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Book the drive of your life with Supercar Sessions – now available through Amp3!

At Advanced MP3 Players we are now selling Supercar Sessions driving experience vouchers. At a massively discounted price, you get to drive some of the world’s finest super cars in a safe environment, on a track and all under the guidance of an ex-racer or professional instructor! It’s a pretty sweet deal that we thought would be of particular interest to many of our customers.


Exp Limits

The experience consists of driving three different supercars for three laps each around tracks based in London or Edinburgh with more to follow. The tracks are located on a private airbase so there is no requirement to hold a driver’s license or be of legal age to drive. You’ll start off driving a class B car in the likes of a Lotus Elise, Subaru Impreza , Porsche Boxster and move on to driving a class A car such as the Ferrari F430, Porsche GT3 or Lamborghini Gallardo to name a few. They’ve really not held back at Supercar Sessions, giving you a selection of supercars that would make Jeremy Clarkson green with envy.


The tracks have been specially selected to get the most out of your experience. With hairpin turns and chicanes you’ll really get a feel for how each supercar handles and the end straight will give indication of the power you’re yielding.


Get your voucher today!


Buy now

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AMP3 Favourite Touch Rugby Team is Back on AMP3 Blog With A New Story!

This week, a big applause to another Scottish Touch Rugby player for his great testimony and picture:

This weekend the Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team heads into final preparations for the World Cup with a training camp at Peffermill.
Touch at elite level requires speed, strength, power, agility and endurance.  This base fitness work can take many different formats, here Scotland winger Dennis McNabb wears his Jaybird Sportsband 2‘s for a session on the bike.

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011.

Good Luck for the finale!!

Click here for more information about Jaybird

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New Testimony From The Scottish Touch Rugby Team! Read About Their Jaybird Experience!

The Scottish Touch Rugby Team is sharing more Jaybird experience with us:

The Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team had the weekend off from National squad duties but many of the team were in action for their Club sides.  Saturday saw the first event of the STS (Scottish Touch Series) a  1 day tournament series for mixed sex Club teams.  As a sport, Touch is somewhat unique in that Men and Women can compete together at elite level in the same team.  The Meerkats team featuring 4 of the Scotland M30 team ran out winners in Stirling.

Through the day Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2′s were great for relaxation between games.

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011.




- Fancy reading information about Jaybird Freedom? Click here then -

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Captivating Testimony from Ali, A Scottish Touch Rugby Player, trying out Jaybird Headphones!

AMP3 readers, Jaybird fans, enjoy this captivating testimony:

Words from the field

“With the Touch World Cup fast approaching the Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team recently took on England and Wales in a warm up tournament in Manchester.  There was an encouraging performance against England who are ranked 4th in the World, eventually going down 6-2, but bounced right back against Wales with a comprehensive 5-0 victory.  The Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2′s are great for training but also provided entertainment on the long bus journey!

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011 hosting some 1400 competitors from 28 different countries.  Fixtures for the ‘Jaybird’ team begin on Wed 22nd June with tough games vs Fiji, Japan and England.  Results and fixtures throughout the tournament are available online:



- Click here for more information about Jaybird –

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MEElectronics HT-21 –My love will never be over!

12/03/11 – 9:00 PM – Snowing Happy Day in Edinburgh!

Tonight is gonna be a good night: I have finally got a superb sample of MEElectronics HT-21 Portable Headphones in my hands and the full night in front of me to experience them!

First look: the packaging has nothing fancy.  The headphones are wrapped in a simple black and plastic box. It also contains a small pouch, it’s plastic too, but it looks handy to carry the headphones on the go.

When I first grabbed the set of headphones. They looked fantastic and comfy: swivel cups, adjustable and foldable headband. I couldn’t wait to plug them to my netbook and test their sound quality comfort - on goes some Deezer!

15 minutes later and that’s me – with Jean Rock in my ears (small digression for your culture – Jean Rock is a French founder of nightclubs, disc jockey and singer-composer!) and his famous last composition “my love is over” – I am in love with the HT-21. One thing is sure: my love will never be over for you HT-21!

Despite my first feeling regarding the packaging – really sorry guys but I have come from a Marketing background and the small things make a difference for me – I can’t stop nodding my head to the beat of the music. I guess I even started singing, perhaps a little too loudly!? I have just glimpsed the face of one of my flat mates: “Are you training for the next X-factor?!”

The sound quality is excellent. It is clear and premium. MEElectronics didn’t leave the things half finished. Thanks to the addition of enhanced and deep bass, these headphones deliver a stunning sound!

2 hours later and I am feeling the happiest reviewer on earth because my very sensitive ears can still tolerate these headphones. MEElectronics’ secret: they have cleverly thought out the design of the cups. First the supra-aural shape enables any listener to wear the HT-21 with comfort for long hours. The cups rest on the ear. Secondly, the closed design cuts outside noise and reduces sound that others nearby can hear. I stopped singing and I am sure that I am not bothering my flat mates with my crazy French songs!

Finishing the test with “Rainbow of love” – thanks Bob for this great song so appropriate when looking at the Scottish weather – in ears, I have a look at the HT-21 compatibility. Once again MEElectronics adapted its newest technology according to the current trends: you can use them with iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD players, computers and all devices with a standard 3.5mm jack.

11:00 PM - It is time to repack.  Slipping these foldable portable headphones in its handy pouch is easy and they fit into my handbag rather neatly. Compact, lightweight, I know they will be ideal for my bus journey tomorrow morning.


  • I love: the portable, compact and very comfortable to wear for long hours of listening aspect; the stunning sound quality and the surprising price – very affordable; the wee pouch to carry them every day.
  • I hate: the packaging in plastic and not eyes catching!
  • Highly Recommended – a must have this year.

Want to see more information on this product?  Click Here – for the AMP3 Product Page.

AMP3 HT-21

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