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Audeze Sine - Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable - £449.00

Audeze Lightning Compatible Headphones Come to AMP3

With rumours of the upcoming iPhone 7 being without the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, American Headphone manufacturer Audeze has you covered.


Audeze EL-8 Titanium

Audeze EL-8 Titanium – with Fully Integrated Cipher 24-bit High Resolution Lightning Cable – £699.00


The Audeze EL-8 was the world’s first Headphone with a Cipher 24-bit High Resolution Lightning Cable to connect to the Apple Lightning port, complete with integrated DAC so your music will sound better than ever.


Audeze Sine - Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable - £449.00

Audeze Sine – Planar Magnetic Headphone with Lightning Cable – £449.00

The SINE headphones are more light-weight and are designed to fold flat for portability. The planar technology offers a dynamic and detailed sound on the move.


Both the EL-8 and SINE headphones feature a built-in microphone and are Siri compatible, and there’s even an accompanying Audeze app to help fine-tune your music’s EQ. The perfect headphone companions to your Apple Lightning devices.


Head over to AMP3 to check out the Audeze headphones in more detail:


EL-8 Titanium:



Audeze SINE:



i.Fuzen wins at Custom PC who rated it 5/5!

i.FuzenAuzentech i.Fuzen



The i.Fuzen is a three in one solution to all the iPhone 4/4s’ woes. It is a protective case for the delicate glass design; it is an additional battery leasing life to the easily tired iPhone battery and best yet, it is a headphone amplifier to brighten even the saddest of songs.


All of these features made for a winning combination at Custom PC who rated it 5/5! The i.Fuzen not only received full marks but was awarded the Custom Kit badge of honour!

The extra battery will close to double the life of your iPhone 4/4s so you’re never to be left in the lurch after sometimes as little as a day of heavy use. The headphone amplifier cleverly uses the base of the iPhone to extract music and boosts it to 180mW with a 113dB signal to noise ratio.


All of these features sound clumpy but not so as the i.Fuzen is compact enough to not impact greatly on weight or size. Make you iPhone unstoppable with the i.Fuzen.


Check it out


Amp3 Pound Shop now open!

Hard Candy

In tough economic times, Advanced MP3 Players unleashes what no one thought possible in electronics retail (including our accountant) – a Pound Shop! Pick up a true bargain and fill up your stockings this Christmas. More bargains will be added throughout December, so make sure you check back regularly!

Pound Shop

We’ve got some really great products in our Pound Shop where some serious savings are to be made.


Get yourself a HardCandy case for your iPhone and keep it protected in style while saving a massive £24!


Or check out the amazing saving of £29 on the BodyGuard Apple iPad case.



Other products include Sennheiser earphones and in-car accessories.


~ Have a look at the Pound Shop here. ~

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The stunning Revo K2 is now in stock! Read about it here!

Revo K2Revo K2

The Revo K2 is available to order at £299 and is expected to arrive with us on November 15th!

The K2 is packed out with seriously high quality components to make the sound that superior Revo quality we’ve come to expect. With four Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Class-D amplifiers the K2 has enough sonic power to flood a room.

First and foremost the K2 is a radio and it receives DAB, DAB+, FM and internet radio formats and offers access to online music services such as Last.fm. It will wirelessly stream music from any PC or Mac and is capable of audio and video playback from specific Apple models.

Revo K2

The motorised dock is made for several generations of Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. When in use, the otherwise hidden OLED brightly displays playing information on the graphical screen.

A very smooth piece of kit that will add a stylish edge to whatever room you put it in and mark its presence with an incredible sound. You even get a trial period for Last.fm free of charge.


Buy now

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dockBoss and dockBoss+ arrive at Amp3! Rated 80% by RegHardware


Ever have a look around a shop and noticed how much preference there is for Apple products? Probably not if you’re using an Apple product already – which is true for most people out there. A serious problem lies ahead for those of us using any product but an Apple product when on the lookout for speakers. In every shop the majority of speakers will likely be fitted with a 30-pin dock suitable for Apple products only. Finally, a solution is available. Enter the dockBoss converter.

The dockBoss and dockBoss+ are innovative devices that instantly make an iPod dock compatible with a wide range of players. They ‘speak the language of all systems’ where one end of the dockBoss connects to the iPod dock and the other is a standard 3.5mm jack that fits a range of audio-output devices including laptops and portable radios. Hurrah! Finally a way to benefit from an Apple dominated market without an Apple product!

Even better, they love it at RegHardware too! It is RegHardware Recommended and was rated 80%!

A winning product all round. Don’t hesitate to get yours today!

~ The dockBoss is £22.99 ~

~ The dockBoss+ is £29.99 ~


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X mini RAVE rated 4/5 starts in iPad and iPhone User magazine. Check out the review here!



