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Amp3 Tech Spot: Syncing the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth Earphones with the Apple iPad

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If you’ve got two of the latest hi-tech gizmos on the market, the Apple iPad and the Jaybird Sportsband Bluetooth earphones here’s a quick guide to show you how to pair them together so you can get great sound without wires!


On the iPod select the ‘Settings’ option from the main home screen.



On the left you’ll be presented with a list of sections, to find the Bluetooth settings select ‘General’ on the left.  On the right hand side of the iPad screen you’ll now be presented with a long list of the general settings, and one of the options near the top will be ‘Bluetooth’, quickly tap that option and you’ll be presented with the relevant settings.


First, switch on the Bluetooth if it’s not already set. The iPad will then start to search for any nearby Bluetooth devices.

Press and hold the power button on the Jaybird Sportsband headphones, the power light will first start to flash blue, keep holding the button until it flashes red and blue, which will indicate the earphones are ready to be detected.

The iPad should now have detected the Sportsband earphones and they will be listed as model ‘SB1’ with a status of ‘Not Paired’ on the list of available Bluetooth devices.


Tapping on the SB1 entry, the iPad will now confirm you wish to pair with the Sportsband earphones.


Clicking ‘Pair’, the Sportsband earphones will now be shown as connected and now ready for use with the iPad.

Press the home button to go back to the main iPad home screen and click on ‘iPod’ to bring up the music functions. The iPad will now show in the top left that it is using the Sportsband (SB1) earphones instead of the internal speaker or normal headphones.



The Independent include JayBird Sportsbands in top 10 fitness gadgets round-up!

SportsbandJayBird Sportsband


Not only do these headphones come with a lifetime warranty against sweat damage, they can also link with your smartphone.‘  The Independent

The JayBird Sportsbands go from strength to strength. Voted 9th best fitness gadget to have by The Independent, they fought off stiff competition to make it in to the round-up.


The sportsbands are wireless headphones that easily connect to a Bluetooth enabled music player to rid the user of any wires. Effortlessly connect the devices and you are good to go.

check it out


The Sun 01July2011

6 Of The Best … Men’s Headphones!

This weekend, discover which are the Sun’s top six headphones!

A set from Advanced MP3 Players slipped into the Top 6! Guess which one is it

Please click here to read the full review


More information about Advanced MP3 Players and their headphones – click here



The World Touch Cup Starts Today at Peffermill in Edinburgh! Good Luck Scotland!

Thank you Jaybird Sportsband 2 and Jaybird Freedom:

After training sessions with music, Ali Crozier and his team are ready!

New testimony below:

With final preparations complete the Jaybird sponsored Scotland M30 team is ready to take on world!

Many of the southern hemisphere teams are already en route to the competition but as the home nation we have a final weekend to relax and focus on the task ahead.  I know some of the boys, especially the new caps like myself, are excited and even a little nervous but with all the hard work over the winter behind us we look forward with confidence to the formidable challenge that is the Touch World Cup.

Thanks must go to the coaching staff and management team but especially to head coach Simon Ebbett.  His highly professional efforts have been phenomenal, moulding this team and giving us the best possible platform for success.  To echo the words of the National Squad Coaching Director Robbie McKenzie, “We’re ready!”.

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011.




More information about Jaybird here


AMP3 Favourite Touch Rugby Team is Back on AMP3 Blog With A New Story!

This week, a big applause to another Scottish Touch Rugby player for his great testimony and picture:

This weekend the Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team heads into final preparations for the World Cup with a training camp at Peffermill.
Touch at elite level requires speed, strength, power, agility and endurance.  This base fitness work can take many different formats, here Scotland winger Dennis McNabb wears his Jaybird Sportsband 2‘s for a session on the bike.

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011.

Good Luck for the finale!!

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Captivating Testimony from Ali, A Scottish Touch Rugby Player, trying out Jaybird Headphones!

AMP3 readers, Jaybird fans, enjoy this captivating testimony:

Words from the field

“With the Touch World Cup fast approaching the Jaybird sponsored Scotland Touch M30 team recently took on England and Wales in a warm up tournament in Manchester.  There was an encouraging performance against England who are ranked 4th in the World, eventually going down 6-2, but bounced right back against Wales with a comprehensive 5-0 victory.  The Jaybird Freedom and Sportsband 2′s are great for training but also provided entertainment on the long bus journey!

The Touch World Cup is being held at Peffermill in Edinburgh from 20-26th June 2011 hosting some 1400 competitors from 28 different countries.  Fixtures for the ‘Jaybird’ team begin on Wed 22nd June with tough games vs Fiji, Japan and England.  Results and fixtures throughout the tournament are available online:



- Click here for more information about Jaybird –

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Robbie Renwick (gold and Silver medallist in swimming) wearing them at a Bank of Scotland School Sports week!

Jaybird Sportsband 2 Supports Every Champion!

Robbie Renwick – gold and Silver medallist in swimming – wore Jaybird Sportsband 2 at a Bank of Scotland School Sports week!

Once again, Jaybird Sportsband 2 (SB2) seems to be the best companion for sport. Nominated “best set of headphones for exercise” by T3 Magazine in January 2011, SB2 is undoubtedly a star among athletes.

Jaybird SB2 Headphones have been specially made for your very own exercise routine. Designed to hug your head, SB2 are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Thanks to their impressive battery life the SB2 will keep going for up to 8 hours from one charge!

JayBird Bluetooth Sportsband 2 Headphones – Only £99 at www.amp3.co.uk

Do You Speak French? Jaybird Sportsband 2: “Diffuse De La Musique Pendant Vos Mouvements”!

GIZMODO France agreed to review the Jaybird Sportsband 2 Headphones.

Showcased at the Gadget Show Live, these successful headphones are still the bestseller at Advanced MP3 Players. Therefore,
Advanced MP3 Players contacted GIZMODO France to push this fantastic brand into the French market.

GIZMODO explains you:

“L’emballage donne une touche luxueuse avec une présentation simple, mais efficace.

“Coté Design, le SB2 fait dans le simple et efficace : des lignes douces, un revêtement plastique satiné doux et à l’effet ” perlé ” qui contraste avec la partie interne dont le revêtement anti dérapant rappelle immédiatement la fonction du casque : rester en place lors des séances de sport.

L’accès aux touches se fait naturellement, et l’on peut ainsi monter ou descendre le volume ou passer d’une piste à l’autre naturellement.

“Le son est bon et plutôt bien équilibré.

“Je suis un inconditionnel des intra auriculaires et de musique pas franchement tendre avec les casques bas de gamme , et le SB2 m’a bluffé sur le rendu des basses.

“L’absence de fil et son poids font que l’on oublie rapidement que le son provient d’un casque et non de haut-parleurs. La sensation de liberté apportée est un plus indéniable, et ses fonctions associées au micro présent enfoncent un peu plus le clou.

“Pour conclure, le SB2 est un bon casque sans fil, dont la fiabilité et la finition sans défauts méritent le détour si vous n’êtes pas déjà équipé d’un casque milieu ou haut de gamme.”

- read the full review here -

JayBird Bluetooth Sportsband 2 Headphones – £99 from Advanced MP3 Players

- full product description here -

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