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The Gadget Show rates Shure SE535s 4Gs! Read more here

Shure SE535Shure SE535 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones

~ £319 ~

Shure SE535s – RATED: 4Gs from The Gadget Show!


The experts from Channel 5’s The Gadget Show have put together a very selective in-ear round up. Only three headphones were chose for the round-up, one of which were the Shure SE535 noise isolating in-ear earphones.


These are premium earphones that earned their way on to the Gadget Show’s round-up. Their sound-isolating merits were praised by Jason, a tech expert presenter from the show. He described their sound as, “great, [with] well rounded quality.”




Shure earphones are known for their high fidelity sound and these headphones certainly have this. The SE535s have a preference for bass which The Gadget Show acknowledged stating it as “very full.” So if it’s bass that you’re after, get yourself a pair of Shure SE535s!


The sound of the Shure’s might be bassy but it also has a lot of space. Having incorporated both a driver and a tweeter in each of the headphones Shure have packed these earphones with quality technology that delivers pristine sound. They are designed as over-ear earphones to keep cables out of your way. The earbuds create a seal around the ear giving them their noise-isolating quality and also provides a comfortable fit thanks to the optimized nozzle.


These earphones are excellent performers but come with quite the price tag. Rest assured though with Kevlar casing for the cable and a gold-plated MMCX Connector, the Shure’s are worth every penny.


The Gadget Show awarded the Shure SE535s a massive (but well deserved) 4/5 G rating!


For more information click here.

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Best Customer Review: Nico Guanti on the MEE A151 earphones. Read it here

MEEMEElectronic A151

Every month at Advanced MP3 Players we choose the best customer review. This month it has come from Italian-born Nico Guanti for an absolutely outstanding and detailed review. Thanks for taking the time, Nico!

Read his review in  its entirety below.

~ Review by Nico Guanti ~

The choice and purchase of these IEM is not been casual:I’ve been looking for quite a while for a better
earphone;an upgrading in sound quality was absolute necessary after having found for an amazing low prize
a Cowon iAUDIO X5L 30Gb,an out of production Hard Disk driven portable player,quite known for his qualities
among music lovers some years ago and being a no-nonsense player,still appreciate today by a small public,mostly owners who find difficult to separate from such a performer.
Nostalgia feelings apart,in few words I discovered that I stopped listening music not because I had enough of it but because the quality and performance of the utilized hardware,and I refer mostly about earphones,became unsatisfying to my taste with the passing of the years.
Normally I have been using A CREATIVE player a pair of Sennheiser,followed by a cheap earphones from AKG,the K324P.
It was the last one who started the desire of wanting more and certainly better and gave me the hint
that a low price doesn’t mean always a low SQ.
I’d never heard of the MEElectronics,a California based small company but my research was not limited to
well known names only.
Only limitation was a price range and the best price/quality ratio I could find among the immense numbers of brands and items proposed on the market.
I’d already decided for IEM and thanks to a great amount of free time I’ve been able to read different reviews and guides on specialized sites and forum ,finding out that my budget of 80 euros was was not royal at all if compared to the price lists who were merciless facing me.
So I found out that on every site,from headfi to anythingbutipod,passing through cnet and techenclave
there were audiophiles in awe after having tested these A151 and the CC51,from the same company,MEE that is.
The first catch my interest being a Knowles BA single driver ,an option that made worthier the purchasing when related to the price of 75 USD only (MEE site)
Other positive points are: the various accessories,like 5 sets of ear tips(S-M-L single,double and triple flange),the shell zipped case and the quality of the very comfortable cable,a double twisted 140cm one;design is attractive and more important they are comfy to wear,even for long time listening.
They can be used with cable over the ear or just normally:either way the microphonics is unexistent.
They are made of plastic but to me they seem durable and sturdy;the golden plated plug is a straight one,personally not a big issue.
I’ve been using them with a Dell laptop,a Creative V and a Micro,and with the Cowon described before.
I’m not an audiophile,but I know when music tracks are well playbacked.The quality I’ve been listening to goes from low to top and I listen to all music genres.Actually one of the pluses is that the A151 have no preference among the different type of sounds:please note,to whom it may concern, they fancy good recordings…and are right in doing so.
Frankly the A151 is perfect for people who like the feeling of listening to the defined sound of every instrument and vocals without one of the frequencies being more present than the others:all of them are well balanced and people who know better use at this point the adjective neutral to define this feature.
I suppose that for such a clarity to be heard you need a budget double than requested by these amazing IEM.
All the description is based on personal experience:for more detailed specs just google -MEElectronics A151 review- and you’ll be sure satisfied.
From my part I can suggest that the prize you find now on this site is unbeaten on the net and,either are you looking for a new earphone or just for the sake of such a bargain,nobody could deny what a kind of treat is to listen to the nicely tuned driver of the A151.
And Hoping to be useful I’ll end it wisely:always think about the price of your player and what kind of unworthy phones you received with it:it’s just a sin against the Muse of the music…and your ears to keep on using these plastic stuff.

