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SkullCandy Invasion – Episode 2! New Iconic Ranges Just Arrived!

New SkullCandy Headphones have just landed in AMP3

Don’t miss them: go on the site now!

Skullcandy UpRock On-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range – £25

SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones, 2011 Range – £34.99


SkullCandy Lowrider Headphones with Mic, 2011 Range – £34.99

SkullCandy Hesh Over-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range - £49.99

SkullCandy Hesh Pual Frank Edition Over-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range - £55


Skullcandy GI Over-Ear Headphones, 2011 Range – £59.99

- For more information about SkullCandy and their new range, please click here -

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Vsonic GR07: New IEM’s That Will be Hard to Beat!

The Vsonic GR07 already hit the audiophiles’ world!

These very promising gems land soon in Advanced MP3 Players – Be prepared!

Reviewed by Head-Fi, the GR07 have been very appreciated:

“I can say without any doubt the GR07 is one of the best IEM’s out there.”

“It takes audiophile levels of quality, throws in a dash of soul and passion, stirs in a little drama and liveliness and then ever so carefully layers on a helping of monitor like balance and technical ability.  It a stunning all round package.”

“The cable is very good.  The fit is very good.  The comfort is very good.  The bass is very good, borderline brilliant.  The mids are very good.  The highs are mostly very good.  The balance is very good.  The dynamic vibrancy is very good.  Its monitor like even-handedness is pretty good.” (Mark Ramos, Head-Fi – read the full review here).

Keep an eye on Advanced MP3 Players – Coming soon

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SoundMagic Wet Your Appetite with Pictures of Their Upcoming New Headphones!

SoundMagic have just revealed the design of their new models

Wow these headphones look very exciting!

Welcome to SoundMagic e10 Red

to SoundMagic e30 Black

to SoundMagic eh11 Blue-White

to SoundMagic p30 BlackThese promising headphones are coming up soon to Advanced MP3 Players! Keep your eyes peeled on Advanced MP3 Players website: more information and pricing coming shortly!


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