital noise cancelling capabilities and one-touch listening via NFC. There’s connection to the Google Play store and ability to download Android apps for a social side too.

We’re expecting the Sony NWZ-F886 at Amp3 very soon so keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for updates! For now, have a gander at the Sony site for further info.


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