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The Denon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones have arrived. Pre order to guarantee supreme sound.

DenonDenon DN-HP1000 Professional DJ Headphones

The Denon DN-HP1000 headphones have arrived and are ready to pre-order.

Denon are a brand that take music production seriously. State of the art products are what Denon specialise in producing and for a real sonic adventure look no further than the Denon DN-HP1000 headphones.


With large 53mm drivers these headphones know how to bring you serious sound. That would be a massive 1700mWatts of pure power to each ear cup. Denon have managed to bring incredible volume to these headphones and the DN-HP1000s boast a flawless delivery. Expect zero distortion when bringing high fidelity to your listening experience.


Not only does Denon set the sonic bar for all other headphones but it recognises the necessity for functionality and comfort in quality headphones. These headphones have a swivel function at the ear cup to increase flexibility and decreases risk of breakage through use specifically by DJs.

The headband is generously padded as are the ear cups and will conform to all head sizes. It also folds up for ease of transportation.


To top it all off, the headphones are pretty stylish too. They incorporate real stainless steel that when coupled with the black create a neat yet stylish finish.

~Read the full product description here~




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Audiophiles, ready yourselves. The Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones have arrived and they are packing serious punch.


Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones

Grado have a reputation for attention to detail that is extremely welcome in an industry that is so full of detail and specifics. In the world of headphones there is so much to get right. Often you hear people fussing over the great mid-tones but are let down by shoddy bass reproduction or the headphones are so comfortable but don’t look great.

With Grado, all the boxes are ticked. They look great and the angle of the ear piece is designed to fit securely in your ear making a seal. The seal works to isolate noise and it does so to great effect. No need to worry about a passing lorry or busy bus ruining your pristine listening experience.

Now for the techy stuff.  These have been made with Grado’s proprietary wide bandwidth moving armature driver design and an ear bud manufactured from two different kinds of silicone rubber material. Distortion is minimised through careful engineering and frequency response is extended at both ends of the audio spectrum.

So in case you’re not a tech-head, this translates as incredible performance capabilities that result in definition, clarity and sound replication that is quite simply astonishing.

The Grado GR10s are a set of headphones that provide a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and exceptional performance.


Read the full product description here.



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Audiophiles: Have You Heard About The New Winning Sony Professional Headphones?

Sony have recently launched a fantastic set of professional studio headphones!

Be prepared for exceptional sound!

Sony have created headphone that will suit the audiophile market. The audio reproduction is balanced and boasts controlled bass, clarity and detail throughout. The closed design cancels out external noise interference and sticks you at the centre of the music. You can use these headphones with your MP3 player, Internet tablet or digital home entertainment set up – they sound great used over the variety of devices.

New in stock

Sony MDR-Z1000 Professional Studio Headphones – £499

- full product description here -

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The New SoundMagic Earphones Are In Stock!

SoundMAGIC earphones: highly rated for accuracy of sound, value for money and big brand build quality!

Discover their brand new models now!

