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Westone W80 Dual Driver Earphones - £1,175.00

Westone W80 Flagship Dual Driver Earphones now at AMP3!

New to the virtual shelves of AMP3, the Westone W80 flagship earphones!


Not content to rest on their laurels Westone have been busy at work to bring you even better sound quality.

Westone W80 Dual Driver Earphones - £1,175.00

Westone W80 Dual Driver Earphones – £1,175.00


Following on from their success with the W60 earphones, Westone introduce the W80 Dual Driver earphones. The main difference over the already fantastic W60’s is that Westone have managed to find a way to squeeze 8 proprietary drivers in each driver units – that’s 2 more drivers for both left and right channels!


By featuring 8 dedicated drivers the W80’s are able to offer unparalleled, crystal clear sound creating an unbelievably immersive experience. The dedicated drivers are tuned to handle a specific part of the frequency spectrum, with dual lows, dual mids and quad highs meaning you get great bass without sacrificing the incredible detail.


The Westone W80 earphones truly are the pinnacle of Westone innovation. Available now from £1,175.00, head over to AMP3 for more details:


Audeze Sine - Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable - £449.00

Audeze Lightning Compatible Headphones Come to AMP3

With rumours of the upcoming iPhone 7 being without the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, American Headphone manufacturer Audeze has you covered.


Audeze EL-8 Titanium

Audeze EL-8 Titanium – with Fully Integrated Cipher 24-bit High Resolution Lightning Cable – £699.00


The Audeze EL-8 was the world’s first Headphone with a Cipher 24-bit High Resolution Lightning Cable to connect to the Apple Lightning port, complete with integrated DAC so your music will sound better than ever.


Audeze Sine - Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable - £449.00

Audeze Sine – Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable – £449.00

The SINE headphones are more light-weight and are designed to fold flat for portability. The planar technology offers a dynamic and detailed sound on the move.


Both the EL-8 and SINE headphones feature a built-in microphone and are Siri compatible, and there’s even an accompanying Audeze app to help fine-tune your music’s EQ. The perfect headphone companions to your Apple Lightning devices.


Head over to AMP3 to check out the Audeze headphones in more detail:


EL-8 Titanium:



Audeze SINE:



AudioQuest NightHawk “Semi-open” Headphones Available Now!


AudioQuest NightHawk ‘Semi-Open’ Headphones – £499.00

AudioQuest – producer of the multi-award winning Dragonfly DAC v1.2 – has decided to branch out into the headphone market, and have done so with aplomb. Their first offering of headphones, the AudioQuest NightHawk ‘Semi-open’ headphones demand attention.


In a market that can feel saturated with passing good headphones AudioQuest have broken new ground and given their headphones a reason to exist other than simply providing another set of ordinary ‘phones.

AudioQuest have designed the NightHawks to be 'Semi-Open' back

The NightHawks are described as ‘Semi-Open’ back – yes, we were confused too

Designed from the ground up, the NightHawk headphones straight away look like a special piece of kit. The semi-open circumaural earcups have been made of revolutionary material ‘liquid wood’ – which the NightHawks’ unique sound is credited in part to.


The NightHawks give a smooth and warm listen with bass given authority while the higher end is a little relaxed. This, coupled with the fact that these headphones are so comfortable, gives a very comfortable and fatigue-free experience – even if listening for extended periods.


The bass has authority, but this doesn’t mean that the NightHawks are for bass-heads only. The mid-range is smooth and warm and, whilst the top-end may lack some detail, there definitely texture there. The mellowed top-end may feel like a slight trading off in exchange for the NightHawks fluidity to those that like their headphones bright, but spend some time with the NightHawks and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with them.


The AuqioQuest Night Hawk Full-Size, Around-the-ear, ‘Semi-Open’ Headphones are available for £499.00.

Follow the link below for more details:



The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand - from £24.50

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand - from £24.50

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand – from £24.50

New to AMP3’s virtual shelves, the Glass Skull headphone stand is the perfect spooky accessory for your headphones. If you’ve been looking for a creepy companion to guard your headphones when not in use, then this fella is perfect for scaring away would-be headphone thieves.

