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Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s New Flagship NWZ-ZX2 Coming Soon to AMP3


Sony's new flagship player - NWZ-ZX2 (£949)

Sony’s new flagship player – NWZ-ZX2 (£949)


Coming soon to AMP3, Sony’s new flagship audio player has been turning some heads already.


With Sony making a public commitment to high resolution audio last year they have really stepped up their game in pushing hi-res format (they even had Moby explain why Hi-Res is important), and the new NWZ-ZX2 is the culmination of their commitment to high resolution.


Released as part of a raft of new portable players, headphones and speakers the ZX2 stands out immediately from other audio players for its price. At just under £1000 it seems that Sony are asking rather a lot for a portable audio player, especially considering that most of us now carry smartphones everywhere we go – some of which are capable of playing some high resolution formats.


The ZX2 ships with a nice leather case to keep the screen protected

This being said, a closer look at the features of the NWZ-ZX2 shows you where your money is going.

And there are plenty of features here too. Being Sony’s new flagship player the ZX2 supports all the usual digital formats meaning it will play pretty much whatever you throw at it, including PCM and DSD files.


As with many of Sony’s newer devices, the ZX2 Walkman features a clever piece of software developed by Sony in their quest to bring hi res to the masses. The DSEE HX™ software boasts the ability to improve the sound quality of your music, even if you aren’t using high resolution files.


Now, some audiophiles out there will tell you that it’s impossible to take a format such as MP3 and ‘boost’ it to high resolution quality, and they’d be right; your player can’t decode information that isn’t there in the first place. And this is the reason Sony’s DSEE HX technology is so clever – it is essentially is an algorithm designed to scan your files and to ‘predict’ what information appears to be missing, resulting in a smoother waveform and upscaling your MP3 to ‘near hi-res audio’.

Some may call it a gimmick but it actually works surprisingly well, helping to smooth things out and giving a clearer sound.

Talking about clever tech developed by Sony we should probably mention the fact that the ZX2 features a special new audio technology developed by Sony called LDAC. Normally Bluetooth will downgrade your audio quality as the wireless technology simply can’t transfer enough data; aptX Bluetooth won’t even bring you CD-quality playback. Transferring up to 3x the data, LDAC allows high quality wireless listening through compatible devices.


Along with this the ZX2 features NFC compatibility allowing you to connect to your favourite devices with a single touch.


The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection

The ZX2 features NFC one-touch connection


The ZX2 has updated on the original ZX1’s design, offering a more streamlined player with rounded edges and recessed buttons. The ZX2 also ships with a snug leather case, allowing access to all the physical buttons, but keeping your screen well protected. The screen itself is a high quality 4inch touch-screen and the ZX2 runs Android 4.2 meaning you can connect to the Google Play store.


The battery life has also been extended to 60 hours of MP3 playback and up to 33 hours of hi-res audio playback. The 128GB internal memory can be supplemented by a Micro SD card giving you plenty of scope to carry your music library wherever you go.


All in all the Sony NWZ-ZX2 is an impressive piece of kit. Perhaps bearing a large price-tag, but the ZX2 is packed full of specialist technology designed specifically by Sony to give you the best listening experience wherever you are. And all of this for less than half the price of an Astell & Kern AK240; bargain.

The Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution is expected to be in stock by the beginning of March.

Head over to AMP3 for further details:

Sony NWZ-ZX2 High-Resolution Walkman


DACs for your ‘phones?


Zorloo Z:ero


With greater demand for higher sound quality whilst on the move some manufacturers have come up with a novel way of getting you the quality you demand – earphones with integrated DACs.

The earphone manufacturer Zorloo has designed the ‘World’s First’ digital earphone, the bizarrely named Z:ero, which plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone to provide you with digital audio output. With a Wolfson DAC and a headphone amplifier crammed into the in-line control, the Zorloo Z:ero is definitely more portable than carrying around a separate DAC and amp.


FiiO E18

Previously audiophiles on the move would have to carry around amplifier/DAC combos such as the FiiO E18

But Zorloo aren’t the only people to offer headphones with built-in DACs. Sony has already released the MDR-1ADAC, a set of over-ear headphones with a built-in DAC, and Philips demoed their new NC1L noise cancelling headphones at CES 2015, which has an integrated 24-bit DAC designed to give Apple users superior audio via the Lightning port on their device.


