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Are You the One Who Love the New Philips GoGear Muse?

What Hi-Fi revealed us that Philips have now launched their new MP4

Welcome to the GoGear Muse 3 portable player!

“It comes with a 3.2in, 16:9 screen and uses Philips’s ‘Sound Personalisation’ technology. This allows the user to adjust the sound by running their fingers around the four corners of the screen, which are marked ‘powerful, warm, sparkling and vocal’, selecting the type of sound they prefer.”

“As well as supporting audio formats such as FLAC, MP3, WMA, AAC, Ogg Vorbis and WAV, it also handles video formats including MP4, WMV9 and RMVB.” (read the full article here)

The Philips GoGear Muse – Available soon in AMP3

Keep an eye on Advanced MP3 Players


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Fidelio Docks Lovers? Good News: Philips Expands its Range!

This morning Advanced MP3 Players is thrilled: their range of Philips Fidelio will be expanded soon!

Philips have just revealed their two new docks!

What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision tells us more about them:

“Philips has added two further models to its Fidelio range of iPhone/iPad/iPod speaker docks.”

“Both are variations of the existing DS9000 model, which remains on sale at £399.”

“It’s joined by the smaller £299 DS9 (1st pic) and the £399 DS9010 (2nd pic).”

read the full article here

Philips Fidelio DS9 – £299

Enhanced by ZemantaPhilips Fidelio DS9010 – £399
Check at AMP3 Current range of Fidelio Docks

Get the Very Best From Your iPod/iPhone/iPad With The New Philips Micro Music System!

Fancy an ‘i’ dock music system which looks fierce?

Get the new Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad!

Philips look to create a micro sound system that caters for the entire range of apple ‘i’ devices. Dock your iPod, iPhone or iPad on this stunning looking system and fill your home with tunes directly from your gadget! The system will even charge your device while playing your tunes – dock, charge and play, it’s as simple as that! - read more about this product here

Crank up the volume and let’s party!

Philips DCM3020/05 120 Watt Micro Music System for iPod/iPhone/iPad - £169

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New iPod & iPhone speaker/docks/radios by Philips! Enjoy High-Quality and Room-Filling Sound Wherever You Are!

With Philips new iPod/iPhone devices, your music travels with you!

Appreciate your Music wherever you are!

From Clock Radio, to Mini Speakers, to Docks, Philips new range was designed with Apple in mind. All these new products are compatible with your iPod/iPhone!

Fill up your room with your music and enjoy all your favourite songs wherever you are: ideal for picnic, at your friends, at yours… wherever you are, your music is!

High-quality sound, stylish and portable, all you need is choose your favourite one among the following selection:

Click on the product image for more information

Philips SBP1120/1 Portable Speaker System for all MP3 Players - £13.49

Philips AJ3270D/0 Clock Radio for iPod/iPhone – £44.99

Philips DS3020/05 Fidelio iPod/iPhone Dock – £59 (WAS £69)

Philips DS3500/05 Fidelio Dock for iPhone/iPod/iPad with Bluetooth Connection - £129

Philips Fidelio DS7700/10 Portable iPod/iPhone/iPad Dock with Bluetooth Connection – £179

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Philips Adds Colors To Your Kids’ Life And Anyone Looking for Splash of Colors!

Philips comes back to the audio market with a new colorful range of earphones!

Which is your favourite color?

From Black/White to Blue/Green, Philips brand new earphones will add colors to your life.

Moreover, inside these Philips earphones is a Neodymium magnet to give a high quality sound reproduction.

Today, even the youngest are using high-tech products, and I guess that your kid is among them! These Philips Headphones are a great product to offer to your lovely kids for Easter!

Get your new Philips SHE2670/10 Colourful Earbud Headphones for only £10.99

- full product description here -

The SHE2670/10 ear buds wont break the bank and add a burst of colour and personality to your portable media experience. Enjoy your Philips experience!

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