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Save £100 on the Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer!

With the Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer Get the Freedom of Sound!

The N7 is a CD receiver system that lets you pick up your iPod or iPhone and slot it straight onto the integrated docking system.  The options are endless, you can even listen to Internet Radio or online music platforms!

Denon’s N7 can achieve a super fast broadband connection via Ethernet cable, or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), which gives you the freedom of listening to absolutely anything.  With the addition benefit of WPS support the N7 is extremely easy to connect to a Wi-Fi network, simply connect up and enjoy the benefits that net access offers.  If you like to do it the good old fashioned way – stick in a CD or turn on the FM/AM Radio!

Save £100

Denon RCD N-7 2GB Ceol Music Streamer – £469 / Was £569

- full product description here -

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Which is the Best Music Streamer?

Yes that’s correct: “Sonos” was the right answer!

Still rated 5 stars by T3 Magazine, Sonos ZonePlayer was in T3 headlines yesterday again!

Sonos is the best Music Streamer to “Transport your tunes around the house with five of the best music streamers on the market” - read the full article here.

Winner number two: Logitech Squeezebox Duet!

Reviewed 4 stars, Logitech is also a fantastic Music Streamer, T3 loves: “Compact, attractive and NAS compatible” - read the full review here.

Both these great Music Streamers are available at Advanced MP3 Players.

1- Sonos

Click here to find more about the Sonos range.

Also Note that there are fantastic bundles “Sonos + Canton Premium Speakers” available

2- Logitech

Click here for the Logitech Music Streamer (units expected in the upcoming weeks)

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