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COMPETITION: Win yourself an UBER Bag o’ Crap. Find out how here!

Bag o’ Crap

Only £5


If you’re one of our gambling customers who took their chances on one of our famous Bags o’ Crap then enter yourself in our fabulous Facebook competition. For your chance to win the ultimate in Bags o’ Crappy goodness then enter the competition to get your hands on an UBER Bag o’ Crap worth £50! All you need to do is enter by clicking this link and posting a picture to the Amp3 Facebook page.


That’s right, it’s that simple, to make all your dreams come true, just enter by clicking this link and posting a picture of the original contents of your first Bag o’ Crap on our Facebook page and we’ll choose a winner at random!


So get snapping and get posting! Click the link below to be directed to our Facebook page.


What will you land yourself with? A diamond or a turd?




Introducing the highly anticipated, eagerly awaited and world renowned Bag O’Crap!

Bag O CrapBag O Crap

~ £5 ~


At Amp3 we are always full of surprises. Now you can actually buy a bag full of them. For only £5 you get the highly anticipated, world renowned, Bag O’ Crap!


In this delightful bag of surprises you are guaranteed at least one product that is higher in value than the bag itself. A collection of other little gems from the shelves of Amp3 will contribute to make the bag, on average, more than double the £5 value.


Fancy one of our end of line tablets or even Amazon’s best-selling X mini speakers? Roll the dice, take the risk and get yourself a Bag O’ Crap!


x mini


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