Sony Walkman Roundup


The Sony NWZ-A15 (£159)


Sony have always been a big name in the portable audio world, and with the recent announcement at CES 2015 of their new Flagship player the NWZ-ZX2, Sony is really pulling out the big guns in order to push High Resolution audio.


The new NWZ-ZX2 won’t be available for some time unfortunately, but we have plenty of other Sony goodies to keep you busy until then. Read on for a roundup of Sony players now available at AMP3.


Sony NWZ-A15

The A15 was launched later last year and has proven hugely popular since it became available. The A15 is marketed as the ‘smallest and lightest’ High Resolution player on the market, and it certainly is very small; weighing in at a measly 66g you’re likely to forget that the player is in your pocket.


The A15 boasts an impressive 30 hour playback when listening to High Resolution files, and this jumps up to 50 hours when using plain old MP3s, meaning fewer charges and more time listening.


The player supports a multitude of file formats making it compatible with all the latest High Resolution download services. (Find Sony’s list of High Resolution download services here: http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/hi-res-audio-music-services)


The A15 is available with 16GB of internal memory and this is expandable via Micro SD card by up to 128GB. The player also features NFC and Bluetooth for easy pairing to your favourite Bluetooth speakers or earphones.


Head to the product page to get more info and pricing:

Sony NWZ-A15 16GB High-Resolution Walkman® – The Smallest and Lightest High-Res Audio Player


Sony NWZ-ZE585

The Sony ZE585 is Sony’s budget player, but don’t let that fool you – the ZE585 is still a great player.


The ZE585 ships with 16GB of storage, and boasts an impressive 77 hour battery life from a single charge. The ZE585 also features Sony’s ClearAudio+ software to optimise listening settings for each track and digital noise cancelling said to remove up to 98% of ambient sound so you can focus on the music.


Head over to the product page for more details:

Sony NWZE585 16GB MP3 Walkman Player with Video and Noise Cancelling


Sony NWZ-M504

Sony’s NWZ-M504 Walkman is a tiny MP3 player that has some interesting features.


Sony NWZ-M504 (£129)


The M504 has 8GB of internal memory allowing you to transfer about 1000 songs to the player, and will last for 15 hours of continuous music playback. It also features a tiny 0.9inch screen and Digital Noise Cancelling. Pretty standard issue stuff.


The interesting features come in to play when you hook the M504 up to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth. Not only can the M504 act as a headset for your smartphone, but you can wirelessly stream music and even enhance the sound quality as you do so – pretty neat for such a small player.


Head over to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-M504 8GB Walkman® with NFC & Bluetooth


Sony WS Series

The WS Series has been designed by Sony for people with active lifestyles.


NWS-WS Series - available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

NWS-WS Series – available in 4GB and 16GB (from £129)

The WS Series combine in ear wireless headphones and a light-weight mp3 player to allow freedom of movement whilst on the go.


The WS Series can be controlled by buttons on either earpiece or wirelessly with the included compact ring remote, allowing you to change tracks easily when you need a little extra motivation in the gym.


The players are waterproof making the WS Series perfect for use in the pool or other fresh water sports.
Add to this a lightning fast 3 minute charge (up to 60 minutes playback) and the ability to connect your smartphone or other device via NFC and Bluetooth and you truly have a very versatile MP3 player perfect for those with active lifestyles.


Head to the product page to get more details:

Sony NWZ-WS615 Waterproof 16GB WS Series Sports MP3 Walkman


There we have it, all the newest Sony players available at AMP3. Keep your eyes glued to our Facebook page and the blog for updates on Sony’s NWZ-ZX2!


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