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Are You More Red/Black or Silver/Black? The Bicoloured SoundMAGIC E10 Arrive in AMP3!

The E10 are SoundMAGIC new flagship headphones!

Meanwhile these new in-ear headphones, let’s have a look at Head-Fi Forum:

“The sound signature of E10 is balanced with a mild U-shaped frequency response, forward but not rich, quick, energetic and dynamic with a fairly strong bass. Bass reaches down deep to sub-bass and hit with good impact, almost to a point of being bass dominant.” (Head-Fi – read the full review here).

The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal in a choice of four vibrant colours. The E10’s internal acoustic design follows on from the massively popular PL11, but with some serious improvements both to aesthetics and sound.

The new SoundMAGIC range is available soon on Advanced MP3 Players - from £19

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Earbud or In-canal – What’s your Favourite?

Hey AMP3′s fans,

A new poll is up on Facebook: Earbud or in-canal – what’s your favourite?

Advanced MP3 Players may stock the “Hisoundaudio Live Earbud” and therefore would like to know if you still like earbud style earphones or if  the market has shifted to in-canal. Please let us know, your vote and opinion really matter for AMP3′s team.

- Find the poll by clicking here -

Never heard about Hisoundaudio?

Read the review done by Mark Ramos, AMP3′s guest blog, on Head-Fi: “Clarity and transparency, buds that actually sound good if you like buds.”

(click here for the full review)