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Head Direct HiFiMAN HM-901 Now in Stock at AMP3


Those of you with your ear firmly planted to the ground for new and outstanding audio products would probably have heard the rumblings surrounding this beast already. However, if you’re only just getting in to the ever-expanding world of audio enthusiasm then the HM-901 might just have slipped by under the radar with so much attention currently being leveled at the likes of iBasso and Astell & Kern.

The HiFiMAN HM-901 is the latest offering from Head Direct and is intended to take the fight to the other manufacturers of high fidelity sound and while it sounds amazing out of the box Head Direct have an interesting tool in their arsenal – you can adapt the amplifier setup with plug-in cards:

  • Balanced Amplifier Card – Built with some of the most expensive and high quality parts on the market today. The card will work in balanced mode for earphones/headphones with a 3.5mm TRRS plug
  • IEM Amplifier Card – The IEM Amplifier Module was designed with a lower gain to meet the needs of IEM (In-Ear Monitors) users
  • Minibox Amplifier Card – Designed by renowned portable amplifier designer, Three Stone, the Minibox Amplifier Module provides a super wide frequency range and extremely low distortion.

Not only does the HM-901 give the user added control over how the player sounds it’s capable with 24-bit/96kHz audio files, dual Saber ES9018 32-bit DAC chips, an impressive signal to noise ratio of 107dB and an SD Memory card slot.

Highly recommend if you’re considering getting involved with a premium level digital audio player.


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