Zorloo may not have gotten there first, but incorporating DACs into earphones and headphones may be the start of a new trend as manufacturers look to target the more discerning smartphone audio enthusiasts.


Keep your eyes on the blog and our Facebook page for further updates!


Interested in portable amps and DACs? Follow the link below to see our full range:




dockBoss and dockBoss+ arrive at Amp3! Rated 80% by RegHardware


Ever have a look around a shop and noticed how much preference there is for Apple products? Probably not if you’re using an Apple product already – which is true for most people out there. A serious problem lies ahead for those of us using any product but an Apple product when on the lookout for speakers. In every shop the majority of speakers will likely be fitted with a 30-pin dock suitable for Apple products only. Finally, a solution is available. Enter the dockBoss converter.

The dockBoss and dockBoss+ are innovative devices that instantly make an iPod dock compatible with a wide range of players. They ‘speak the language of all systems’ where one end of the dockBoss connects to the iPod dock and the other is a standard 3.5mm jack that fits a range of audio-output devices including laptops and portable radios. Hurrah! Finally a way to benefit from an Apple dominated market without an Apple product!

Even better, they love it at RegHardware too! It is RegHardware Recommended and was rated 80%!

A winning product all round. Don’t hesitate to get yours today!

~ The dockBoss is £22.99 ~

~ The dockBoss+ is £29.99 ~


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Holawin 7″ an excellent entry level product that exceeds its price point

Holawin 7"Holawin 7″


The Holawin 7” Android is an entry level tablet that does everything it says on the box. It’s pretty good for your standard tablet uses: browsing the internet, watching films, listening to music, etc. The Holawin 7” runs on 2.2 Android software meaning you’ll enjoy the extras like apps and YouTube videos thanks to built in Flash.
Priced at £89.99 the Holawin 7” is a very cheap entry level option for anyone after a tablet that ticks all the boxes and won’t break the bank. Its features and smooth running make it a tablet that exceed this price point and contend with some of the bigger names in the tablet market. However, to reach this point very obvious cut-backs were made to design and packaging.
Upon first handling the Holawin 7” it instantly appears cheap. From the box to the tablet itself it gives the impression the Holawin 7” will be a less than riveting experience. This is quite a gamble from Holawin given tablets are seen more as luxury items used for pleasure as opposed to, for example, the functional netbook used for business. The market is full of competitors that have superior design and aesthetic appeal and this is where the Holawin may suffer. Cheap it may be, but for those after a luxury product it could prove a significant turn-off.


Despite this, the Holawin 7” operates very well. Websites and YouTube videos load at a pleasingly fast rate leaving no time hanging around. Built in speakers, a camera, optional keyboard and optional memory expansion are testament to Holawin’s dedication to functionality.


Overall, the Holawin 7” is a usable and functional device that delivers what it says it will. The design is a let-down but is thankfully no indication of its function. For an entry level product the Holawin 7” is exactly what you want balancing functionality exceeding its price point and very basic aesthetics.



buy now

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Amp3 introduces the a-Jays One+ headphones. Multifunctional, modern, minimal.

one+a-Jays  One+

~ £39.99 ~

a-Jays  One+ are new in to Advanced MP3 Players and come with a subtly incorporated in-line mic and button. Advancing on the original a-Jays One model with award winning sound and tangle-free cord, the a-Jays One+ now enables the user to make and receive phone calls. Another benefit, exclusive to Android users, is the Jays Headset Control App which gives the additional functions of controlling volume and track selection from the button too.

Quality of the product is top priority for all Jays models and this is certainly evident in these. They retain the immensely satisfying tangle-free cable by using a flat design as opposed to the standard round design. This kind of innovation usually comes with a compromise to quality but with the a-Jays One+ they enjoy a pristine sound.
Helping to produce this sound are the silicone ear buds which passively reduce ambient noise by creating a seal in your ear. By shutting out the outside world you reap the full benefit of the 8.6mm dynamic speaker. The sound is good with nice warm bass to keep all your tracks company. Importantly this applies to the clarity of sound when taking calls which, like your music, is crystal clear.

For more information click here.


pre order



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Soon to arrive: the powerful Archos G9! Watch this space

g9Archos A101 IT Gen9 S 1 GHz 8GB Android Honeycomb 3.2 Internet Tablet

Available from Amp3 soon!


