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Stuff Awards

Triumph at the 2011 Stuff Awards


Tuesday 2nd November saw the event that was the 2011 Stuff Awards. These prestigious awards mark excellence in the technology and gadget industry and the night was not without excitement or surprise. What certainly wasn’t a surprise were the fantastic wins for the products below.

Sonos has had a fantastic run with their Play:3 model and the device has not gone without recognition. Though not winners, the Denon Ceol, SoundMagic E10s and SoundScience QSB speakers won in reaching the Highly Commended categories.


Audio Gadget of the Year


Sonos Play:3


Sonos Play:3

What Stuff said:
‘The dinky Play:3 may not have room for skipping CDs, tangling tapes or crackling vinyl, but it is a consummate streamer of digital music, a conduit for internet radio and a server-upper of Spotify, Napster, Deezer and more. It can also link with its Sonos brethren to form a multiroom setup, pair with another Play:3 for stereo output and pump out room-filling sound of the highest quality.’


Highly Commended

Denon Ceol



Read Stuff’s review here




Best Audio Gadget of the Year

Although there were no winners in this category two Advanced MP3 Players products were featured in the Highly Commended section.


SoundMagic E10 Earphones



The SoundMagic E10s are the second most popular selling headphones at Advanced MP3 Players and the most popular at our sister site Advanced Headphones. For good reason too – the in-ear headphones   reproduce sound with an astute quality that is akin to that of far higher priced models.



SoundScience QSB Speakers




The QSB speakers are examples of quality being squashed into one very small location. The square models sit neatly atop your workstation proving excellent sonic company by blasting out clean and clear notes. They don’t busy your desk or impose with superfluous cables and an awkward shape but blend nicely into any desktop aesthetic.



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T3 longlists Denon Ceol for coveted Gadget of the Year Award


Denon Ceol

The Denon Ceol RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer was long listed in the Gadget of the Year category at the annual T3 Awards.


The awards see the very best of technology battle it out in several categories. This year the Denon Coel went head to head with the likes of the iPad 2 and Microsoft Xbox Kinect.

Despite narrowly missing out on being shortlisted, the guys over at T3 have nothing but praise for the streamer:  ‘The CEOL is a great sounding music system for the price. […] CD playback has a grace that is immediately appealing, while high resolution FLAC files sound fabulous. The balance is perfect for pop, rock and dance; it’s like listening to ice cream.’ Read full review here.


The Ceol comes brimming with state of the art technology. Its sleek white design indicates the kind of sophistication that lies beneath its stylish outer shell.

Firstly, despite its iPod/iPhone compatibility sticker, a familiar vision on most speaker docking stations, the options to listen to what you want and how you want are endless.

Through connecting via WiFi or Lan network, you can listen to almost anything you want to via access to an online music platform. Spend hours trawling through all the available Internet Radio stations to find the perfect one for you. Alternatively, plug in a USB and play already stored music.

Not willing to exclude any classic music sources, the Ceol boasts a capacity to play CDs flawlessly – with FM/AM radio to boot!


Coel docking station

For a full product description click here.

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New: Aupeo and Stitcher Internet Radio are Available With Sonos!

Sonos adds Aupeo and Stitcher Internet radio! Owners can now add them both for free!

With Sonos ZonePlayer get the more from your digital music collection!

The World’s No.1 Home Entertainment Magazine explains:

“Aupeo is an Internet radio platform that lets you stream from around 100 stations.”
“Stitcher is a free podcast and radio service that stream more than 5000 radio stations, podcasts and shows.”(read the full article here)

From now on listen only to your favourite music and radio programmes thanks to these new Internet Radio and their Sonos compatibility.

More choice – More Music and Entertainment!

Check Advanced MP3 Players Best Sonos deals Now - Click here


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Exclusive AMP3 Music System Bundle: Get Your Xiva Musicmate & Sonos ZonePlayer and Save £49!