‘The X-mini RAVE looks good, it’s highly portable and the sound is better than we expected at this price and size.’ iPad and iPhone User

Read full review here

The X mini RAVE received a glowing review from iPad and iPhone User describing the speaker as ‘ideal for scenarios where you haven’t got access to a full-scale music system.’
The RAVE model of the X mini cohort is equipped with the added feature of FM radio. No longer must you use your MP3 player or phone to enjoy flawless sound from the speaker.  One of the standout features of any X mini speaker is their small size and portability. Despite the radio feature, the RAVE does not change in size but incorporates the speaker into the existing mould. What’s even better is that it comes with a memory feature so your last played station is stored.
You can purchase an X mini RAVE model from Advanced MP3 Players priced at £39.99.



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ColcaSac iPad Sleeve: An UGG boot for your iPad.

ColcaSacColcaSac iPad Sleeve



Protect your iPad with a ColcaSac by taking advantage of its generous internal padding and tough outer material. It might look as though you are putting your iPad to bed in one of these sleeves but rest assured it is thoroughly protected.

ColcaSacs are manufactured from natural materials. The cotton is hand-loomed from a village in Mexico where the organic hemp is sourced from the valleys of China. These materials fuse organic and natural roots to make a robust yet comfortable case to protect your very modern iPad.

The materials are grown, weaved and printed in the United States. 100% certified cotton gives it the strength to withstand everyday wear and tear where the non-toxic, low-impact dye adds the brilliant colour and design.

Rest assured ColcaSac is not only a company that only looks environmentally friendly but actually is. With every purchase, ColcaSac shares a fraction of the profits with environmental organisations through the 1% For the Planet scheme.

Protect your iPad in a fully functional, responsibly-made sleeve. If only they made them for people…


buy now


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Cling by name, cling by nature. The Clingo hands-free mounts score serious safety points at Amp3


Clingo Hands-Free Mount

Clings by name, clings by nature. The Clingo range of in-car mounts are an innovative way to keep your phone in your car. They are made to ensure your phone is within glancing distance from the windscreen so to not fully detract from driving.


The Clingo Hands-Free mount will stick to your dashboard or your windscreen. The ball and socket joint gives ample ability to adjust the position of the mount for different drivers without having to dismantle the mount completely.


The Clingo Vent Mount (seen at bottom of article) will do just the same but instead is positioned in your car propping itself in the car’s vents. The Vent Mount comes highly recommended and even made it into the Amp3 staff Buyers Guide for best in-car accessories. You can read that here. It is less flexible than the Hands-Free mount but is easier to take in and out of the car. Mounts often pose an unforeseen risk when left visible in your car. Even as little as the suction marks left on your windscreen will lead thieves to believe you have a SatNav or other device stored out of sight. With the Clingo Vent Mount you can easily remove it from your vents and pop it in your glove compartment.
Any kind of phone will stick to the green pad of the Clingo mounts. They are held firmly and securely and leave no kind of sticky residue on your phone.
The Clingo mounts are a simple and safe solution to have in your car. You can get the Clingo Hands-Free mount for £16.75 and the Clingo Vent-Mount for £14.89.

Clingo Vent Mount


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Exclusive Facebook deal! 10% off NuForce Icon iDo when you become a Facebook fan!

NuForce Icon iDo


**The NuForce Icon iDo is on special offer for one week only through an exclusive Facebook deal. Until Monday 24 October you get a generous 10% off the Icon iDo amp.**


Like‘ our Facebook page now and get exclusive access to this deal today.


About the iDo

The NuForce Icon iDo is here to solve all of your audiophile woes and breathes life into those digital files that aren’t living up to their full potential in your Apple device. Credit to Apple, their range of mp3 players are stunning works of design and function but this is no consolation to audiophiles who expect a higher standard of sound from such a high quality mp3 player. With Apple, ‘high quality’ doesn’t translate as ‘specialist’ which is why many people are left disappointed.

This is where the iDo comes in. Apple stores the original high quality digital file on its mp3 players easily but the problem is with their in-built digital to audio converter.  Their converter is where the quality wanes and becomes that less than special sound. What the iDo does is goes into the device and bypasses this converter extracting the original high quality file giving back the studio quality sound it is capable of producing.


It might sound a little complicated but the solution is simple. The iDo gives you the quality of sound that belongs to your digital file without the need for a high-end, specialist mp3 player.


Save yourself 10% on an iDo by becoming an Amp3 Facebook fan. Check out the page here:


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Icon iDo by NuForce now available for pre order! Check it out!

iDoIcon iDo


The Icon iDo if finally ready for pre order from Amp3.  The digital audio converter and headphone amplifier has been made specifically for Apple products to convert digitally stored music files to their original audiophile quality.


The device might look a bit odd and might not seem so straightforward but the science behind it is really very simple.


Apple products like the iPod, can store a near original CD quality copy of a music file (Apple Lossless) but doe not reproduce that quality of sound when playing the file. Sound is only as good as the default digital to analogue converter.


When connected, the iDo bypasses the default converter and extracts the original high quality file without any loss of clarity. It produces audiophile grade sound from a digitally stored file.  Simple!


The iPod which for years has been the world’s most popular MP3 player shows no sign of relinquishing any of its market dominance. The iDo brings to the world of Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad users a supremely high quality sound without having to purchase a high performing MP3 player.


Pre order yours today for £399.


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