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RegHardware noise-cancelling headphone round-up features 3 Amp3 products!

Time for another RegHardware product round-up. This time it’s for noise-cancelling headphones. See the sets of headphones that made a starring role in the round-up below!


To read the full round-up click the image below.



Audio Technica ATH-ANC23


‘Its noise cancellation is agile at reducing background hubbub and it works as a normal pair of headphones with cancellation off.’

RegHardware rated: 55%


The advanced circuitry of the headphones ensure background noise is in no way a factor when listening to your music. The microphone built into the headphones will identify and block out ambient noise making your listening experience purer. These headphones also pack punch with a 12.5mm driver unit.





Denon AH-NC800


‘Overall the headphones deliver a bold, open and expansive performance.’

RegHardware rated: 75%

With any set of Denon headphones you know there is quality in the build. Denon technology has claimed to reduce up to 99% of outside noise. The sound quality is excellent with luxurious padding for guaranteed hours of comfortable listening.




Wolfson Microelectronics Digital Silence Digital Silence DS-321D


Digital Silence

‘Its advantage is the tiny, featherlight control unit but you’ll need a mains connection to recharge. Sensibly they also work normally if noise cancelling is off.’

RegHardware rated: 70%

These headphones won’t break the bank but are still quality enough to warrant a place in this round-up. A feature of these headphones is the in-line microphone and button to accept and end calls easily.





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Stuff Awards

Triumph at the 2011 Stuff Awards


Tuesday 2nd November saw the event that was the 2011 Stuff Awards. These prestigious awards mark excellence in the technology and gadget industry and the night was not without excitement or surprise. What certainly wasn’t a surprise were the fantastic wins for the products below.

Sonos has had a fantastic run with their Play:3 model and the device has not gone without recognition. Though not winners, the Denon Ceol, SoundMagic E10s and SoundScience QSB speakers won in reaching the Highly Commended categories.


Audio Gadget of the Year


Sonos Play:3


Sonos Play:3

What Stuff said:
‘The dinky Play:3 may not have room for skipping CDs, tangling tapes or crackling vinyl, but it is a consummate streamer of digital music, a conduit for internet radio and a server-upper of Spotify, Napster, Deezer and more. It can also link with its Sonos brethren to form a multiroom setup, pair with another Play:3 for stereo output and pump out room-filling sound of the highest quality.’


Highly Commended

Denon Ceol



Read Stuff’s review here




Best Audio Gadget of the Year

Although there were no winners in this category two Advanced MP3 Players products were featured in the Highly Commended section.


SoundMagic E10 Earphones



The SoundMagic E10s are the second most popular selling headphones at Advanced MP3 Players and the most popular at our sister site Advanced Headphones. For good reason too – the in-ear headphones   reproduce sound with an astute quality that is akin to that of far higher priced models.



SoundScience QSB Speakers




The QSB speakers are examples of quality being squashed into one very small location. The square models sit neatly atop your workstation proving excellent sonic company by blasting out clean and clear notes. They don’t busy your desk or impose with superfluous cables and an awkward shape but blend nicely into any desktop aesthetic.



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The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones have arrived. Pre order to guarantee supreme sound.

DenonDenon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

The Denon DN-HP1000 headphones have arrived and are ready to pre-order.

Denon are a brand that take music production seriously. State of the art products are what Denon specialise in producing and for a real sonic adventure look no further than the Denon DN-HP1000 headphones.


With large 53mm drivers these headphones know how to bring you serious sound. That would be a massive 1700mWatts of pure power to each ear cup. Denon have managed to bring incredible volume to these headphones and the DN-HP1000s boast a flawless delivery. Expect zero distortion when bringing high fidelity to your listening experience.


Not only does Denon set the sonic bar for all other headphones but it recognises the necessity for functionality and comfort in quality headphones. These headphones have a swivel function at the ear cup to increase flexibility and decreases risk of breakage through use specifically by DJs.

The headband is generously padded as are the ear cups and will conform to all head sizes. It also folds up for ease of transportation.


To top it all off, the headphones are pretty stylish too. They incorporate real stainless steel that when coupled with the black create a neat yet stylish finish.

