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Hisoundaudio Studio-V: The Audiophiles Dream Player?

A New Star has just arrived at AMP3, king of audio?

Incredible little Digital Audio Player that sounds stunning – Perfection is now called Hisoundaudio!

In few words:

What you are looking at is a dedicated audio device, it’s sturdy but beautifully crafted body is home to some hi-tech kit that is waiting to shine a new light on your personal audio experience. It boasts over 60 hours of battery life, upgradeable firmware to suit your audio preferences, a memory expansion option and an audio quality to die for!

For more details, please read Mark Ramos’s review on Head-Fi - please click here -

Hisoundaudio Studio-V 8GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player with Expandable Memory - £279

- full product description here -


Exclusive Offer:

The First 10 orders of the Studio-V will be shipped with a FREE set of HiSoundAudio Audiophile Grade Live Earbuds worth £80! Boasting excellent clarity and transparency these add the finishing touches to the HiSoundAudio Studio-V Digital Audio Player.