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Glimpsing the Future: Calyx M


Calyx M

Soon to join the ranks at AMP3 is the Calyx M. In the same tier as the new Cowon Plenue 1 and Astell & Kern’s AK100 ii, this beautiful player should have audiophiles’ mouths watering.


Featuring DXD of 32/384 and 128DSD support, you know this player means business. Not only this, but the M also has some other nice features, such as the large 4.65” OLED screen, or the detachable magnetic volume control giving the Calyx M an analogue feel.


The Calyx M looks lush in its anodized brown aluminium casing and the UI is dressed in dark, warm colours to match. Sporting the bass-in-treble clef logo etched on the back, the Calyx M is reminding users that it’s all about the music.

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