Archos have developed their most powerful tablet yet with the Archos G9. This tablet has advanced on previous models and brought to the table an unbelievably powerful device.
Having teamed up with Texas Instruments the G9 offers technology that improves the existing family of OMAP 4 smart multi core processors. G9 tablets are available in Classic and Turbo models. You have the choice between a 1 GHz processor and 1.2 GHz processor. Better yet, come December a 1.5 GHz processor will be available for those of you who need that extra bit of power.
The OMAP 4 dual-core processors and Android 3.2 Honeycomb software means that your machine will run smoothly and efficiently while running various programmes and while Internet browsing. The Android Honeycomb software has been specifically designed for tablets to boost optimal performance. Adobe Flash 10.3 gives support for the true web experience, making the Archos G9 the ultimate accessory to a connected life.

Watch this space for updates on its arrival!


pre order



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Tech experts, RegHardware give Sonos Play:3 90% rating! Read more here.

sonosSonos Play:3

90% rating from RegHardware

‘The Play:3 itself is a solid and well made, if rather anonymous box that’s small enough to be easily positioned in a room without shouting, “Look At Me!” like the B&W Zeppelin and its ilk. The unit has rubber feet on the bottom and on the left side so you can stand it either way up as available space dictates.

[…] It’s worth mentioning that in over a week with the Play:3 I didn’t experience a single hiccup, pause or drop-out in my listening. Everything just worked, reliably.’ Read full review here.


The Sonos Play: 3 has received big praise from tech specialists Reg Hardware. The 90% score speaks for itself and automatically gives the Sonos Play: 3 quality status.


Though we already know it’s a quality product given the reputation the Play: 5 has garnered for itself. Being an upgraded and smaller version of the Play: 5, the Play: 3 had a lot to live up to.


It certainly meets the mark with some of its fantastic features. Each speaker boasts three powerful drivers each with their own amplifier to give full, well rounded and powerful sound.


Streaming music wirelessly is a new concept to many people but don’t let the unfamiliar put you off. Set-up couldn’t be easier and you even have the option to select your music straight from your own smartphone.  For a full product description click here.


check it out



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Dare to be distracted with the new TankBot! Get one today for only £24.99!


TankBot Desktop Robot

£24.99 from Amp3

New in to Amp3 is this quirky little desktop gadget, the TankBot. This small robot will bring some added character to the office and perhaps some much needed distraction!
Steer the device with your iPhone or selected Android models around a desk or surface or amuse yourself as it uses its in-built sensors to navigate independently.



With three different modes available you’ll never be bored when using the TankBot.

The first mode is autonomous obstacle avoidance. Plan an assault course of obstacles and see how the TankBot fares! The second mode is free roam. Let your TankBot decide where it’s going and see where it ends up. The third and final mode is where you are in control. Use the remote from your phone and put the TankBot through its paces at the touch of a button.

Check out the video here..

Dare to be distracted and get a TankBot today for just £24.99.



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Friday’s Deal of the Day: Save £35 on The MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Table!

Today grab your new Internet Tablet at a very sweet price

Only £164 – Only at Advanced MP3 Players!

The Internet tablet market is growing, growing and growing some more. MT Electronics are one of the latest manufacturers to burst onto the scene. What do we think about it?

What’s Great? Price point, effective stylus makes interface easy to use, fast and powerful processor, built-in 2 megapixel webcam, standard HDMI video out, smooth Gsensor, expandable memory via the Micro SD Slot, Adobe flash support.
What needs Work? Casing not quite to the sleek standards set by the iPad, resistive interface


MT Electronics 8” Android 2.2 Internet Tablet with HDMI output and Adobe Flash support – Only £164 (Was £199)

- full product description -

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Are You the One Who Love the New Philips GoGear Muse?

What Hi-Fi revealed us that Philips have now launched their new MP4

Welcome to the GoGear Muse 3 portable player!

“It comes with a 3.2in, 16:9 screen and uses Philips’s ‘Sound Personalisation’ technology. This allows the user to adjust the sound by running their fingers around the four corners of the screen, which are marked ‘powerful, warm, sparkling and vocal’, selecting the type of sound they prefer.”

“As well as supporting audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and WAV, it also handles video formats including MP4, WMV9 and RMVB.” (read the full article here)

The Philips GoGear Muse – Available soon in AMP3

Keep an eye on Advanced MP3 Players


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