CordCruncher Deliver Customisable Headphones That Won’t Tangle


That’s right! You read it correctly – there’s yet another new product coming to Amp3 HQ!

To add to the growing list of things to get crazy excited about we’ve got a product that is, quite simply, keeping it real. The CordCruncher! No technological wonderment, no pioneering the next revolutionary way we listen to music and certainly none of this impedance, FLAC and frequency response jargon to dizzy our perception of what an mp3 player or headphones actually do. Instead, we’ve got the mercifully simple but wonderfully innovative CordCruncher.


I see you, CordCruncher!

A set of headphones that come in an extremely exciting array of colours that promises not to tangle. Who’da thunkit?! Tangled wires are the age old headphone problem each and every one of us has been plagued by. Unlike with other headphones, where problem solving and patience have been pushed to the brink, the CordCruncher relieves us of this knotted nightmare by simply, not getting knotted.

This ingenuity comes in the form of an elasticated rubber tube that saves us this tangled misery and grants us a cable extension. Yes, you simply pull the Cordcruncher headphones from the top and the jack from the bottom and you’ve got a set of headphones stretching to 3.5 feet!



Now here is the really exciting bit. With hot pink, electric blue, ecstatic green and well, standard black to choose from it would be a crying shame to pigeonhole such perfectly pigmented CordCruncher headphones as just headphones. Luckily for us, THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. With the ability to secure the jack into the other end of the elasticated tube (where the ‘phones are at) you create a loop. Voila! Saturday night’s accessory strife is sorted by the CordCruncher. Wear it as a necklace, wristband or headband and ascend the ranks of ironic accessory hierarchy faster than you can say ‘hipster’.

CordCruncher, coming to a catwalk near you



From humble beginnings came Moxytronix. Established in Nevada, Las Vegas and born out of ‘creative chaos’ these guys set out to eliminate ‘daily inconveniences and frustrations that are often taken for granted’ – according to their website. From this chaos and with a little help from friends and a Kickstarter campaign, came the CordCruncher.



These headphones do their job well, relieve us of pesky cable knots and will soon be personally recommended as an accessory must-have by Anna Wintour (really, it’s only a matter of time). So what’s not to love?! Nothing.

Saturday night CordCruncher chic

Watch out for them on the website!

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