Who's a handsome boy then?

Who’s a pretty boy then?

Cousin of the famous AMP3 Glass head, the Glass Skull is available in 7 creepy colours and replete with anatomical features, the Glass Skull will provide quite the talking point. Not for the faint of heart!

See the Glass Skulls over at AMP3:

The AMP3 Luxury Glass Skull Headphones Stand

*Please Note – no headphones are included*

FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones Now in Stock


The new FX Sport VRX Wireless Smart Sports Headphones have now hit the virtual shelves at AMP3.


FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones - £129.00

FX Sports VRX Smart Sports Headphones – £129.00

The new and improved VRX Wireless Sports Headphones feature a built-in 8GB waterproof MP3 Player and are perfect for those with an active lifestyle.

The VRX headphones are lightweight and comfortable, are sweat/rainproof and offer full waterproof usage with a silicon skin case (sold separately) meaning you can even take your headphones swimming.FXSPORTVRXE1L

The most intriguing feature of the VRX Smart Sports Headphones however, is that users can create and upload workouts and training sessions. Pre-prepared workouts are available from the free FX-Sport Workout Store – weight training, circuit training, marathon programmes, swimming sessions – the VRX can run you through all these exercises and more with professionally constructed training sessions.

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

The VRX Headphones are also available in Red

Not only this, but you can also upload the voices and workouts from real world-class personal trainers and coaches, offering a ‘one-to-one’ experience. Now there’s no excuse for missing your workout.


The VRX Smart Sports Headphones are available at AMP3 for £129.00:

FX Sport VRX Wireless Sports Headphones


DACs for your ‘phones?


Zorloo Z:ero


With greater demand for higher sound quality whilst on the move some manufacturers have come up with a novel way of getting you the quality you demand – earphones with integrated DACs.

The earphone manufacturer Zorloo has designed the ‘World’s First’ digital earphone, the bizarrely named Z:ero, which plugs directly into the Micro-USB port on your smartphone to provide you with digital audio output. With a Wolfson DAC and a headphone amplifier crammed into the in-line control, the Zorloo Z:ero is definitely more portable than carrying around a separate DAC and amp.


FiiO E18

Previously audiophiles on the move would have to carry around amplifier/DAC combos such as the FiiO E18

But Zorloo aren’t the only people to offer headphones with built-in DACs. Sony has already released the MDR-1ADAC, a set of over-ear headphones with a built-in DAC, and Philips demoed their new NC1L noise cancelling headphones at CES 2015, which has an integrated 24-bit DAC designed to give Apple users superior audio via the Lightning port on their device.


Zorloo may not have gotten there first, but incorporating DACs into earphones and headphones may be the start of a new trend as manufacturers look to target the more discerning smartphone audio enthusiasts.


Keep your eyes on the blog and our Facebook page for further updates!


Interested in portable amps and DACs? Follow the link below to see our full range:




Audeze Headphones Coming to AMP3



We are very excited and proud to announce that AMP3 is teaming up with Audeze to stock their top of the range headphones. There has been much digital ink spilled in praise of Audeze’s Planar Magnetic headphones, and now our customers will have the chance to hear what all the fuss is about.


Not only are Audeze’s headphones beautifully crafted and great to look at, they have been described consistently as the best headphones in the world.

Keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for more details and arrival dates.
For those of you who can’t wait until they come in, take a peek at Audeze’s own website to get a taste of these stellar headphones:


Sony NWZ-W262: Finally the perfect MP3 player for sports?


Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB


The athlete who enjoys listening to their own music while exercising will be all too aware of the challenges in selecting the ‘right’ MP3 player and headphones. Before exercise even commences we fight a battle in trying to choose the perfect combination of MP3 player and headphones. The market is full of sports specific headphones and MP3 players but where you find one that is of quality standard the other might be significantly poorer in performance. For example, the iPod shuffle may be ideal in size and capacity but its headphones are distinctly lacking in the gym worthy stakes.

