The future of headphones? New Sony MDR-10RBTs blaze ahead of the game


*Coming soon to Amp3*

At Amp3 we are giddily expecting the arrival of the new Sony MDR-10RBT headphones. These sleek, savvy and sound worthy headphones are sure to excite your aural senses. Sony are pioneers in tech and their incorporation of NFC technology might not be totally unique but the quality in which they do so is. Remember the first Bluetooth headphones out there? The sound crackled like your grandparents’ wireless if not within inches of the Bluetooth source. Now look where we are, with the likes of Jaybird you get 30 feet of distance while still maintaining impeccable sound quality.

Sony are the same for both Bluetooth and NFC connections. NFC enables an easy one click connection for instant listening. Listen to music without preparing to pair up like you would a NASA space shuttle launch. No trying to figure out where your Bluetooth is located, no draining the battery and no setting up – just click and play. It’s simple and easy and you reap great rewards.

Aural rewards. Packed with a 40mm neodymium driver you’ll not only hear everything, you’ll feel feel everything and experience the music as it’s meant to be heard. The Sony  MDR-10RBT headphones deliver across the spectrum offering deep-bass, rich mid-levels and electric high-ends.

Due to a sensibly sealed design, there’s not outside noise pollution – just you and the music.

We’re expecting these in shortly so keep your eyes on the website.


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