~Read the full product description here~




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T3 longlists Denon Ceol for coveted Gadget of the Year Award


Denon Ceol

The Denon Ceol RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer was long listed in the Gadget of the Year category at the annual T3 Awards.


The awards see the very best of technology battle it out in several categories. This year the Denon Coel went head to head with the likes of the iPad 2 and Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

Despite narrowly missing out on being shortlisted, the guys over at T3 have nothing but praise for the streamer:  ‘The CEOL is a great sounding music system for the price. […] CD playback has a grace that is immediately appealing, while high resolution FLAC files sound fabulous. The balance is perfect for pop, rock and dance; it’s like listening to ice cream.’ Read full review here.


The Ceol comes brimming with state of the art technology. Its sleek white design indicates the kind of sophistication that lies beneath its stylish outer shell.

Firstly, despite its iPod/iPhone compatibility sticker, a familiar vision on most speaker docking stations, the options to listen to what you want and how you want are endless.

Through connecting via WiFi or Lan network, you can listen to almost anything you want to via access to an online music platform. Spend hours trawling through all the available Internet Radio stations to find the perfect one for you. Alternatively, plug in a USB and play already stored music.

Not willing to exclude any classic music sources, the Ceol boasts a capacity to play CDs flawlessly – with FM/AM radio to boot!


Coel docking station

For a full product description click here.

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Today Save £25 on the Denon AH-C452 Inner Ear Stereo Headphones!

These in-ear headphones cost only £34.99 - Save £25 and off your go with music!

The AH-C452  headphones are sound isolating canal-type inner ear headphones which will reduce ambient noise allowing you to enjoy more of the music than ever before. The AH-C452 headphones have an ergonomic design, and are manufactured using a hybrid structure and highly elastic elastomers.

Denon AH-C452 Inner Ear Stereo Headphones – Now £34.99 (Was £59.99)

- full product description here -

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Denon DM38 DAB Voted the Best Hi-Fi System!

“Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers) was voted the best hi-fi system.”

“That’s the verdict of the latest research from social commerce company Reevoo.”

Today What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision reveals us that Denon DM38 is still a star among the gadgets enthusiasts. That’s a good news because over the last year the less well-known manufacturer have become the nation’s new must-haves:

“Bucking the trend is Denon’s D-M38DAB (without speakers), which was voted the best hi-fi system.”

(read the full article here)

Denon’s new DM38 Micro Component HiFi System gives your audio a whole new perspective.  With a clean dramatic sound the DM38 brings your music to life and surrounds you in audio bliss. (speakers available as an option – see below)

You can use multiple sources to listen to your music collection – the possibilities are endless!  Check out some of the brand new features below…

  • Digitally transmitted play function for iPod and iPhone (via USB) for best sound quality
  • DAB+
  • Easy timer setting
  • Easy-to-use remote control handset

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System & M37 Speaker Bundle - £260 / Was £288

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System – £199

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Save £100 on the Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer!

With the Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer Get the Freedom of Sound!

The N7 is a CD receiver system that lets you pick up your iPod or iPhone and slot it straight onto the integrated docking system.  The options are endless, you can even listen to Internet Radio or online music platforms!

Denon’s N7 can achieve a super fast broadband connection via Ethernet cable, or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), which gives you the freedom of listening to absolutely anything.  With the addition benefit of WPS support the N7 is extremely easy to connect to a Wi-Fi network, simply connect up and enjoy the benefits that net access offers.  If you like to do it the good old fashioned way – stick in a CD or turn on the FM/AM Radio!

Save £100

Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer – £469 / Was £569

- full product description here -

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Best Memories Of The Gadget Show Live 2011!

Cowon, X-Mini, Denon, Jaybird, SoundScience and PopCorn Hour

They were all at the Gadget Show Live 2011

With the exclusive launches of Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones,SoundScience Qsb Speakers and PopBox Media Player, the Gadget Show Live was a huge success this year again.

New: The Hub Theater – Live sessions introducing new products during the Gadget Show Live… Let’s watch the best-of those sessions:

Available Now at Advanced MP3 Players:

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones - £99

SoundScience Qsb Speakers – £89.99

PopBox Media Player – £139 (for pre-order)

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