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JayBird receive top marks from Men’s Fitness


JayBird Bluetooth headphones never fail to disappoint and now they’ve won the seal of approval from leading fitness magazine, Men’s Fitness. Rating the Sportsbands a respectable 4/5 and the Freedom full marks with 5/5 the JayBird brand continue to cement their quality reputation amongst the experts.

Both headphones are engineered to be the best exercise accessory available. However, JayBird’s combination of microphone and impressive audio output with usability make these headphones as ideal for the everyday user as they are for the athlete.


Totally wireless the headphones allow unrestricted movement even during the most rigorous of exercises. Their lifetime guarantee against sweat means they are built to last and, unlike many sports headphones, are not susceptible to water damage. With a simple touch of a button, both sets of headphones will answer and end calls without disruption.

JayBird have implemented simple yet innovative design principles to produce what are sophisticated top of the range sports headphones.

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New Testimony From The Scottish Touch Rugby Team! Read About Their Jaybird Experience!

The Scottish Touch Rugby Team is sharing more Jaybird experience with us:

The Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team had the weekend off from National squad duties but many of the team were in action for their Club sides.  Saturday saw the first event of the STS (Scottish Touch Series) a  1 day tournament series for mixed sex Club teams.  As a sport, Touch is somewhat unique in that Men and Women can compete together at elite level in the same team.  The Meerkats team featuring 4 of the Scotland M30 team ran out winners in Stirling.

Through the day Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2′s were great for relaxation between games.

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011.




- Fancy reading information about Jaybird Freedom? Click here then -

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It is the Jaybird Freedom First Review!

This afternoon, Advanced MP3 Players team is delighted:

Tech Made Easy are the 1st to have published a review on the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones!

The world smallest Bluetooth headset is a tiny in ear headphones specially designed for athletes and active lifestyle. Sold out at Gadget Show Live, the “Freedom” continues to hit AMP3!

Tech Made Easy:

“This is the first pair of Bluetooth of headphones I’ve owned, but not the first I’ve tried.  That in itself tells you a lot.  This is the first pair of wireless headphones that I’ve felt were worth the money, and at £99 that’s saying something.

“The sound quality and volume are great, as is the independence of wires.  In my tests I’ve found that battery life is around 4-5 hours of constant, loud use which is more than enough for your average workout session or train journey.

“The noise isolation is another great feature, especially on a busy train or while out in the street running.  It allows you to enjoy your music at lower volume levels without having to put up with surrounding noise.  Great for battery life, those around you, but most importantly; your hearing.

Looks:   9 / 10

Usability: 9 / 10

Quality: 10 / 10

Price: 8 / 10

Overall:  9 / 10.” (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – £99

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Got a sWaP Rebel? Pair It With Any Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones Of Your Choice – Check Our New Bundles!

Buy 1 sWap Rebel, Get 10% off Jaybird Bluetooth Sportbands 2 or Freedom Headphones!

If you like being stylish and elegant, grab your new sWaP  – a unique watch and mobile phone -  and one of the two Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones – The New Freedom or the Original Sportsband 2!  Both of these devices are Bluetooth and are perfectly compatible with sWaP, giving you hands free, wire free music.

Instead of using the in-built speakerphone or wired earphones, pair your Freedom/Sportsband 2 headset via Bluetooth to your sWaP Rebel. And that’s you ready to listen to your favourite songs stored on your watch via Bluetooth!

The sWaP Rebel Sim Free Unlocked Mobile Phone Watch & Media Player – £189

Share the news:

Buy your Jaybird Freedom or Jaybird Sportsband 2 Headphones for only £89.10 (WAS £99) when you purchase the sWaP Rebel

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What’s Your Favourite Gadget? Jaybird Freedom? Nike+ SportWatch? Logitech Harmony? Tell us!

The Scotsman Digital Columns are back with new reviews!

Discover the hottest tech products now! 

