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HiSoundAudio Rocoo expected 6 April! Check out why it will blow you away here.

RocooHiSoundAudio Rocoo



The HiSoundAudio Rocoo is set to arrive on the shores of Amp3 on 6 April!


This new little device couldn’t be more eagerly anticipated if we tried. The Rocoo is one of the most DAP music players that you can get and it comes housed in a rectangle of contemporary design. Taking design hues from ages past the Rocoo still emerges as a fresh faced player with a distinctly modern aesthetic.


Reproducing well balanced sound, the Rocoo will definitely blow you away. Modern, and particularly electronic music, positively shine with this player. Bass is peppered with detail and not lost in a muddied mess of noise as is typical of other players at this price point. The on-board DAP works hard to extract the true potential of your music so expect to hear your favourite songs in all their acoustic glory!


Reproducing well balanced sound, the Rocoo will definitely blow you away.


**As an exclusive offer with this player we at Amp3 are giving away a free set of Hisoundaudio PO PO In Ear Monitor Headphones worth £65.00.**



Check it out


The “Crystals”: An Award-Winning Headphones Made by Hisoundaudio!

At Advanced MP3 Players, we like stocking high-end and winning headphones,

The HiSoundAudio Crystal Audiophile Grade In-Ear Earphones are the latest!

On the Edge Apps tested, reviewed and rewarded the Crystal Headphones:

“The Crystal, also known as some of the smallest earphones I have ever seen in the world.”

“Comfort was actually surprisingly easy to get used to and they practically disappeared after a few minutes of usage. Cable noise, or microphonics, as some people like to call them, was apparent but drifted away after wearing these over the ear instead of hanging down.
HiSound Audio really hit home in terms of build quality.”

“I was very surprised by the enormous sound these cans produced, on both ends of the spectrum.”

“It’s not very often that I give out Editors Choice Awards, but I feel like I must here. Bass heads will thoroughly enjoy all the power that these little things offer, and the same goes for treble heads as well.” (read the full review here)

Fancy a pair of these gems? Visit www.amp3.co.uk

HiSoundAudio Crystal Audiophile Grade In-Ear Earphones – only £69

- full product description here -


Fancy Free Earphones Worth £69?

Advanced MP3 Players is offering a FREE set of HiSoundAudio Crystal Audiophile Grade Earbuds with the First 10 orders of the Studio-V!

Pick up your Hisoundaudio Studio-V 4GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player:

“This may be the most musical and dynamic DAP I’ve ever heard” (www.head-fi.org)

And Get the great HiSoundAudio Crystal Audiophile Grade Earbuds for FREE:

(worth £69)


- Click here for more information about these product and the offer -

Remember 1st comes, 1st serves

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Hisoundaudio Studio-V: The Audiophiles Dream Player?

A New Star has just arrived at AMP3, king of audio?

Incredible little Digital Audio Player that sounds stunning – Perfection is now called Hisoundaudio!

In few words:

What you are looking at is a dedicated audio device, it’s sturdy but beautifully crafted body is home to some hi-tech kit that is waiting to shine a new light on your personal audio experience. It boasts over 60 hours of battery life, upgradeable firmware to suit your audio preferences, a memory expansion option and an audio quality to die for!

For more details, please read Mark Ramos’s review on Head-Fi - please click here -

Hisoundaudio Studio-V 8GB Dedicated Digital Audio Player with Expandable Memory - £279

- full product description here -


Exclusive Offer:

The First 10 orders of the Studio-V will be shipped with a FREE set of HiSoundAudio Audiophile Grade Live Earbuds worth £80! Boasting excellent clarity and transparency these add the finishing touches to the HiSoundAudio Studio-V Digital Audio Player.