SoundMagic E30 Pro-Fit In-Ear Earphones – £39

The E30 headphones by SoundMagic are the next generation of SoundMagics PL30 model, which is still to this day one of Advanced MP3 Players fastest selling in-ear headphones! The E30s have increased build quality and durability let alone a increased frequency response and sound quality.

SoundMagic P30 Closed Back Folding On-Ear Headphones – £79

The P30 headphones by SoundMagic are an all round performer. They produce a nicely textured sound on a fairly wide sound-stage. The closed design isolates very well and is perfect for when you are out and about, you won’t hear other people and they won’t hear your music! You won’t find the P30s gripping your ears in a way that causes fatiguing, they hug you head and are a good choice for anyone who likes to listen to music over extended periods. There is also a neat little carry pouch included, the P30s fold-up and fit into perfectly into it for easy transportation.

SoundMagic E10 In-Ear Earphones – £34

The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal in a choice of four vibrant colours. They are doing a damn good job of producing quality for less! These headphones work with all MP3 players, Internet tablets and other audio devices with a 3.5mm audio output.

SoundMagic EH11 In-Ear Earphones – £49

His particular in-ear model is designed for active audio lovers. The double vented design features an eargrip which makes using them at the gym or out running a treat. The in-ear EH11 is not designed to cut out all background noise, so be prepared to hear a little of what’s going on around you, like a car coming along the street as you are going round your cycle or jogging path.

More information on Advanced MP3 Players

Grab your set now!

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Are You More Red/Black or Silver/Black? The Bicoloured SoundMAGIC E10 Arrive in AMP3!

The E10 are SoundMAGIC new flagship headphones!

Meanwhile these new in-ear headphones, let’s have a look at Head-Fi Forum:

“The sound signature of E10 is balanced with a mild U-shaped frequency response, forward but not rich, quick, energetic and dynamic with a fairly strong bass. Bass reaches down deep to sub-bass and hit with good impact, almost to a point of being bass dominant.” (Head-Fi – read the full review here).

The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal in a choice of four vibrant colours. The E10’s internal acoustic design follows on from the massively popular PL11, but with some serious improvements both to aesthetics and sound.

The new SoundMAGIC range is available soon on Advanced MP3 Players - from £19

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Bad Boys Cans Invasion: Skullcandy Headphones are Back with New Models!

Fantastic New Skullcandy headphones have just arrived!

Welcome to Skullcandy new ranges of headphones!

It is time for you to choose your Skullcandy style 2011: from the Smokin in-ear headphones, to the Chops In-Ear Headphones, to the Ink’d In-Ear Headphones 2011, your options are endless!

Let’s have a look at these appealing new gems:

Skullcandy Smokin Buds In-Ear Headphones with in-line Mic, 2011 Range – £24.99

Skullcandy Chops In-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range – £22.99

Skullcandy Ink’d In-Ear Headphones with Integrated Mic, 2011 Range (Dual Colour) – £17.99

For more Skullcandy 2011 ranges - please click here



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New Brainwavz Headphones: A Touch of Colour and Hi-Fi Quality in your Ears!

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones: are these new ones for you?

Find out below!

If you are looking for something with a bass impact that will leave your eyes shaking, why not try a set of bass dedicated headphones, Sennheiser are always good with their bass? These headphones are superbly technical and offer a balanced performance across the entry spectrum. The neat positioning will leave you suitably impressed and the inclusion of some Comply Foam Tips inside the box is a nice touch. You know what your are getting with the new Flagship Brainwavz B2 in-ear headphone, a treat for your ears…

Brainwavz B2 Dual Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones – £99

click here for more information

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Today Save £25 on the Denon AH-C452 Inner Ear Stereo Headphones!

These in-ear headphones cost only £34.99 - Save £25 and off your go with music!

The AH-C452  headphones are sound isolating canal-type inner ear headphones which will reduce ambient noise allowing you to enjoy more of the music than ever before. The AH-C452 headphones have an ergonomic design, and are manufactured using a hybrid structure and highly elastic elastomers.

Denon AH-C452 Inner Ear Stereo Headphones – Now £34.99 (Was £59.99)

- full product description here -

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