This month with Advanced MP3 Players, get the very best out of your music collection!

Check the new and exclusive AMP3 Bundles containing a Sonos ZonePlayer (ZP) and a Xiva Musicmate!

Store all your entire digital media collection on your Musicmate. Once your Xiva is connected to your PC, you can then wirelessly stream music anywhere around your house to your ZP wireless music system.  Stream all your music to your ZP and let it do the work for your audio system. Enjoy the benefits of the best of wireless tech combined with the Xiva Musicmate is an entertainment server.

Sonos S5 Xiva Bundle

Xiva Musicmate 1TB Entertainment Center & Sonos ZonePlayer bundles – from £1029


If you are a music lover then look no further than this – all your music collection in one place & the best of wireless audio technology.

Check our different bundles here!

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Which is the Best Music Streamer?

Yes that’s correct: “Sonos” was the right answer!

Still rated 5 stars by T3 Magazine, Sonos ZonePlayer was in T3 headlines yesterday again!

Sonos is the best Music Streamer to “Transport your tunes around the house with five of the best music streamers on the market” - read the full article here.

Winner number two: Logitech Squeezebox Duet!

Reviewed 4 stars, Logitech is also a fantastic Music Streamer, T3 loves: “Compact, attractive and NAS compatible” - read the full review here.

Both these great Music Streamers are available at Advanced MP3 Players.

1- Sonos

Click here to find more about the Sonos range.

Also Note that there are fantastic bundles “Sonos + Canton Premium Speakers” available

2- Logitech

Click here for the Logitech Music Streamer (units expected in the upcoming weeks)

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Furnish Your House With The Perfect Wireless Music System And Best Home Speakers – Check Our Exclusive Bundles!

Fancy transforming your house into a perfect cinema and audio home?

For a perfect result, get a Sonos ZonePlayer and Canton Speakers!

With Advanced MP3 Players’ exclusive bundles, you will never want to leave your home. With your new Sonos ZonePlayer Wireless Music System and Canton speakers you will enjoy wireless music that sounds incredible  – Transform your home into your very own cinema!

These two upmarket products offer you the best available on the audio market. If you are an audiophile or if you simply enjoy listening to streaming music with high sound quality, check out AMP3 exclusive deals on Sonos and Canton.

- Find out more about these different offers –

Sonos ZonePlayer  Wireless Music System & FREE Spotify Premium 1 Month Subscription
Canton Speaker

from £478.52


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AMP3 Product Sleepover: EXTREMELY LOUD! Andrea Trials the X-mini Happy!

I bet you are sitting there wondering what a ‘product sleep over’ is!?  Well not to fear you are about to find out!

Here at AMP3 we value giving our customers an informed, open and honest opinion.  How can we give you the whole picture if our staff members haven’t had first-hand experience with the products we are offering you?  Well now we can!  We are encouraging our staff members to take home and trial products for themselves, and every day we will post up our results right here on our blog!

This week, our Key Accountant Andrea is blown away by the Xmini Happy!  Can she talk over the immense sound this little capsule speaker produces?

Video Review Guide – Xmini Happy

Pros: Unbelievably loud, drop and drag file transfer, retractable audio cable enables connection to any 3.5mm line out connector, perfect for festivals, holidays and a get-away, 12 hours music playback when played through MP3 Player.

Cons: Only 5 hours battery life if playing music direct from SD card

Verdict: Well I’m suitably impressed with the X-mini Happy Capsule Speaker, it has most definitely lived up to the ‘Sound Beyond Size’ label that comes with it.  Recommended? I would have to say yes! It really is the perfect travel companion. The Happy gives you an unlimited source of music wherever you are via SD card or any other device with a 3.5mm audio out port!  The battery lasts up to 12 hours and the volume is more than enough for to fill any room you are staying in – you might even get told to turn it down!


Want to see more on this product? Check out its full features and specs at AMP3 – Click Here

Review by Andrea Keir - Key Accountant




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