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Brighten up your sound with loud in colour, loud in volume X mini II Capsule Speakers!

X mini II

X mini II


Get a black, white, red, purple, green, or blue speaker!

The X mini name is synonymous with serious volume and now you can have similarly matched colour! The X mini II Capsule Speaker has the ability to bring the party to any event with its louder than loud volume.  Small enough to fit into your pocket, the X mini II Capsule Speaker can be taken anywhere.


X-Mini II BottomX-Mini II Capsule SpeakerX-Mini II Capsule SpeakerX-Mini II Capsule Speaker


With a 40mm driver the X mini produces a rich and full sound that isn’t compromised by the ground breaking volume. From just one charge you can enjoy your music for up to 11 hours.

With the new Buddy Jack connecting system you can connect an infinite amount of X minis together to create serious noise. The built in 3.5mm audio connector will fit most MP3 players and phones to make music even more portable. Don’t hesitate to get yours today while stocks last in these vibrant colours.


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