Jaybird Freedom – Launched and sold out at Gadget Show

“These Bluetooth babies use the latest apt-X sound technology which avoids the meat cleaver approach to sound compression, leaving the music entering your ears indistinguishable from traditional wired approaches.”

“While the Freedoms are one slim lead away from being truly wireless, they sound great, stay put – and provide a liberating experience that William Wallace would be proud of.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

Jaybird Freedom – Wireless Handsfree Bluetooth Headphones with apt-X Sound Technology – Available Now at AMP3 – Only £99

Nike+ SportWatch – Ideal for all athletes

“The lovechild of an emerging relationship between the kings of sportswear and TomTom, the queens of GPS.”

“Whilst £179 marks the SportWatch out for seasoned runners, it’s a mighty motivational aid for those marginally allergic to exercise as well.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

Logitech Harmony the Advanced Universal Remote

“This glossy black device has a mini colour touchscreen and comes with a tomb-like cradle for charging.”

“It’s one of those gadgets that you baulk at the price of and then wonder how you lived without.” The Scotsman (read the full review here)

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Best Memories Of The Gadget Show Live 2011!

Cowon, X-Mini, Denon, Jaybird, SoundScience and PopCorn Hour

They were all at the Gadget Show Live 2011

With the exclusive launches of Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones,SoundScience Qsb Speakers and PopBox Media Player, the Gadget Show Live was a huge success this year again.

New: The Hub Theater – Live sessions introducing new products during the Gadget Show Live… Let’s watch the best-of those sessions:

Available Now at Advanced MP3 Players:

Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headphones - £99

SoundScience Qsb Speakers – £89.99

PopBox Media Player – £139 (for pre-order)

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Buy Your Own Freedom From Wires With The New Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones!

Jaybird Freedom Headphones launched this week  in Birmingham,  it’s one of the best new technologies according to live feedback from Gadgets Enthusiasts at Gadget Show!

These headphones were also hugely successful during the Press Day! Tech made Easy’s Editor had the chance to test and review them for you:

“The Freedom headphones extend Jaybirds existing lineup of Bluetooth devices, this time with in-ear headphones at the heart of the design.

“The design of these phones is absolutely flawless, with minimal controls (volume, on/off) allowing the phones to feel incredibly light in the ear.

“I usually have problems with in-ear phones fitting properly, but experienced no problems at all with the Freedom headphones due to both the reduced weight and the excellent rubberised buds.

“The noise isolation works well, and even in a packed NEC hall I was able to listen to music streamed from a phone via Bluetooth with absolute clarity, something my wired Sennheiser headphones couldn’t manage on the same day.”

- read the full review here –

Ready to experience freedom?

Find out more on these amazing headphones by clicking here

Available for pre-order at www.amp3.co.uk.


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Jaybird Brings “Freedom” To The Gadget Show Live In Birmingham!

As you are a  technology enthusiast, we know that you are planning to go the Gadget Show Live In Birmingham!

And this year at Gadget Show Live, you will be able to act like Mel Gibson crying FREEDOM in Braveheart because you will have the fantastic opportunity to buy your own “Freedom” right there!

The cry today is to make the Bluetooth enabled device user take up the fight, the fight to truly recognise and appreciate what a wireless headset should be and what it will give you.

Jaybird have delivered on the years of promise that Bluetooth has offered and delivered a tiny, wire-free in-ear noise isolating earphone.

Latest technology developed by Jaybird, Freedom is hugely promising:
o All-in-one wireless headset
o Hands-free wire-free headphones – ideal for active lifestyles
o Bluetooth
o Designed to fit securely in your ears thanks to GeckoGrip active eartips
o Tiny, in ear, noise isolating earphones
o Sonic brilliance – CD quality sound with Apt-X

See you at Gadget Show Live In Birmingham then (stand G3)

No worries, for those who can’t make it in Birmingham, these amazing headphones will be available the same day (12.04.11) at www.amp3.co.uk. See you online then!

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