There is little else more frustrating than reaching the end of your run and inspired by good music and a rush of endorphins you push the last minute to a sprint, only to find you’ve tugged the headphones from your ears and attention is stolen from trying to beat your personal best to not tripping over the dangling wires.

So is there a shortcut to a perfect MP3 player and headphone combination? Sony seems to think so with their sports Walkman model the Sony W-Series NWZ-W262 Walkman 2GB.

This model keeps things simple. Wires get in the way, so the NWZ-W262 doesn’t have them. MP3 players are often too bulky, so Sony incorporated the player into the headphones. Sweat makes the earphones come out, so the NWZ-W262 is sweat proof and secure. This is a bold concept but is equally as intuitive; one of those “why didn’t I think of this sooner?” moments.

The battery life is another winning feature. If you’re in a rush and have typically forgotten to charge the battery the NWZ-W262 will give you approximately half an hour of run time from only 3 minutes of charge. From 90 minutes you’ll get 8 hours. Sony also use the simple ‘drag and drop’ form of file transfer letting you put your music on the player with the ability to arrange it into playlists.

The headphones themselves boast a clear and powerful sound that even offer a comfortable fit. The innovative sweat proof design will also protect against rain and snow – you can even give them a wash under some running water after those particularly exertive training sessions.

So if you’re tired of searching the market for the perfect MP3 player and headphones for exercise, look no further than the Sony NWZ-W262.


For a full product description and list of specifications click here.


Buy now

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FIVE STAR rating for Blackbox M10s

Blackbox M10 Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones


With their large ear-cups, deep [bass] and crisp vocals, these phones block out up to 92 per cent of outside boise, and a single AAA battery will power them for more than 50 hours.Apps Magazine


Blackbox have been heaped with deserving praise from Apps Magazine who have given the noise cancelling headphones a five star rating.

The headphones that deliver all kinds of sonic pleasure specialise in making your listening experience pure. They employ Active Noise Rejection technology widely used in commercial aviation.

Not only that but they won the ‘Best for Public Transport’ award from T3!

There is seemingly nothing these headphones can’t achieve.


Read a full product description and place your order here!


The New SoundMagic Earphones Are In Stock!

SoundMAGIC earphones: highly rated for accuracy of sound, value for money and big brand build quality!

Discover their brand new models now!

SoundMagic E30 Pro-Fit In-Ear Earphones – £39

The E30 headphones by SoundMagic are the next generation of SoundMagics PL30 model, which is still to this day one of Advanced MP3 Players fastest selling in-ear headphones! The E30s have increased build quality and durability let alone a increased frequency response and sound quality.

SoundMagic P30 Closed Back Folding On-Ear Headphones – £79

The P30 headphones by SoundMagic are an all round performer. They produce a nicely textured sound on a fairly wide sound-stage. The closed design isolates very well and is perfect for when you are out and about, you won’t hear other people and they won’t hear your music! You won’t find the P30s gripping your ears in a way that causes fatiguing, they hug you head and are a good choice for anyone who likes to listen to music over extended periods. There is also a neat little carry pouch included, the P30s fold-up and fit into perfectly into it for easy transportation.

SoundMagic E10 In-Ear Earphones – £34

The SoundMAGIC E10 is a beautifully finished in-ear sound isolating earphone made from brushed metal in a choice of four vibrant colours. They are doing a damn good job of producing quality for less! These headphones work with all MP3 players, Internet tablets and other audio devices with a 3.5mm audio output.

SoundMagic EH11 In-Ear Earphones – £49

His particular in-ear model is designed for active audio lovers. The double vented design features an eargrip which makes using them at the gym or out running a treat. The in-ear EH11 is not designed to cut out all background noise, so be prepared to hear a little of what’s going on around you, like a car coming along the street as you are going round your cycle or jogging path.

More information on Advanced MP3 Players

Grab your set now!

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